How to measure radiation levels at home

Speaking about radiation, people certainly remember the terrible tragedy of Chernobyl and Hiroshima. Very sorry, but the radiation danger of a person not only at the enterprises of nuclear production, but in his apartment. You need to understand how dangerous it is, accordingly, necessary to understand how to measure radiation at home. With us you will also be able to learn more about units of measurement of radiation.

Normal background radiation premises

In the apartment of a man resting, eating, sleeping, and hiding from the weather and adverse external factors, so few people want that radiation in the apartment was above normal.

Radiation is found everywhere. It is very important that the room where the man lies constantly, she was not above 25 Mr/HR. Moreover, a given level should not be exceeded in any of the zones of the apartment. The threshold value is exceeded, negative consequences for the body. The man himself may not feel, but they will affect the offspring.

How to learn not exceeded the radiation in the apartment? First you need to understand where it comes from.

The sources of home radiation

Modern man is very much heard about the negative impact of radioactive radiation, so the objects carrying it, no one at home to place will not. The radiation may occur for a variety of reasons. There are a number of sources of such radiation:

  • Materials for construction purposes, which includes radon.
  • Ancient interior or vintage pieces.
  • Questionable children's toys.
  • The materials on the basis of granite used for decoration.

All named sources can emit harmful waves which people so soon on myself and not feel, because to the eye they are not visible and no haptic effect is not produced. They can be found other ways.

Measurement of the level of harmful radiation

Measure radiation levels at home, you can only reliably dosimeter or radiometer. These devices differ in the fact that the display of the dosimeter displays information on the dose taken over a certain time period. Therefore, this device is more suitable for measurements in the apartment.

Verification of radiation in the apartment radiometer is impractical, as it is better to use for measuring contamination of small objects, e.g., products, toys and others.

Definition of background can be performed by the device dosimeter-radiometer, which includes both functions. Such devices adapted for daily use at home. Household dosimeter to be purchased by anyone.

What to do if a device is not present

To check the radiation dosimeter without possible. Currently a professional company to carry out the measurements according to your desire. They diagnose building components, machinery, premises. Check this company include several components.

  1. Identify the level of radon.
  2. Discovery of all sources of dangerous waves.
  3. Elimination of sources of radiation.

As you know, the apartment wall is able to protect from radiation by 90%. An important role plays the material from which they are made. Thus, the minimum bandwidth has concrete, which means that it best protects. Maximum capacity has a tree.

When decorating inside the house using marble and granite. The granite itself is not very dangerous, but when it is heated leads to the fact that the radiation increases. If you want to make a fireplace, it is best to use a marble.

Everyone knows the division of building materials in classes. So the first class materials are the safest, they should apply in construction.

Be sure to say that if the dosimeter at hand was not, the measurement can be another way. This method is not accurate, but it is possible to obtain at least approximate information about the danger. For this you will need paper for photos. A sheet of such paper is carried out several times in the air, and then the photo show. Appear on the paper strips on which people with more experience can almost accurately determine the radiation intensity.

In today's mobile phones you can install application which, as stated by the supplier, can help in the diagnosis of radiation levels. Accuracy of such measurements is difficult to judge, you can try to match them with precision instruments.

The instrument with their hands

For lovers of the handmade have the option to make a device for measuring radiation levels with his own hands, and it does not take more than three minutes. First you need to take the capacity, the volume of which shall not be less than one and a half liters. Still need a single pole tester. Does this tester is placed in a container, then attach the conductor. The next important component is the capacitor an open structure. In the capacity necessary to make a hole for the copper needles, then all of the structure to seal with insulating tape.

When connecting the tester signal from the needles will be transferred to the resistor, and the radiation power is displayed on the device.

To manufacture the device, and can be fromtin cans from canned food if you prepare the capacitor and the tester. In this case, the capacity would not be necessary. The hole for the spokes make in the bottom of the banks, and in its cavity place the capacitor. The same resistor is connected directly to the tester. The final step is to fix the spokes in the hole banks.

How to protect yourself and loved ones

How to identify radiation, we understand, now we need to figure out how to defend against it. It became clear that the main source of harmful radiation in the apartment is radon gas, especially if the apartment is located on the first or basement floor. The gas concentration increases, when the living room for some time were left in closed and not ventilated, for example, on vacation or business trip.

This heavy gas is colorless and odorless and penetrates into the room from the soil and materials for construction purpose. Accumulating in the apartment, he causes the radiation of the room. Scientists have proved that radon is second to Smoking by the ability to provoke the development of lung cancer.

In fact, all is not so hopeless. There are a number of measures that will help to protect yourself from deadly radiation:

  • Be sure to regularly and thoroughly to ventilate the housing.
  • Requires maximum isolation of the Foundation from the ground, as well as the elimination of cracks formed in the basement.
  • Water from the wells to boil, eliminate it from the gas.
  • All used materials must be certified.
  • Old things at home do not need to keep.

By following these simple rules, you will protect yourself and others from harmful rays.