What if often induce vomiting after eating

In the pursuit of attractive appearance and slim body women sometimes forget about the price you have to pay for rapid weight loss. Someone torturing a constant hunger strike, and someone sits down on laxative teas or quite harmful drugs. But the most barbaric way, which helps to achieve fast result the cost of health, can be considered an artificial vomiting. Unfortunately, few people think about its dangers. If neither exercise nor diet not help then before you turn to this method for weight loss, you should know that if often induce vomiting after eating.

To get rid of extra pounds is the number one goal in life of most women. Though it may sound strange, but sport and proper nutrition help in this case is not always. Cause of fullness can be hormonal disruptions, though this can be a long not to guess. And not everyone can afford a fully balanced diet, as it is a decent penny.

As a result of frustration and countless attempts to lose weight in the mind conceived the thought: what if you eat like before, just after each meal to clear the stomach? Then the appetite run wild you can't, and the extra calories will enter the body and how it is harmful to health, nobody cares.

What are the risks of vomiting after eating

As a rule, come to that, to induce vomiting after eating, can only be a frustrated person with an obsession to lose weight. The effectiveness of this method on height, and get rid of weight is obtained very quickly. You can eat anything: flour, sweet and fatty – anyway, this food will not have time to be absorbed, if immediately after receiving all returns by mechanical means. In addition, the body gives along with undigested and accumulated, so the weight loss comes so soon. So, causing vomiting, the woman quickly loses weight. But what that means in the future?

Here's what may be the consequences of inducing vomiting after eating:

  1. As soon as the addiction to constant vomiting, sphincter, not allowing to get eaten back up into the esophagus, weakens. As a consequence, vomit beginning to evolve out of control. Right after eating, well-behaved for weeks bullying the stomach will get rid of it by vomiting, unconscious. Then the woman waits for anorexia and nutritional deficiencies. Exhaustion is not what a woman wants, trying to lose weight. However, the vomiting leads her to this state. Organs and systems cease to function normally, and when the weight falls below the level of forty pounds, stopped menstruating.
  2. First of all, this method causes significant harm to tooth enamel. Under the influence of aggressive hydrochloric acid constantly splash in the mouth to vomit, teeth are destroyed almost immediately.
  3. If you induce vomiting after eating, there is the risk of Contracting a dangerous disease like bulimia. It is a mental disorder that is expressed in constant overeating, and obsession with counting calories and indicators of body weight. Appetite while growing uncontrolled. The person does not feel sick and continues to overeat and then cause vomiting. The arguments of the relatives and friends for him – an empty phrase. In the end, the body is completely depleted as it doesn't receive proper nutrition, and a patient awaiting hospitalization and acute heart failure.
  4. Lethargy, lack of energy, fatigue – that's what awaits the fairer sex, which regularly causes vomiting after eating, hoping to lose weight. The causes of such conditions are obvious. The woman does not receive any nutrients, as the intestinal food simply does not reach. And the intestinal health is the key to a strong immune system and stamina. The consequences of such torture will remind myself the rest of my life, even after full recovery.
  5. Artificial vomiting leads to dysfunction of the liver and kidneys. The stomach stretches and can no longer digest food, and simply gets rid of it immediately. In this case all the organs that participate in digestion process, remain unused, and gradually metabolism and all comes to naught.
  6. Many may notice as a weight loss deteriorating appearance, even if it is not caused by this method, and, for example, the transferred stress. Skin elasticity deteriorates with age, and after such executions woman, all wrinkled. Face of tarnish, it appears to be grayish in color. Hair and nails start to flake and break, indicating that the imbalance of minerals.
  7. The desire to deal with weight through vomiting leads to obsession. The patient did not understand what is beautiful and what deters. Obsession kills the concept of aesthetics. There is only one thing – an irresistible desire to drop more and more.

That's what happens to the body and psyche of women, if she decided to induce vomiting after meals in order to lose weight.

Vomiting immediately after eating when the discomfort in the digestive tract

Those who still dared to take the way of losing weight, often ask: how long after a meal can induce vomiting? Digestion begins in the oral cavity, so, if we are to empty the stomach, it is necessary to give the body to pull from ita little bit of nutrients, not to lose weight on the eyes. Anyway, if vomiting after eating habit without the help of qualified psychologist and a gastroenterologist cannot do.

There are times when after a meal pesters nausea. If it's not poison, most often, this symptom is pursuing those who have problems with the digestive system and pregnant women. Occasional vomiting does not threaten the body with some dire consequences. On the contrary, if a person feels that he gets better after the food will come and the discomfort will recede, it is better to empty the stomach.

Surprisingly, a pregnant woman after vomiting feels as if nothing had happened. This is because the discomfort that is unrelated to any pathogenic processes in the digestive tract. Therefore, if after eating a discomfort, it is better to pull out immediately.

What happens in the body

What processes occur in the body if induce vomiting after every meal? When food has entered the stomach, starts the process of developing the enzymes necessary for its digestion. If from empty stomach, the following occurs:

  • hydrochloric acid, promoting the processing of food in the stomach spills into the esophagus, which leads to burn the mucous membranes. At constant its impact on the walls of the larynx and esophagus may form a cancerous tumor, not to mention the fact that you have to say goodbye to beautiful teeth, as mentioned earlier;
  • the food has already left the body, and the enzymes and gastric juices that help digestion, continue to stand out. The stomach and upper intestine are exposed to regular treatment with acids which is designed to digest food. This leads to the formation of erosions and ulcers, and malignant neoplasms;
  • pancreas, with no raw materials for processing, begins to throw out excess insulin and hormonal balance is disturbed.

In an effort to deal with the extra weight, the main thing is not to get confused and not massacre their own health. None of the dietician or the gastroenterologist did not advise such a method of struggle against excess weight, like vomiting after meals. Correction of diet and daily regimen and also physical activity can work wonders. Moreover, it is healthy methods of weight loss that will keep health and attractiveness for years to come.