Lactofiltrum and alcohol: compatibility and interoperability

Poisoned by poor quality food, and also to sort through during the holiday with alcohol everyone can. Light intoxication can be removed independently at home using pharmacy tools. One of the most effective adsorbent of drugs is Lactofiltrum, the effectiveness of which is 5-7 times higher than that of activated carbon.

Lactofiltrum belongs to the group of chelators in order to purify the body from pathogens, harmful bacteria and toxins. Thanks to the combination of active substances helps to restore the microflora destroyed after the use of certain medications, as well as relieve the intoxication syndrome in food poisoning. You can also combine Lactofiltrum and alcohol: drug can be used during a severe hangover.

The description of the drug

Lactofiltrum is a combined medicine, which is the sorbent and prebiotic at the same time. The drug binds to molecules of harmful substances such as penetrating into the body, and formed in internal organs during their life. The components included in the composition, contribute to the proliferation of useful minerals, stimulate the immune system, which beneficially affect the General health of the person. The treatment is often used during an acute intoxication syndrome caused by the abuse of alcohol.

The tool is made in solid dosage form. Tablets before use to dissolve in water: this will help the active ingredients quickly penetrate into the intestinal system.

Full analogue is Lactofiltrum ECO, produced in the form of powder, tablets or lozenges, and patented as BAD. The content of the analogue additionally include auxiliary ingredients, flavors and additives. The medicinal effects of both drugs are the same, just different dosage and taste: Lactofiltrum ECO more palatable.


Dissolving in the intestine, the tool absorbs toxic substances, preventing their spread throughout the internal organs. Medicine is able to penetrate into the bloodstream and excreted from the body two days later, together with the faeces.

Content preparation consists of active components:

  • Lignin – a substance of vegetable origin, belongs to the cellulose. Absorbs the products of decomposition, removing the symptoms of poisoning, binding molecules of harmful bacteria, allergens, toxins, and metabolites of ethanol. Lignin is excreted from the body without penetrating the bloodstream.
  • The disaccharide lactulose is a prebiotic synthetic origin, possess a laxative effect, inhibits the process of decomposition and creates a beneficial environment for the creation of healthy flora of the gastrointestinal system.

Due to the combination of active ingredients Lactofiltrum eliminates acute intoxication the abuse of alcohol contributes to the restoration of the internal organs, leads to normal bowel habits. Most often, the tool used in treatment, alternating with other medications. Interval between doses should be not less than 1 hour.

Pharmacological action

The remedy affects the body in different ways:

  • lowers cholesterol;
  • stops diarrhea;
  • binds and absorbs toxins formed in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • has a shielding effect;
  • removes the harmful substances allocated with bile and intestinal juice;
  • removes intoxication;
  • cleans food weight and intestines.

In addition, the sorbent possesses antioxidant properties. Thus, the drug is effective against:

  • all sorts of medicines;
  • cholesterol;
  • poisons of organic origin;
  • food allergens;
  • bacteria and pathogens;
  • bilirubin;
  • salts of heavy metals;
  • ammonia;
  • ethanol and its metabolites;
  • urea.

The man, who moved with alcohol, in addition to pain symptoms in the head and dry mouth, you may experience other unpleasant symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, which occur usually due to excessive fluid loss. Tool restores the water metabolism in the body, eliminates dysbacteriosis, provoked by pathogenic bacteria, and improves the overall health of the patient. The active ingredients penetrate into the intestinal system down into monosaccharides, which are the nutrient for the intestines. Thanks to the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms to restore the chair and to help the immune system better cope with the unpleasant symptoms consistent with alcohol poisoning.

Indications for use

The enterosorbent is used under the following conditions:

  • dysbacteriosis of different origin, including those provoked by use of antibiotics;
  • irritable bowel syndrome, accompanied by difficulty of defecation and diarrhea;
  • violation of process of digestion;
  • dyspepsia;
  • colitis;
  • allergic skin rashes;
  • various liver disease in the combined treatment.

It is also recommended to apply Lactofiltrum from a hangover.

Side effects and contraindications

The tool canto cause the minimum of adverse effects, manifested in rare cases:

  • diarrhea;
  • bloating;
  • allergic reactions;
  • pain in the intestine;
  • reducing the absorption of nutrients and calcium prolonged use of drugs.

Such effects are usually hypersensitive to the components of the sorbent.

Limitations to the use of the drug are:

  • hemorrhage from the gastrointestinal tract;
  • galactosemia;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the medication.

With caution the drug should be used patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the acute stage and also during bad bowel movements.

How Lactofiltrum affects with alcohol poisoning

Can you consume alcohol during drug treatment? Passing the course of therapy allowed drinking alcohol in moderation.

The tool can be used both before the planned feast, and developed the next morning hangover. The use of enterosorbent allows the patient to quickly remove the following unpleasant symptoms:

  • dehydration. Abuse of alcohol leads to excessive loss of fluid, which causes dry mouth and strong thirst;
  • tremor of the limbs;
  • palpitation of the heart.

The interaction of alcohol and laktofiltrum not leads to negative consequences. The drug helps to eliminate alcohol toxins from the body, normalize intestinal function, eliminating the diarrhea occurred on the background of alcohol poisoning.

To ensure maximum impact of the major components necessary to take the treatment before drinking and after a meal, before bedtime. To enhance the therapeutic effect of the dosage in the morning, without waiting for negative symptoms. This will make it more likely to remove the internal organs from all the toxins and metabolites of alcohol.

How to apply

The tool can be applied in case of significant symptoms, and weak alcohol poisoning. Pills Lactofiltrum should be mixed with water or chew. With significant alcohol intoxication is acceptable to take at a time 10 pills. With moderate consumption of alcohol, as well as minor alcohol withdrawal syndromes, the patient is recommended to be limited to 2-3 tablets 3-4 times a day. The maximum daily dose is 50 tablets. Drug use in 1.5-2 hours after a meal.

Lactofiltrum with alcohol have good compatibility, but do not take my pills alcohol-containing beverages. You should also not drink the medicine with mineral water: included in its composition ions of salts can reduce the impact of active substances.

Sorbent accepted until until unpleasant symptoms. The average course of therapy is 3 to 5 days. To completely get rid of symptoms of intoxication and restore intestinal microflora medicine is recommended for 2-3 weeks.

Lactofiltrum ECO in powder form to be dissolved in 50-100 ml of room temperature water and mix thoroughly. This form of the drug showed an excellent result after drinking alcohol. The powder must be taken 3-4 times daily, 1-2 bags at a time.

With continued use you should additionally use the vitamins of group B, as the drug may cause anemia.

A few hours after use of the sorbent to the patient should empty the bowel, to avoid the opposite effect of the drug and the penetration of toxic substances into the body.

Drinking alcohol will never go unnoticed for the body, provokes not only deterioration of health but also has a devastating effect on internal organs. Lactofiltrum is an effective medication that can help with any poisoning, therefore, must always be at hand.