Harm and benefits of beer for health men and women

Drink beer, many people, regardless of age and gender. This drink quenches your thirst in the summer and invigorating. There is nothing more tempting summer evening than to drink a bottle or two. This drink is traditionally consumed after a bath, foodies manage to pour beer on the hot stones and breathing the steam beer. So bad is beer or have some health benefits, it is necessary to understand in detail.

What you cook beer

Since ancient times, people brewed and drank beer. Previously, this drink was a must on the table during weddings and other feasts. Now little has changed, different types of beer can be found in stores, people are happy to buy and use this product.

Beverage obtained by the fermentation of alcohol and beer yeast with hops and malt. These ingredients give the product a specific taste and smell. In the composition is water, ethyl alcohol, carbon dioxide, nitrogen compounds, yeast. In small amounts beer contains vitamins, minerals, and certain hormones. In addition, modern brewers add to their products, preservatives, stabilizers and dyes that greatly extend the shelf life.

Beer sold on tap from large barrels, more natural. The expiration date is only a few days. There and do not add preservatives and other substances.

What is the benefit and harm of beer

Some people fairly think that this drink enriches the human body with minerals and vitamins. Indeed, the product normalizes digestive functions and improves the quality of produced gastric secretion. When consumption of the product in humans improves mood, it is much more active in communicating with outsiders. Beer helps to gently relieve stress and relax, it normalizes mental state of a person and improves the sleep. In addition, the drink has good diuretic properties and helps to gently cleanse the body.

The benefits of drinking beer will only be the case if it will be present in the diet every day and within reasonable limits.

We all know that alcoholic drinks heavily harm the health. But low-alcohol beer, many feel absolutely safe in this regard, but it does not.

In the process of fermentation in the beverage are formed, and then stored hazardous compounds is methyl alcohol, fusel oil and aldehydes. Even in regular vodka such compounds hundreds of times less. Each of these intoxicating substances act on the body. Nausea, vomiting and severe sneezing for a long time. After consumption of excess amount of vessels in the brain dilate, the headache develops, the visible weakness and loss of coordination.

Beer is not the alcoholic beverage. The fortress of the individual varieties can be up to 14%.

How beer affects the identity of the person

This common drink in excessive consumption is not only detrimental to overall health, but also change the personality of the person as a whole.

Suffers the identity of the person

As you know, this product contains hops, which promotes relaxation and intoxication. There comes a time that people will not be able to do a single day without a few bottles. Constantly drinking the person becomes aggressive, evil, stupid and cocky. It was during this intoxication are recorded indecorous actions and offenses.

Changes the appearance

Products in a small amount contains plant estrogens that are very similar to female hormones responsible for the structure of the female body. When men drink beer daily, they begins to produce a substance suppressing the production of male hormones and the estrogen level increases significantly. The result is overweight, a big saggy belly, enlarged Breasts and pelvis. Reduces the amount of produced sperm cells and decreases their quality. If the family is planning a child, then possible problems with conception. After a few years, the abuse of beer for many men may result in the deterioration of potency and prostatitis.

Women who abuse alcohol, also change in appearance. In front of them begins to grow thick hair, the voice becomes rough. Often drink beer with salty foods. Salt holds tissue fluid, in the end, possible excessive weight and swelling of the face. The drunk woman is a very unpleasant sight, she behaved provocatively, loud and vulgar laugh. In this condition women often become victims of criminals. They, like men, can be a problem with conception of the child and the development of cancer diseases.

Can beer women during pregnancy and lactation

Pregnant women are strictly forbidden to drink beer. To make a full and healthy baby, you need to delete this drink of your life in this important period. The consequences of that may be from the consumption of this product pregnant, are dire:

  • alcohol negatively affects the formation of the fetus. The child may be born premature, underweight or ill;
  • possible miscarriage, even in the later stages;
  • can be missed abortion.

