How to restore the body after long-term use of alcohol

The abuse of alcohol over long periods of time can have damaging effects on the brain, liver, heart, pancreas and other organs. So, taking a resolute decision to break with the bad habit, the alcoholic must clearly understand that it will take a lot of time to restore the body after long-term use of alcohol.

If alcohol is ingested in reasonable doses, even the beneficial effects. Aktiviziruyutsya the brain focuses attention. But even a slight excess of an acceptable number (should be on weight and age category of drinker, and also on the condition of his liver) may dull the sight, hearing and attention, somnolence and lethargy.

Usually 1 hour, the body is able to deduce from 5 to 10 mg derived ethanol. If this amount of alcohol a day adult drink, with no serious congenital health problems, it is unlikely to worsen the functionality of his liver. Of course, some exceed the permissible limits and seem to feel great. But to be such is not necessary since each organism has its own individual characteristics.

Recovery stages of

If the person suffering with alcoholism stops drinking, his body such changes occur:

  1. If a week not to drink alcohol, we can observe the improvement of sleep, the appearance of cheerfulness, restore the health of the skin, normalization of work of digestive organs.
  2. If the alcoholic can be sober for 2 weeks, he will feel a clarity of thought, blood pressure will return to normal, stabiliziruemost heart rate, shortness of breath will pass, less likely to get headaches.
  3. After 4 weeks after a person has quit drinking, finally the brain will leave all the decay products of alcohol. Improves emotional state and restores the reproductive system.

These figures, of course, averaged, because every body is different and recovery time among all flows in different ways.


Often, drinkers do not realize that the brain is much stronger suffers from alcohol than the liver. And how quickly he can recover, depends on the lesion, from the amount of alcohol consumed and the duration of the impact of alcohol on the brain. Alcohol acts on the brain in a destructive way, since the abuse of alcohol is lost spinal fluid and against this shrinks brain matter.

In order to make brain began to work to heal itself, you will need not to touch alcohol at least 2 weeks. If not to struggle with a bad habit, you brain cells will gradually be destroyed, which, of course, have a negative impact on its activities. And even may eventually develop dementia (dementia).

Nervous system

Derivatives of ethanol supplied in large quantities in the body, actively striking the nervous system. Alcoholics often complain of forgetfulness and distraction. Sudden and acute reaction to minor stimuli, and mood swings become the hallmark of such people.

After conducting a detoxification go on long courses on the administration of drugs that improve cerebral blood circulation and normalize the function of the vascular system. To restore the normal functioning of the nervous system may require the most time, so ex-alcoholics and their relatives need to be patient.


Despite the fact that the liver is an amazing organ, able to regenerate, even if damaged most of it, but with a clear alcohol she needs the range of additional activities that will help to purify, relax and restore.

Damaged liver first of all you need a gentle power. On fatty, smoked, fried foods should be taboo. As well as food stuffed with all sorts of chemical additives of a type of flavour enhancers and preservatives, should be fully excluded from the diet. Preference should be given to foods with a high content of fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals.


The abuse of alcohol the pancreas suffers no less than other major organs. But with the right approach, it lends itself well to restoration. This body reacts to the violation of diet and nutrition regimes. If it needs to be restored after a single abuse of alcohol, then a good solution may be a few "hungry" days.

If you want to help a former alcoholic, you should develop the habit of eating frequent, but fractional. Avoid heavy meals. To love to drink water. Be sure to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal. Give preference to the food prepared on pair.


Prolonged alcohol abuse has a negative effect on the urinary system. May develop renal failure on the background sedimentation of alcohol in the renal structures. But this body is able to heal itself if you stop drinking. To the kidneys began to function as before, it can take up to 8 weeks.

To the buds fasterrestored its function, it is important to give preference to light food and to establish the drinking regime. In addition, an active lifestyle and moderate exercise will speed up metabolism, what is good will affect the positive trend.

Alcohol poisoning

A serious problem of alcoholics can become not only a gradual detrimental effect on the body of alcohol, but also acute poisoning, which can cause poor quality substitutes and alcohol.

