Harmful if Shawarma and if she could get poisoned

Fast food is firmly entrenched in the life of modern man. In cities you can see a large number of points of sale where you sell burgers, hot dogs, Shawarma and other products that can quickly satisfy hunger. All of the products delicious, warm, but safe as it might seem at first glance? Harmful if Shawarma and if she be poisoned? These questions asked many consumers a delicious product, and the answer is obvious: to get food poisoning in any product.

Shawarma cooking starts with frying on a special grill meat. Lamb, chicken, Turkey, veal, and in some countries, and pork, strung on a vertical spit and roasted in the grill. As roasting meat, his pieces are cut with a sharp knife in a special tray, and then further milled. Then in a pita wrap roasted pieces of meat, vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, and richly flavored sauces – garlic and tomato. This dish is eaten without the aid of instruments, especially on the road.

The causes of poisoning Shawarma

Poisoning Shawarma is not uncommon. Daily food poisoning are recorded from a large number of people and some of them sin on fast food, which was bought and eaten the day before. Causes of poisoning Shawarma can be a little. Some of them are listed below:

  • Undercooked or stale meat. Meat products may contain pathogens, which include Salmonella and E. coli. At non-observance of technology of preparation of the microbes get into the human body and cause intoxication.
  • Vegetables with pesticides or nitrates. It is no secret that the enterprising traders often use low quality vegetables for cooking kebabs. This reduces the cost of the final product and get more profit, but the buyer can be health problems.
  • Stale sauces. If the sauces are open too long and stored without refrigeration, they can also cause poisoning.
  • Cook without physical examination and health books. People that even perfectly healthy in appearance, can be a carrier of infectious disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. Seller Shawarma or other similar products must have the sanitary book of the established sample and to undergo periodic medical examination.

To buy products for a quick snack only in official points of sale. You can not buy Shawarma or hot dogs in the stalls dubious, where to guarantee the quality of products no one can.

Signs of poisoning Shawarma

Poisoning Shawarma is usually characterized by such unpleasant symptoms:

  • anxious nausea;
  • uncontrollable vomiting;
  • abundant salivation;
  • General weakness;
  • excessive sweating;
  • diarrhea, which has a stinking smell and may be with the particles of the blood;
  • high temperature, which can reach critical levels;
  • acute pain in the abdomen and stomach.

In severe poisoning in humans can be mental confusion, and fainting – this may indicate involvement of the Central nervous system.

If the deterioration of the General state of health after consuming Shawarma is observed in a child, must without delay call the doctor. Only a qualified medical worker will be able to determine the cause of the disease and prescribe adequate treatment.

Emergency assistance

At the very first signs of food poisoning need to provide the victim medical care. This minimizes the absorption of poisons in the bloodstream and stops the operation of General intoxication. The procedure looks like this:

  1. A large amount of water wash out the stomach. For this purpose, a weak solution of soda or slightly pink solution of manganese. A liquid for rinsing the dishes in a volume of approximately 7 liters, it should be body temperature. After the patient drank 5-6 glasses solution cause an artificial vomiting. Lavage performed to clean effluent waters.

Manganese before it is added to water for gastric lavage diluted in a small amount of water, and then add in the total volume. This is to prevent undissolved crystals of manganese on the gastric mucosa.

  1. After the urge to vomit does not occur, affected every 15-20 minutes adsorbents, which neutralize harmful toxins and contribute to their rapid removal from the body.
  2. If the disease is accompanied by high fever, give the patient paracetamol or ibuprofen tablets. Syrups and suspensions better not to give, not to annoy dyes and additives already sick stomach.
  3. The victim is put to bed and warm shelter. You need to ensure that the head was slightly rotated to avoid zahlebyvayas vomit.

If, after first aid, the human condition is not improving, you have to call the medical team!

Do you need antibiotics for poisoning Shawarma

Some people wonder what to do if intoxication is hard and long a person have symptoms of poisoning?Is it possible in this case to start taking the antibiotics?

Antibiotics should appoint only the doctor and only on the laboratory results. Patients with severe forms of food poisoning take tests of feces, urine, blood and vomit, and on the basis of the biomaterial determine the type of the causative agent. Not all pathogens are equally susceptible to particular group of antibiotics, so the best option will select infectious disease.

If poisoning Shawarma you can't assign itself an antibiotics alone, this will lead to smoothing of the symptoms and difficulty in the correct diagnosis!

The recovery period

After decrease acute symptoms of food poisoning, the victim some more time needs to follow a diet to prevent recurrences. In the first day do not give to eat, and only offer a lot of drink, and then the diet looks like this:

  • baked apples, ripe bananas;
  • app cookies, not muffins crackers;
  • the second broth;
  • eggs;
  • yogurt or bifidokefir;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • boiled chicken breast.

During the rehabilitation period the patient drink lots of fluids to replenish lost on the first day of the disease the liquid. Allowed to drink add a little honey, which is a valuable source of minerals and helps to restore electrolyte balance.

During convalescence the patient was recommended to take probiotics, they will help to quickly restore the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

Possible consequences after poisoning Shawarma

When symptoms are not strongly expressed and assistance rendered very quickly, no health effects will be. This is only a small General malaise for several days.

If a strong poisoning and the results of the tests revealed serious pathogens – Salmonella, botulism, Streptococcus, the treatment will be long and perhaps the acquisition of chronic diseases. The person may develop chronic jaundice, gastritis, diseases of the Central nervous system, and also possible persistent allergic reactions. To minimize the negative consequences, infectious disease physicians carry out comprehensive treatment.

Prevention of poisoning Shawarma

Whatever you say, but sometimes you want to enjoy crispy pita bread with mouth-watering pieces of meat inside. To protect themselves from possible poisoning, you should adhere to just one rule – buy products in designated locations, where you can watch the permits to trade.

A quick and tasty snack during your lunch break will help the Shawarma. This product enough calories, so it will remove the hunger. It is possible to buy and eat, but the place of sale should only be checked.