Poisoning sushi and rolls: symptoms, treatment

The popularity of Japanese cuisine has been growing steadily. Every day open new cafes and restaurants specializing in sushi and rolls. But not all of them met hygiene standards, employs qualified staff. In this regard, poisoning, sushi is a common problem. To avoid serious health consequences, it is time to recognize a problem and apply first aid measures.

The dangers of sushi

Sushi and rolls are prepared with rice, seaweed, all kinds of seafood and vegetables. Used marine fish, shellfish and eel. These components can become a favorable environment for the life and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. Most of the dishes found:

  1. Salmonella. This type of bacteria that thrive in raw fish. Once in the human body, Salmonella begins to actively proliferate on mucous walls of the digestive system. Then with the bloodstream, they spread throughout the body, may be concentrated in the lymph nodes. This poisoning can have serious health consequences. Therapy should be under the supervision of a physician.
  2. Staph. May contain rice, after cooking if it is not immediately cooled. Once in the human body leads to damage any internal organs. Can cause sepsis, pneumonia, anomalies of the liver, heart, kidney, pus formation in the brain and so on.
  3. Anisakid. Parasites that live in fish and seafood. The larvae affect the mucous membranes of the human digestive system and provoke the development of inflammation. Often, these nematodes cause swelling and hemorrhage, and the formation of intestinal obstruction, peritonitis and other diseases.

Getting into the human body such dangerous bacteria and parasites may lead to serious consequences including death, so to self-medicate is not worth it.

In addition to microorganisms in fish can exceed the concentration of harmful chemical substances, for example, salts of heavy metals. This is due to the poor environmental situation in the area of its habitat.

If you doubt the quality of consumed meals, do not take chances, discard them. Restore health will be much more expensive and more complicated.

The main causes of poisoning

Poisoning sushi rolls and due to several main reasons. They include:

  1. Violation of technology of preparation of dishes. This is due to the insufficient qualifications of the chef, not observance of rules of storage and processing of products. For Japanese dishes, you can only use fresh seafood. Before sending in the finished dish they soaked in various sauces, which are able to suppress pathogenic microflora.
  2. Exceeding the allowable shelf life of the product. Sushi and rolls can be eaten only fresh. They are usable for several hours after cooking. In consequence, they develop harmful microorganisms, especially if the dishes were stored at room temperature.
  3. The use of low-quality fish. Japanese cuisine should only use fish that was frozen immediately after harvest. The only way it killed all the parasites. If the seafood before freezing some time spent, the parasites have time to lay eggs in the meat.
  4. Lack of disinfection of tableware. To prevent the development of pathogenic organisms all used in the preparation of cutting boards, bowls and knives need to thoroughly wash and dry. Violation of these norms leads to the fact that bacteria get into the finished dish.

To be sure in the quality of the food, cook it yourself or contact an inspected restaurants and good reputation.

Before heading to the cafe, read the reviews about it. If you already had complaints about the poor standards of hygiene, it is better to refuse to visit such places.


Symptoms of poisoning can occur within 30 minutes after consuming poor quality meals. Among the main symptoms are:

  1. Weakness, constantly feeling drowsy.
  2. Plagued by nausea.
  3. Vomiting. In the beginning coming out all the contents of the stomach, and then bile.
  4. Diarrhea. It can be very strong. Sometimes there are found traces of blood. Pay attention to the color of the chair. If it has a very dark almost black shade, this indicates a high degree of severity of poisoning. In this case, you must immediately consult a doctor.
  5. The increase in body temperature. Sometimes it can reach high values.
  6. Headaches.
  7. Increase in blood pressure.
  8. Loss of appetite.
  9. Difficulty urinating.

Upon detection of the first disturbing symptoms it is necessary to take immediate action. Remember that self-medication can be dangerous to your health, it is better to consult a specialist.

