Poisoning mushrooms mushrooms: symptoms, first signs

Salted mushrooms are considered a native Russian product, a great addition to boiled potatoes and hot soup. Every family has its secrets cask salting these mushrooms, which are transmitted from generation to generation. Such continuity has arisen not only because of the peculiarities of the formulation, but also for the prevention of acute intoxications. To symptoms of poisoning with mushrooms has not broken important plans should be aware of conditionally-edible type, these forest gifts, as well as to be able to render to victims the first medical aid.

Why do people love mushrooms

Surprisingly, these delicious mushrooms serve not in all countries. In most parts of Europe the mushrooms listed in many reference books on toxicology as poisonous mushrooms. In our country, they are considered conditionally-edible, that is to eat them with some limitations.

Like all macromycetes, mushrooms like to live around trees, using their roots for support and protection. This symbiotic relationship benefits all flora. "A penny" in old Slavonic means a large crowd, plenty, because these mushrooms are hard to find in a single instance. Deciduous or mixed coniferous-deciduous forest mushrooms form a large colony, located close to each other.

Acute vision – not the most important thing when searching for mushrooms, they do not grow in open places. Carefully stir with a stick a bunch of leaves or a mound of pine needles: there is certainly not one strong mushroom.

Despite their belonging to the conditionally-edible type, used for cooking several types of mushrooms:

  1. Real. The most delicious and fragrant specimen of this species. Funnel-shaped hat, sometimes more than 20 cm in diameter, the stem grows up to 8-10 cm is Often found in birch groves, particularly valued for their rich fruity smell.
  2. Yellow. Hat are able to grow more than 25 cm in diameter, a foot high and thick. Coloration varies from creamy walnut to bright yellow. In the West it is considered poisonous.
  3. Pepper. This species is rarely used for pickling, as it too has a fibrous structure and a pungent taste. Even after a long maceration of roasted mushrooms have a bitter taste and sharp smell of ground black pepper. Connoisseurs of unusual peppery aromas of dried mushrooms, crushed and seasoned them ready meals.

These members of the family Serikovich contain large amounts of B vitamins and high quality protein that is popular with vegetarians. Moreover, in their composition includes the vitamin D that is found only in foods of animal origin.

Being extremely heavy food, mushrooms can cause poisoning not only they contained toxins. Disrupted digestive system. Due to the inability to digest large amounts of proteins in the gastrointestinal tract there are processes of putrefaction and fermentation. Human torture flatulence, sour belching, nausea, abdominal pain.

Inedible "doubles" of the mushrooms

Should consider in more detail one form of mushrooms, which is loved by many people, but encyclopedic literature is considered to be toxic. We are talking about the black mushrooms, the owners of large flat hats with the lining of the skin. Actually they are not quite black, and dark olive with a splash. If the fungus break, then it will produce a lot of whitish juice with a pungent flavor.

Before preparation of this form requires careful and lengthy process. Without soaking in several waters finished dish will be very bitter. If black mushrooms to glaze, then they will get exotic purple-Burgundy color.

The mutagen of necatorin is part of black mushrooms and is extremely toxic substance. It does not cause acute symptoms of poisoning and harm the human body, secretly, for a long time. Symptoms of poisoning gradually, in the form of numerous complications. Particularly vulnerable to the negative impact necatorin urinary system, kidneys and adrenal glands.

Poisonous "doubles" that can cause fatal poisoning, the mushrooms not. But there are similar to the collection of Serikovich mushrooms, which, having got by accident into a pan, bring the man to the hospital bed. Dangerous species include the following mushrooms.

  • Skrypytsya. Beautiful white mushroom with a fragrant odor and spicy taste. In adult specimens the cap becomes creamy or pinkish color. The flesh is juicy, her injury produces a large amount of juice, blushing in the air. The unusual name of the mushroom was obtained for the characteristic sharp creak that occurs when you try to hold a sharp object on the surface of a flat cap.
  • Lactarius camphor. The mlecnik contains many muscarine, alkaloid, part of the red toadstools. Mushroom is a very beautiful rich coffee color, when you break the legs visible scarlet flesh. Characteristic feature of mlecnik is the sharp camphor smell as in pharmaceutical preparation. If finger pressure on elastic hat, you will stand out brown juice.

When buying fresh mushrooms should be carefully considered in each instance. If damaged orstrange smelling mushrooms is better not to buy the whole lot. Pungent juice and camphor mlecnik damage cap or feet can ruin the entire batch of mushrooms.

