Canned food poisoning: symptoms of intoxication

Canned industrial production or homework for the winter can be a danger to health and life. If you violate the technology of cooking, they are germs that will lead to severe poisoning. According to statistics 10% of cases of canned food poisoning are fatal.

Coli botulism – what is it?

Fish, meat, canned vegetables, especially those that are not associated with the production process, often contain a bacterium called Clostridium. It is anaerobic organism, it lives and multiplies without oxygen and releases toxins. They are the cause of severe poisoning. The toxins of botulism in canned food is poisonous compounds in their mode of action video 375 thousand times stronger than snake venom. The lethal dose for humans is very small – 1/3 micrograms.

In nature, this microorganism in a large quantity is in the ground. In the southern regions the concentration of bacteria in one gram of soil is much greater than in Northern areas. Also they are found in water, the intestines of the fish and waterfowl. The microorganism is a feature. It is a spore-forming – in case of unfavorable temperature and lack of food spores are formed. You can destroy them only by boiling for 5 hours.

Controversy is the genetic material. In this condition the bacteria are not active. And only once in the vacuum of space, in a tin, they come from spores in the active substance, to form a vegetative cell and begin to produce toxins. Canned food – the most favorable environment for the life of bacteria.

Most often occurs poisoning homemade mushroom canned food. Even with careful handling of the mushrooms in them are microscopic soil particles. It is enough that the bacteria got trapped in the canned product.

One common misconception is that the causative agent of botulism is only in swollen cans. This is not always the case. If the lid is not sealed, it is allocated in the process of life bacteria, the carbon dioxide will escape through microscopic cracks. Moreover, the canned food may contain spores of bacteria, and they can cause poisoning. Therefore, it is not always possible to determine visually the quality and safety cans.

The content of bacteria in food does not affect its organoleptic qualities – taste, smell, color, so people will never suspect a product is spoiled.

Symptoms of poisoning by canned food

When ingested, the bacteria are not destroyed by gastric juice and is rapidly absorbed into the blood.

The first symptoms of poisoning by canned goods can develop as a few hours, and after 2 -3 days. There were cases initial symptoms of the disease a week later, after consuming substandard products. There is a direct correlation between the duration of the latent period and the severity of disease: the shorter it is, the heavier form of poisoning.

When botulism is never high temperature. The disease starts with symptoms of food poisoning:

  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • vomiting;
  • abdominal pain cramping nature;
  • pale skin.

The symptoms of gastroenteritis do not last long and disappear completely. They are replaced by dominant neurological signs.

A serious danger lies in the fact that the botulinum toxin affects the nervous system. It binds to nerve cells and interrupts the transmission of impulses to the muscles. The first symptoms associated with damage to the muscles of the head: ptosis – drooping of the eyelid, impaired swallowing – the person begins to paperheads, tongue-tied, unable to swallow solid food at first, and then the liquid.

On the background of lesions of the oculomotor nerve develop these symptoms:

  • double vision;
  • the fog and the mesh in front of the eyes;
  • pain in the eye socket in an attempt to strain your eyes when reading or looking at the TV screen;
  • a sharp decline in vision.
  • man does not distinguish between close objects;
  • pupils dilated, poorly responsive to light stimulus.

The toxin is absorbed into the blood, travels to nerve cells and disrupts the conductivity of the neurons. Toxins nerve cell itself is not striking, so the person loses sensitivity. The toxin primarily damages the nerve branches of the spinal cord that causes paralysis.

The process then spreads throughout the body, weakening every muscle. Man is hard to stand because of the growing weakness. Impaired respiration due to paralysis of the diaphragm and the person is choking:

  • hoarseness;
  • heaviness and pressure in the chest;
  • shallow breathing, short breaths;
  • the feeling of lack of air.

Violation of respiratory function is the most severe symptom. He speaks of a severe course of the poisoning and often adverse outcome.

Respiratory failure is the leading cause of death in cases of poisoning by canned food.


