Poisoning mushrooms mushrooms: symptoms, first signs

Mushrooms belong to the most delicious and popular mushrooms. Many cooks consider them to be gourmet mushrooms. Special tasty salted and pickled mushrooms. They are appreciated for the originality of the taste, as a source of amino acids and protein. Bright orange hats will add originality and spice to any holiday dish. Among the pickers are of the opinion that the poisoning by mushrooms is almost impossible, since this mushroom species is difficult to confuse with any other.

However, doctors do not share such optimism. Statistics is relentless: every year records all new cases of poisoning of various edible fungi, including the mushrooms. Consider what may be symptoms of poisoning, after which time they manifest, what should be first aid and what to do to avoid poisoning and its consequences.

What you need to know about mushrooms

Collected in ecologically clean place and cooked all the mushrooms have a restorative effect. Due to the presence of natural antibiotic electroviolin the composition of mushrooms include in the menu of patients with infectious diseases and tuberculosis. Mushrooms are rich in vitamins a, b, C, iron, zinc. Sufficient fiber will also provide support for the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Mushrooms – purged low-calorie (18 kcal), which is important to people on a diet.

But for all its positive qualities, innocuous at first glance, the mushrooms can cause poisoning. This can occur in the following cases:

  • the mushrooms were collected along roads, near industrial facilities or airfields, where high levels of concentration in the soil of mercury and lead;
  • the mushrooms were over-ripe, rotten or damaged;
  • a rule has been broken canning or pickling mushrooms that led to the accumulation in the banks of harmful products (e.g., chopsticks botulism);
  • the mushrooms were salted or pickled in galvanized cookware;
  • instead Ryzhikov was collected edible mushrooms.

Mushrooms are hard to confuse with other mushrooms because of their characteristic bright hats. But still such incidents occur. Mushrooms can be confused with some types of mlechnikov, which belong to inedible, and mushrooms, which belong to the conditionally-edible fungi.

Most often in the basket mistakenly gets amber mlecnik. He looks really reminiscent of ginger, and to distinguish mlecnik can yellow flesh, a smell, reminiscent of chicory, and eye-catching juice.

Another about a relative of ginger and pink fungi. You can tell by the fluffy pink hat with hanging edges. A fungi is not considered a poisonous mushroom, but to use it for food only after very prolonged heat treatment.

But let's get back to these mushrooms. Failure to comply with the rules of the gathering and cooking of these mushrooms often there is intoxication.

Symptoms of poisoning

The first signs of mushroom poisoning occur quite quickly. The incubation period lasts from an hour to 5-6 hours. Symptoms of mushroom poisoning with mushrooms in case of violation of the process of treatment of the following:

  • sweating;
  • stomach pains spasmodic;
  • visual disturbances;
  • severe diarrhea with discharge of blood;
  • General weakness, disorders of coordination of movements.

If the jar during the canning process, or as a result of improper storage caught bacteria, possible heart disorders, liver failure and kidney failure. Similar condition can be fatal. Failure to observe rules of hygiene during preservation can cause the severe disease botulism. The danger of insufficient cleaning and bad heat treatment of mushrooms.

Very often the victims of poisoning by mushrooms become little children. The body kids are more sensitive to such trudnosmyvaemye food, like mushrooms. The child has a mark paleness of skin, dizziness, abdominal pain, uncontrollable vomiting. Often the child has yellow skin, which indicates a toxic liver injury. In severe poisoning can cause hallucinations, delirium, loss of consciousness.

The question of whether to give the mushrooms to small children, is causing controversy not just in the parent environment, but also among specialists. The proponents of including mushrooms in the diet of the child as the argument of historical information about what delicious mushrooms have always been frequent guests at the table of our ancestors. It does not take into account that ecological conditions in the forests then were much safer than in our day. In addition, no one kept statistics on diseases caused by use of mushrooms.

To remove all risks for children, most nutritionists agree that mushrooms can be included in the menu of the child at age 5-6 years. This process should be gradual. To start recommend with fungi grown in industrial conditions (e.g., mushrooms). Mushrooms as a forest product is better to give children at a later age.

The risk of poisoning by mushrooms and other edible fungi, is increasing in pregnant women. It suffers from the health as expectant mother and her child. The toxins contained in mushrooms, penetrate through the placenta to the fetus. It may have a negative impact onthe development of the Central nervous system of the unborn child and sometimes cause miscarriage. Among the symptoms of pregnant can distinguish severe weakness, nausea and vomiting, severe diarrhea that causes dehydration, sudden drop in blood pressure.

Adopted on the eve of or shortly before the mushroom alcohol may exacerbate the negative impact of the accumulated in fungi toxins on the body.

First aid

Because mushrooms belong to edible fungi, they do not contain in their composition dangerous amounts of poisons and toxins. If you eliminate the poisoning caused by botulism, in the case of intoxication tainted and improperly cooked mushrooms may cause symptoms of mild to moderate severity.

The first step in a bad mood should be gastric lavage. The wash procedure is carried out before until the discharge water is completely transparent. The cleansing of the stomach can hold by enema or laxative. It to give preference to pharmaceutical drugs, as folk remedies have an effect after a long time. The patient must provide bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids (water or strong tea). Give the victim alcoholic beverages is not recommended!

Even if a satisfactory state of health the patient must be in a state of complete rest. In the presence of pain in the heart can give the victim a pill of validol.

The intensity of the symptoms depends on the quantity of toxins entering the body. Mlechnikov mushrooms and volnushki, which is sometimes confused mushrooms, belong to the group of fungi that tend to accumulate the toxins from the aggressive environment.

Naturally, severe vomiting in case of poisoning, especially the child, is a major concern for others. Actually, the vomiting in this case is a protective reaction of the body that detoxify. Give poisoned means, stop retching, is contraindicated.

Even if there is full confidence in the fact that the poisoning does not pose a threat to health, you cannot refuse medical care. You can never be quite sure that symptoms were caused only by improper cooking Ryzhikov. In the basket, and then into the pot could get conditionally edible or even poisonous mushroom. You also cannot be sure that used as food mushrooms were collected in areas with a high concentration of lead.


Despite the fact that mushrooms do not belong to the group of dangerous to use mushrooms, you need to follow certain precautions.

  1. Never gather mushrooms along the road near the landfill, its proximity to industrial enterprises.
  2. The amount of accumulated toxins can reduce, cook the mushrooms in water with the addition of citric acid or vinegar.
  3. Do not use galvanized containers for pickling and marinating Ryzhikov.
  4. Do not consume mushrooms as food after 12 hours after their collection.
  5. Before cooking thoroughly wash and clean the mushrooms from accumulated particles of sand, leaves and soil.
  6. Never eat mushrooms if the Bank swelled cover!
  7. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should refrain from the use of Ryzhikov in the food or at least eat them in limited quantities.
  8. Harvested in the winter only the young mushrooms, carefully respecting all the requirements for heat treatment.
  9. All types of mushrooms (even deli) is not recommended for children under 7-8 years.
  10. You can't buy a homemade mushrooms in the spontaneous markets.
  11. To store mushrooms is recommended in a dark place at a temperature of 4-15 C.

How tempting to walk in the autumn woods, fresh air, and even return home with a basket of tasty saffron milk caps! To treat wild delicacy has not led in a hospital bed, need to be very careful as in picking up Ryzhikov, and during their processing and preparation. At the slightest doubt about the quality or freshness of mushrooms to without pity to send them to the trash. If the poisoning has occurred, it is impossible to delay going to the doctor.