Recovery from alcohol poisoning includes the following steps:

  1. In the presence of vestibular disorders and dyspeptic symptoms should quickly rid your body of the derived alcohol, which has not yet had time to be absorbed. Provoking vomiting and cleansing of the stomach will prevent further intoxication.
  2. To make a cleansing enema.
  3. Take diuretics (diuretics like lasix).
  4. Take chelators (activated carbon, atoxil). They will help flush the excess toxic substances from the body.
  5. Drinking regime. Immediately after the gastric lavage is necessary to ensure a constant intake of fluids. As often as possible, to make the throat of mineral water without gas or solution rehydron.
  6. To increase the access of oxygen to the brain taking glycine or sage.
  7. To make a special impact on vitamins. The favorite should be ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It can be as a synthetic multivitamin from the pharmacy, and organic fruits and vegetables.
  8. Not in all cases, it is appropriate, but can still play a role-in shower with a sharp drop in water temperature.
  9. Pay special attention to hepatic. They can not only stem the degenerative process in the liver, but also begin to restore already damaged structure of the body.
  10. In severe alcohol poisoning and severe intoxication requires hospitalization of the patient and carrying out serious therapy by intravenous drip injection.

Alcohol poisoning is a particularly dangerous condition, which may have more serious consequences than a regular hangover. From it can develop alcoholic coma or even death occur, and a completely healthy and young people.

Wise, treatment of alcohol poisoning in the hands of medical toxicologist. But if this is not possible, the alcohol dependent person and his relatives must themselves know how to recover from alcohol poisoning.

Restoration activities

The procedure for the removal of the person from hard drinking in General very similar to the situation with alcohol poisoning. But keep in mind that when you binge metabolic processes in the body begin to operate in the new mode, adjusting to the constant presence of alcohol. So, if you abruptly interrupt the bout and start rebuilding, it may be due to alcoholic psychosis. Is allowed only in a hospital.

If man alone is struggling with binge, then 3 hours before the start of the detoxification would be wise to take in recent times a small amount of alcohol, only then to start treatment. For the positive dynamics of the patient should also stop Smoking. After all, ethanol and nicotine is antagonists, which causes a severe dysfunction of the vessels.

Then you can begin to drug rehabilitation, which should take place in courses. Effective such means:

  • vitamin-mineral complexes;
  • nootropics, antidepressants, sedatives;
  • support the heart muscle;
  • hepatoprotectors.

In addition, it is necessary to adjust the power or to break a special diet, sparing the liver, bile, pancreas and kidneys. As for alcoholic beverages, even look in their direction is not worth it!

And also we should not forget about reasonable physical activity. A good option is walking a pet, walking in the Park or in the woods, not heavy work on the plot. Such classes can improve both physical and emotional well-being.

Still, the complex of measures on recovery of the body of the former alcoholic should be based on an individual approach. A variety of drugs, duration and intensity of rehabilitation can vary significantly in each case.

Folk remedies

To the reasonable recommendations of traditional medicine, you can connect and folk remedies. Such non-traditional recipes can in the short term to fill the body with the missing nutrients. Herbal components usually are very soft on the body, directing its work in the right direction.


  1. Infusion of rose hips. It is best to brew in a thermos. Per liter of water will need a handful of dried fruit. Infuse for an hour. Drink all day instead of other beverages. Before use, you can add honey.
  2. Infusion of yellow gentian. One teaspoon of raw pour a glass of boiling water and insist 10 minutes. Before use, strain and take 30 minutes before each meal. The tool is able to stimulate the action of the brain, has choleretic and cleansingthe blood effect.
  3. Juice of horsetail. Fresh herbs should be grind in a meat grinder and wring through cheesecloth. In winter, you can preserve in honey (1:1). Take 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach. The tool is able to clean almost all the organs and blood.

But any herbal remedy will give visible results if taken regularly for at least 1 month.

If you strictly follow the recommendations of the experts, you will be able to almost completely normalize the condition of the internal organs, although this process cannot be called rapid. If a person is not able to control yourself, refrain from alcohol altogether, than painfully to regain their health.