For food poisoning may be complicated by the development of such pathologies:

  • squint;
  • partial paralysis of the optic nerve, when one pupil is constantly taken aside;
  • drooping eyelids – ptosis (unilateral or bilateral);
  • paralysis of different muscle groups;
  • sharprespiratory failure;
  • purulent tracheobronchitis;
  • aspiration pneumonia;
  • myocarditis – inflammation of heart muscles;
  • myositis – inflammation of skeletal muscles.

The sign by which to distinguish botulism from food poisoning at the initial stage of infection is a constant dry mouth. How much would a person is not drinking, mucosa of the oral cavity dries up.

First aid for poisoning canned and treatment

In cases of poisoning by canned food every minute reduces the chance of a favorable outcome. Therefore, when the first symptoms should immediately call an ambulance.

Before the arrival of health workers need to help the victim:

  1. It is necessary to wash out the stomach to remove the remains of poisoned food, and thus reduce the concentration of toxins in the body. For this you need to induce vomiting is to drink 2-3 glasses of water or weak soda solution, then with two fingers press on the tongue and cause a gag reflex. The use of baking soda is preferable, as the alkaline environment is partly neutralizes the effect of toxins.
  2. To give to drink activated charcoal or other sorbent, which is available in the home medicine Cabinet – enterosgel, smectite, Polisorb, polifepan.
  3. For cleaning the bowel to give a laxative – fortrans, duphalac, normase.

The set of measures for mechanical cleaning of the digestive tract from the botulinum toxin continues in the hospital within the hour. Victim make siphon enema and gastric lavage with a probe, if there is no spasm of the larynx.

Principles of treatment:

  1. At admission the patient was placed in intensive care.
  2. Immediately begin specific antitoxic therapy – introduction protiwaritmicescoe serum.
  3. Victim make a massive intravenous infusion – detoxification therapy.
  4. Antibiotics suppress bacteria that are left in the intestine.

The favorable outcome is complete recovery of the body comes from several weeks to several months. It depends on the severity of poisoning is transferred.

Prevention of poisoning by canned food

Preventive measures aimed at control:

  • sanitary norms in the production of food;
  • the technology of preparation;
  • rules of storage of canned products.

Of particular danger are the preserves homemade. Therefore, among the population should be conducted explanatory conversations about the rules of canning.

Tips for preparing home preservation:

  1. For canning, use only fresh vegetables and fruits, do not use spoiled or rotten fruit.
  2. When harvesting mushrooms, use only a plastic cover. So it will be noticeable that it's swollen.
  3. Vegetables and mushrooms before canning to carefully wash the remnants of the earth be cut with a knife.
  4. For preservation using salt, lemon or acetic acid.
  5. Banks are to be sterilized thoroughly.
  6. Store products in a cool place.
  7. Suspicious canned goods before use, it is subjected to heat treatment – boiling for 30 minutes.

If the bacteria actively multiply in the Bank, they emit gaseous products during the decomposition of proteins which they feed. Canned be bambanani – hollow. Such products should be immediately discarded.

The dispute highlights the poison only at a temperature of 27-37 °C. If you store it in the fridge, the cellar, it will be quite edible.

If an adult only threat toxin, but the spores are excreted from the body naturally without causing harm, then the child's first year of life they may be fatal.

After opening canned its depressurization. Starts the oxidation process. The product survived longer than it should to shift into a glass or ceramic container. Poisoning canned fish second degree of danger after mushrooms.

To prevent poisoning, you must follow the simple rules:

  1. Pay attention to the shelf life of the product (not more than two years), the integrity of the banks.
  2. If you find swelling, indentation side, oil label, this product to buy it.
  3. Keep better at a temperature not exceeding 6 °C.
  4. Categorically you can't buy conservation home cooking at natural markets.

Canned food poisoning industrial production are much rarer. This is due to the high requirements and standards in manufacturing. To protect themselves from possible poisoning, it is necessary to comply with harvesting regulations home preservation and not to use products that cause suspicion.