Event first aid

As soon as you detect the first signs of poisoning, you must take action. Only so can avoid serious health consequences. Among the activities first-aid release:

  1. Lavage of the stomach. To cleanse the digestive system from the remnantspoisoned food will help the potassium permanganate solution. The liquid should have a pale pink color. Ensure that the crystals of the substance is completely dissolved. Otherwise, there might occur a burn of the mucous membrane. The victim should drink as much as possible such a solution. After this is called vomiting by pressing a finger on the base of the tongue. Instead of potassium permanganate you can use table salt or vegetable oil. Their solutions will also wash out the stomach. Washing cannot be done for small children and people who are unconscious.
  2. If there is no diarrhea, it is necessary to cleanse the bowel with an enema or laxatives. If nothing found, drink a few tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  3. To neutralize toxic substances help the adsorbents. The simplest of them is activated carbon. It will have to drink at least 20 tablets. It is better to give preference to the more modern drugs. This smectite, enterosgel, filtrum, POLYSORB, and others.
  4. To eliminate the signs of dehydration, the victim should drink as much fluid as possible. It can be strong tea, the decoction of rose hips or chamomile, pure water. To fill the water-salt balance helps regidron.
  5. If a person is plagued by pain, give him a pill shpy.
  6. Improve bowel movements you can use drugs such as Mezim, festal, and others.
  7. Before the arrival of the ambulance, the victim should be lying in bed, covered with a warm blanket. If worried about the sweats, apply a heating pad.

To take any medicines without consulting a doctor is not recommended. So be sure to wait for the arrival of the ambulance.

If you ate quite a bit of rolls or sushi and the poisoning is mild, then deal with the problem is likely to be able to own. If you were able to immediately arrest the symptoms, then an ambulance can not call. However, there is a category of people who visit the doctor is necessary even in mild poisoning. These include: pregnant women, small children, people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, pathology of cookies and other.


If the symptoms cannot get rid of immediately, you will need long-term treatment under the supervision of a specialist. Only an experienced doctor will be able to assist.

First and foremost, patient is prescribed a number of laboratory studies: blood tests, stool. This will help to determine the pathogen and to assess the overall health of the person.

The treatment will consist in the reception of medical preparations. Use adsorbents to cleanse the body of toxic substances. If the poisoning is accompanied by fever and other alarming symptoms, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. This will help eliminate a serious threat to life and health.

The poisoning severely affects the intestinal flora. Therefore the doctor should prescribe a course of restorative medicines.

An important aspect of treatment will be diet. At the time of treatment should abandon any heavy food. In the first day after poisoning, doctors generally suggest fasting. Then you can eat small portions of liquid food. Perfect rice porridge, made with water. You can drink the jelly. Is strictly prohibited fried, spicy, smoked, marinated and fatty foods. These dishes will aggravate the condition.

If all the rules of therapy poisoning takes place without complications. In for some time, you may experience instability of the chair. This is due to the inflammatory process occurring in the intestine. To cope with this problem, you must follow the diet. If the poisoning was caused by high content in the fish of salts of heavy metals may cause kidney damage and liver. In this case you will need the appropriate treatment.

How to avoid poisoning

To prevent poisoning sushi or rolls, you need to follow some recommendations:

  1. Best of all, if Japanese cuisine you will cook. So you will be able to control the quality of the ingredients used and hygiene.
  2. Before you cook the rolls sanitize all used dishes. Carefully inspect the products. They should be no signs of damage.
  3. When buying fish, smell it. If she exudes an unpleasant odor, do not purchase. Store the purchased product in the refrigerator.
  4. Cooked sushi or sushi serve immediately to the table. Do not leave them for a long time at room temperature.
  5. Ready meals do not buy in small shops along the road. Give preference only tested cafes and restaurants with a good reputation.
  6. Eat sushi rolls with wasabi. This sauce is well suppresses pathogenic microflora. Thus, the chance of poisoning becomes much lower.
  7. The safest is considered hot rolls, as they undergo heat treatment. Of the cold dishes are relatively harmless vegetable rolls and stuffed with smoked fish.
  8. Do not get too often to use such dishes. Allow yourself them as a delicacy as often as three times per month.

Observing these recommendations, youwill be able to eat your favorite food without risk of poisoning.

Poisoning sushi is fraught with serious consequences for health. So watch out for quality used dishes. At the first suspicious symptoms, contact your doctor.