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Stomach hurts and the intestines after drinking: causes, treatment

To drink small amounts of alcohol, but its excessive consumption often leads to serious consequences. The first harms from alcohol experienced by the stomach. Here he gets unchanged, and then ethanol during oxidation is converted to acetaldehyde, which is a strong toxin to the body as a whole. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that a stomach ache after alcohol. Moreover, such a phenomenon may be a symptom of certain diseases, so it is recommended to timely refer to a specialist.

Causes of pain after alcohol

In the stomach produce gastric juice necessary for the processing of food caught in it. The result of the action of the enzyme pepsin valuable components from food enter the blood. However, under the influence of alcohol this process is disrupted. The stomach is not only the first is feeling the effects of the alcohol, but prolonged contact with alcohol.

In fact, before absorbed into the blood, alcohol while still in the stomach. Alcohol can have damaging effects on the gastric mucosa. Therefore slows down the process of absorption of nutrients from food. There are several reasons why booze provokes abdominal pain:

  1. Alcohol contributes to the enhanced development of gastric juice. And if the person eats insufficient amounts of food, and often after drinking alcohol, hydrochloric acid begins to corrode the gastric wall. And if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, the secretion of the stomach slows down, so eaten human food is not digested. From this arises a feeling of heaviness.
  2. In addition, under the influence of large amounts of gastric juice pepsin aktiviziruyutsya, so begins the rapid absorption of toxic components in the blood. As a result, the poison goes to all other organs, and the pain appears not only in the stomach. Can suffer and other internal organs.
  3. Violation of the functions of the stomach occurs because of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages stomach produces lower amounts of mucus that protects the intestinal wall from the effects of hydrochloric acid. Therefore, the gastric wall is damaged, which leads to the fact that they deteriorate over time.
  4. The alcohol in the stomach is split into acetaldehyde, which blood vessels are sent to all organs. And frequent exposure to alcohol destroyed the venules and capillaries of the stomach. This formed small sores and ulcers. With time they should heal, but due to alcoholic beverages, they only increase in size.

In addition, pain may occur in case if a person has a disease of the stomach. For example, for people with ulcers or gastritis alcohol is not allowed, as it can cause internal bleeding. And this can lead to the lethal outcome of the patient.

Usually, symptoms appear before the ulcers from eating fried or spicy foods. So you need to undergo periodic medical examination.

Under the influence of alcohol and hydrochloric acid begins to rapidly affect the gastric wall and hurt intestine. Moreover, gastric pain may be constant or to be of a periodic nature. After the vodka may occur a number of complications:

  • Dysphagia in which contents from the stomach back into the esophagus. And this is accompanied by moderate pain and heartburn.
  • Violated swallowing reflex, which is associated with the weakening of the motility of the esophagus.
  • The walls of the esophagus and stomach burned as the result of consuming excessive amounts of highly concentrated alcohol. However, the pain occurs only in the stomach, as there on its walls effect HCl.

The restoration of affected tissues is very long. And if after a few days again to drink even a small amount of alcohol, it will break the begun the healing process. As a result, it leads to gastritis, ulcers and other possible complications. The lethal outcome occurs in cases when the patient starts to be treated on time.

Therefore, if the alcohol there is pain in the stomach, it is necessary to refuse from its use. Besides, you need to pay attention to their diet and take medications. In no case should not drink alcohol with aspirin, as this may lead to gastric bleeding.

The development of gastritis

A possible reason why after drinking stomach ache, gastritis. Moreover, if the pain is very pronounced and sudden, this indicates acute gastritis. Pain persists for several days after drinking alcohol. They are accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • nausea and vomiting. While vomit contain a large amount of mucus and blood particles. And if blood in vomit a lot, the patient required urgent hospitalization.
  • you receive a bitter taste in my mouth. A bit of tongue swells, it becomes difficult to swallow.
  • the man is changed, even externally. He becomes pale, eyelids drooping, cheeks slightly blown up.

After removing the symptoms of acute gastritis the doctor prescribes treatment. The patient must stick to a special diet, to refuse Smoking and alcohol, actively engaged in sports. Otherwise the disease may become chronic.

Alcohol chronic gastritis appears inif people regularly drink alcohol. This hurts the intestines, the patient feels a constant tightness in his area, there is a heartburn, constipation, nausea, not vomiting accompanying. And cure of such diseases is possible only in case if the patient will always refuse alcohol, even in small doses.

The pain in my stomach from beer

Beer is a weak alcoholic drink, but with daily use can cause stomach problems. Regular intake of beer can lead to pancreatitis, gastritis. The malfunction of the stomach, swollen tongue, pain in the abdomen. In addition, beer may bloating. In this case, you must consult a gastroenterologist.

If the pain in the stomach appeared from the beer, to daily the morning to drink a tablespoon of vegetable oil and drink weak herbal tea. This tool is gentle on the stomach wall, leading to their recovery. Any medications must be taken only after the appointment of their doctor. After all, pills can lead to further defeat of the walls of the stomach.


Alcohol is not knowingly used in medicine. After all, he kills all microorganisms, preventing the development of infection. Inside of the stomach and intestines there are also bacteria, but they are necessary for normal digestion. But with regular alcohol consumption these micro-organisms die, resulting in food is not fully digested, zastaivayas in the stomach. Bloating stomach after alcohol bloating which provokes a sharp pain. And the pain will pass as long as the gases do not come out naturally.

In addition, as a result of stagnation of food particles in the stomach can begin the putrefactive process. This leads to significant pain. The patient also has an unpleasant odor from the mouth, similar to acetone. The process of defecation is difficult, and while she appears heaviness in the lower abdomen. In this case, it is necessary to conduct a number of measures aimed at restoring the intestinal microflora.

How to get rid of the pain

If drinking causes severe pain, an urgent need to be examined. The doctor needs to prescribe an appropriate treatment. You can use folk remedies to reduce the severity of pain. The doctor prescribes gastal, zantac, motilium and other medications.

Many people believe that to correct the problem enough to drink drugs that restore digestion. But under the influence of alcohol not only disrupted the digestive process, but also damaged the stomach. Therefore, treatment should be complex.

To quickly eliminate the pain, you need to take three peppercorns, chew them and then drink 300 ml of warm water. This tool helps to slow down the process of destruction of the mucous membrane of the stomach. To alleviate the condition will help eating ripe plums. You can also brew tea from currant leaves, which contributes to the rapid removal of gases.

To relieve gastric pain can and chamomile infusion. For this tablespoon of dried flowers pour a glass of boiling water and insist. Then filter and drink. To drink a medicine need a little warm because hot can burn the stomach wall, and the cold will not give any result.

In addition, pain in the stomach after drinking it is necessary to adhere to special diets. This means that the patient must exclude from your diet fried, smoked, spicy food. Not recommended the consumption of carbonated beverages, coffee, dairy products, chocolate.

Thus, pain in the abdomen after drinking alcohol can appear for different reasons. However, this symptom may indicate a developing ulcer or gastritis. Therefore, an urgent need to consult a doctor who will diagnose and prescribe treatment. Self-medication can cause more harm.