Treatment of food poisoning with fever at home

With food poisoning every day facing a large number of adults and children. With this terrible medical statistics will not do anything. The problem is understandable, because in the supermarkets and markets in abundance, the foods with dyes, preservatives, and sometimes toxic substances. Frequent poisoning in hot weather, during this period the products are perishable. Treatment of intoxication States cannot tolerate delay, so consider treatment of food poisoning with fever at home.

Causes of food poisoning

To understand how to treat food poisoning, you need to understand what it could be. This disease occurs when the human body gets pathogenic microbes, together with an expired or poor quality food. In addition, poisoning can be a result of penetration into the body is prohibited to use chemical substances that are added to products by unscrupulous manufacturers. All the causes can be divided into three groups:

  1. Consumption of toxins they contain in some plants, meat and mushrooms. And identified in improperly prepared seafood.
  2. Infection infections of all kinds. It can be bacteria and viruses. This type of poisoning are the hardest to treat and can cause serious consequences.
  3. The use of pesticides. These substances processed fruits, vegetables and herbs from the supermarkets. Before eating they must be washed thoroughly with running water.

Intestinal poisoning with temperature occurs for one of these reasons.

The first signs of food poisoning

There are a number of specific signs that indicate poisoning of food products. They can occur both simultaneously and gradually. These include the condition of the body:

  • heaviness in the stomach;
  • sharp paroxysmal pain in the abdomen;
  • nausea;
  • uncontrollable vomiting;
  • diarrhea, sometimes with blood;
  • increase temperature to high values.
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • pale and dry mucous membranes and skin due to dehydration;
  • severe headache.

Please note! The first symptoms of food poisoning appear within two days after the consumption of poor quality food. It is very important to quickly provide aid, the sooner treatment begins, the more favorable the prognosis.

First aid

Before you can treat the poisoning at home in adults with temperature, it is required to assess the condition of the victim.

If the patient has very pale skin, unstable breathing, and seizures is a reason to immediately call an ambulance.

When the human condition is satisfactory, the algorithm might be such as described next.

  • On the cleanse. This artificially induce vomiting by finger pressure on the tongue. Further, the well washed stomach of a large volume of liquid. For this purpose, suitable soda solution (one teaspoon per liter of water) or slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate. The use of manganese need very carefully, so as not to dissolve the crystals much burn the gastric mucosa. First, the substance is diluted in a small volume of water and then diluted, poured into a liquid for lavage of the stomach.
  • Compensate for fluid loss. Dehydration worsens the General condition of the patient, so after the stomach is washed, begin to give water. Liquid give small amounts every ten minutes. In the water you can add a little honey, which normalizes the electrolyte balance. You can use pharmaceutical preparations, which before use is diluted in water.

For otpevanie do not use juices and dairy products – it promotes the development of bacteria.

  • Cleanse the bowel by enemas. For this you can use a mild herbal teas or pure water.

It is forbidden to take fastening drugs, the diarrhea will stop, the toxins will no longer be displayed – this will exacerbate the disease.

  • If after performing the above steps, the victim has become easier, it is possible to make sorbents. Fit any, even the usual activated carbon. These tools gather all toxins, poisons, harmful microorganisms and contribute to their rapid conclusion.
  • When all acute symptoms of poisoning disappear, you can start taking enzyme preparations – Mezim, festal, and probiotic Linex, hilak Forte. These drugs are used at indicated in the instruction dosage.

Treatment for poisoning with a temperature of antipyretic drugs can be used only if the temperature rises above 38.5 degrees. Otherwise, the body itself fights with the infection and pathogens. To reduce the temperature of the tablets and rectal suppositories, syrups apply undesirable, they have dyes and preservatives.

Diet during the recovery period

In cases of poisoning by food, temperature, period of rehabilitation, it is important to follow a diet. In the first days the food is generally better not to take, that will not, and razdrajennouu stomach it will be hard to digest. Further, the diet looks like this:

  • light, sticky cereal – oatmeal,semolina, rice, buckwheat;
  • low-fat chicken or beef broth;
  • baked apples;
  • ripe bananas;
  • app cookies, crackers, or drying.

A few days later after normalization of the diet include bifidokefir, which fills the stomach with beneficial microorganisms and improves intestinal peristalsis.

In the first days after food poisoning, the patient can not give whole milk and juices, they cause the growth of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Treatment of child poisoning at home

Children are often on the order than adults suffer from food poisoning. The reason may be banal curiosity or unwashed hands. What to do for food poisoning with fever in a child, tell the doctor, but before his arrival, you must provide emergency assistance.

  • If after a short time after a meal appeared symptoms of poisoning, vomiting is no need to provoke her. For this child with one hand firmly holding, and the finger of the second hand gently press down on the root of the tongue. Even if the child resists strongly, gagging you need to call necessarily.
  • The child can not feed the first day. Fasting is the key to success in the treatment of poisoning. In any case, you can't force a baby to eat. When the acute phase will pass, he asks to eat.
  • Actively otpaivala child. Not to stress the inflamed stomach, drink you need to give a portion, one throat every five minutes. The liquid temperature should be equal body temperature, so it is faster absorbed. The optimal drink for the child will be fruit drinks, teas or sparkling mineral water. But if the little patient is refusing the offered drink, you can let him drink what he wants. In this case, the juice or soda, well diluted with water.
  • The child is given any sorbents in a dosage that is specified in the annotation to the medication.
  • If you have a fever, you need to give antipyretics, e.g. paracetamol.

You must contact your doctor if the child is under 3 years of age or uncontrollable vomiting lasts more than a day.

When you need to urgently call an ambulance

  • The patient cannot drink fluids because of uncontrollable vomiting.
  • If you believe in that poisoning provoked the mushrooms or seafood.
  • Became visible rash on the skin or mucous membranes.
  • At the joints there is a swelling.
  • The patient can not swallow and hard talking.
  • The skin has acquired a yellow or bluish color.
  • There is blood in the stool and vomit.
  • Urination was not more than 6 hours.
  • Appeared cramps and muscle weakness.

How to avoid food poisoning

To prevent food poisoning, it is necessary to observe some simple rules.

  • Wash hands thoroughly before eating and after it.
  • The kitchen is to use disposable towels.
  • Meat and fish should not be frozen several times.
  • The garbage must be inaccessible to children.
  • When buying products, you should pay for the tightness. You cannot purchase products with the deadline of implementation;
  • All food should be well succumb to heat treatment.
  • Sponge for washing kitchen utensils should change very often – they are a hotbed of bacteria.
  • Should become a habit like washing your hands after the street and after visiting the bathroom.

If all these recommendations are respected, the chance of getting food poisoning is minimal. However, if such a problem happened, you need to see a doctor. And don't forget that the treatment of young children and the elderly are the province of doctors.