If my mom was drinking beer while carryingbaby, it is possible that the child is in their Teens to be unruly, aggressive and irritable. Likely to appear early tendency to alcoholism.

It is widely believed that beer helps produce more milk volume in women during lactation. If the mother will consume the alcohol, the milk will be nutritious, the baby will quickly eat well and sleep well. Definitely, a baby will drink alcohol-soaked milk, and sleep soundly drunken sleep. Following this advice to increase milk production, the mother not only ruin your health but also destroys the health of the baby, both physical and mental.

Beer is not the product, which cannot be abandoned during pregnancy and lactation. If there is a psychological difficulty in the rejection of the drink, so the assistance of a psychologist.

Whether you need beer to teenagers

Is it harmful to drink beer to teenagers? To this question we can clearly answer Yes. The original is haunting sounds from the TV screens, assuring the younger generation that beer is cool and fun. And how many parents have talked about the possibility of harm, Teens unrequited believe that only with a treasured bottle in hand, they will become popular, successful and rich. With the first SIPS teenager gets drunk, feels adult and unpunished. In this state, committed different offences, the child discovers relationships with their peers and are constantly looking for a fight.

If a teenager constantly consume beer, his memory worsens, there is a problem with learning, impaired mental health, and have worse health.

Teenagers often drink beer, when you walk by large companies or with friends celebrating the holidays. Parents should closely monitor their children periodically and carry out preventive conversation.

How beer affects the health

A refreshing drink can greatly undermine your health, especially if you drink irregular doses. The changes seen in almost all organs and systems:

  • Heart – at constant consumption of beer, the load on the body increases significantly. The muscle of the heart walls and increases the body swims in grease. Often pressure skips, develops shortness of breath, arrhythmia starts. In severe cases, possible stroke or heart attack.
  • Stomach – aggressive substances contained in the drink, severely irritate and damage the mucosa. Carcinogens and alcohols contribute to the inflammation of the digestive organs. This leads to digestive disorders, flatulence, acute gastritis and ulcers.
  • Kidneys with excessive consumption of the drink is disturbed electrolyte balance in the body. Kidney function in elevated mode to cope with the consequences of the abuse of beer. Together with the urine are removed from the body micronutrients that we need for good working bodies. If the kidneys work all the time in this mode, you wear out quickly, which leads to chronic diseases of the urinary organs.
  • The liver – alcohol is the main enemy of the liver. Therefore, beer gets in the body, it causes inflammatory diseases of the liver and eventually leads to hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Brain – beer adversely affects brain cells. They are under the influence of alcohol die. Amateur beer begins to forget basic things, and over time may develop dementia. Gradually interferes with the normal coordination, and people can go to the disability.

From intoxicating product suffering and other bodies. Vessels of the circulatory system thinning, the body can bruise unexplained etiology. May develop atrophy of the optic nerve, leading to vision loss.

Beer drinking

The concept of beer alcoholism familiar to all adults. And while some believe the disease is less dangerous than vodka addiction, the consequences are quite destructive. People with alcoholism sometimes try to quit drinking hard liquor and switch to beer. This tactic is completely wrong, this approach only aggravates the disease. That drink people become lazy and stupid, besides, they have violated sexual function.

The use of beer in medicine

To treat alcohol, be careful. This is especially true of women who are very difficult to treat for alcoholism. But normalized drinking a good beer can not only not harm, but also to bring tangible benefits to the body. It is used to treat a number of diseases:

  • for abrasions, which can be cured quickly thanks to beer yeast;
  • for colds in the early stages;
  • as a preventive measure in a number of diseases;
  • in many skin diseases. On the basis of beer prepared cosmetic creams and masks.

Absolutely any food can cause health problems if used excessively. This greatly applies to beer, excessive drinking which is harmful to health, but moderate consumption helps to cure some diseases. It is desirable to use very often, to choose the product as fresh and high quality. Do not buy too cheap products, because cheap is usually not veryquality.