Surprisingly, some mushrooms are eaten camphor mushrooms. They are very long soak, these mixed forest gifts, and then they are subjected to long thermal processing. If a mushroom falls in a barrel for pickling, fragrant herbs and spices will drown out the smell. Symptoms of poisoning in the form of vomiting and diarrhea will occur within a few hours after a meal.

Why mushrooms can cause poisoning

Experts identify the mushrooms conditionally edible species are not due to toxins or poisons, the content of these substances in hats and legs small. The use of these mushrooms for cooking is not recommended because of the very bitter taste. Lactarius is impossible, as the mushrooms, season with salt, sprinkle with lemon juice and eat.

Just the right and long lasting treatment will help to get rid of bitterness, will not lead to a possible poisoning:

  1. You should carefully sort through the mushrooms: discard wormy or damaged copies, to cut off all foreign inclusions.
  2. Wash the cap and the stem under running warm water – must be free of debris and earth.
  3. In a large bowl and pour cooled boiled water and soak the mushrooms for approximately 60 hours. Before salting three times to change the water for fresh.

Only at observance of this algorithm advance preparation to avoid poisoning. If in a tub for salting gets the particles of the earth, then the whole batch will be infected by spores of bacilli, producing botulinum toxin. This powerful organic poison can cause the death of a person or make it deep disabled. Cooking mushrooms a method of dry salting is extremely dangerous, as this process is done without heat treatment. When heated, the causative agents of botulism partially destroyed, the poison will wear acute.

When salting is better to use boiled for half an hour the mushrooms. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of poisoning. Should not be used when soaking aluminum cookware – metal particles will react chemically with protein compounds. After consumption of these mushrooms in humans, there is severe intoxication or allergic reaction.

Mushrooms, raw salted, only two months after preparation. Salt absorbs all the harmful substances and prevent the emergence of symptoms of poisoning. At salting of boiled mushrooms can be served a delicious meal on the table in two weeks.

All members of the family Serikovich have a porous structure and good permeability of fabrics. They intensively absorb from the environment of harmful and toxic substances. Usual mushrooms growing close to the highway a month is a periodic table. Most of the body of the mushroom contains heavy metals and toxic compounds accumulated from the exhaust gases.

Making buy mushrooms in natural markets near large slopes, people are very at risk to feed your family poor quality, dangerous products. This applies to both the fresh specimens and preserved.

Poisoning may occur in the use of the damaged mushrooms. Living inside hats worms absement their products in your life. After intake of such food the person has acute sensitization reaction that can cause anaphylactic shock or angioedema.

The clinical picture of poisoning

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning by mushrooms may vary depending on the version of intoxication. In contact with the causative agents of botulism in the human body may be fatal, if there was no timely treatment. A few days after infecting the victim lost the ability to control body movements, disappears salivation, convulsions and fainting.

The only way to help a person sick with botulism, it is urgent to take him to the nearest hospital. The doctor will inject a serum and put on a drip to removing a deadly toxin from the body.

If there is food poisoning, the victim experiences the following symptoms:

  • nausea, painful vomiting, cramps and stomach pain;
  • the diarrhea occurs several times within an hour;
  • the man sweats profusely, appears chills, cold feet and hands;
  • reduced visual acuity, dizziness occurs;
  • victim experiences increased sleepiness, apathy.

In severe poisoning appear cramps of the upper and lower limbs, a person can faint. A dangerous sign of intoxication is hypertension, changing to a sharp pressure drop.

First aid for poisoning

You can't let it go and hope for the miraculous recovery – an urgent need to call an ambulance. While the doctor is EN route, should provide first aid:

  1. Lay person, cover with a blanket to calm him down.
  2. To help clean stomach: 1 tablespoon salt dissolved in a liter of water and give drink to the victim. Induce vomiting until then, until you begin to withdraw clean liquid.
  3. After the cessation of vomiting to offersweet strong tea.
  4. Give any treatment or adsorbent.

If the poisoning occurred in a child, should give him a cleansing enema. An adult should be given a mild laxative. In its absence, will help two tablespoons of sunflower or olive oil. Within days after poisoning, it is necessary to follow a strict diet: give up junk food, carbonated drinks, strong coffee. You can drink milk, there is dried white bread or oatmeal.

To avoid poisoning, you need to properly collect, handle, prepare and store mushrooms. Three months after salting the mushrooms should be discarded, as has already begun the processes of fermentation and protein decomposition. If you are not sure that the penny is real, not false, as it is to throw.