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What to do if you had been drinking and the hangover

Alcohol stimulates the nervous system, so many after his admission there is a feeling of joy. But on the second day joy disappears, replaced with nausea, pain of head and stomach, apathy. Strong alcohol can lead to hangover or even intoxication. As a rule, it occurs, if the human body has received more than 200 ml of ethyl alcohol in its pure form. Therefore, it is important to know what to do in this case.

Signs of alcohol poisoning

The first symptoms of intoxication alcohol-containing beverages can appear while taking alcohol. There are some signs, upon detection of which it is urgent to stop the use of alcohol:

  • man does not see action, but continues to drink, even if he had been really drunk;
  • disturbed by his movement, attention, speech became indistinct;
  • redness of the face accompanied by nausea, vomiting, increased sweating;
  • tremors.

If you do not stop taking alcohol, it may trigger an alcoholic coma. The person loses consciousness, it will slow down the pulse, lowers the temperature of the body. In some cases there is involuntary urination or defecation.

Alcoholic coma may have mild, moderate and severe degrees of severity. In mild person wakes up after gastric lavage, and in other cases you need to be hospitalized. Degree of alcohol intoxication is measured in ppm. If this figure is above 5, the possible death of man.

First aid

If a person became ill after drinking, it is necessary to provide urgent first aid. Because the mortality rate due to alcohol poisoning happens very often. Before the ambulance it is necessary to wash out the stomach of the patient. If he's unconscious, you should try to fix it. To do this, spray of water, or to allow to smell liquid ammonia.

If the victim has not recovered, gastric lavage is impossible, as the person may choke. Sometimes vomiting starts in an unconscious state. You should turn the patient's head to one side, otherwise vomit can get into the respiratory organs.

If the person is conscious, a solution of potassium permanganate, so it was pale pink. Due to the use of this drug from the intestine will be removed remnants of alcohol that is not absorbed into the blood. To wash out the stomach need to until vomit is clear.

Then give the patient milk or natural tea as well as a few tablets of activated charcoal. Milk promotes normalization of intestinal microflora. Coffee increases blood pressure, which usually crashes due to booze. Activated charcoal binds toxins together, after which they are excreted with feces.

If the person is trembling, it must be wrapped in a warm blanket, attaching to the feet warmer. So it will quickly warm up. All the Windows open so the room got fresh air. In severe cases, when the booze stops the heart. People nearby need to make the victim a heart massage, otherwise there is a high probability of death.

What not to do when the booze

There are a number of common mistakes that people often commit in attempting to render first aid to the victim. This can affect the further course of events:

  • It is impossible that the victim lay on his back, as this can lead to the fact that he choke on his own vomit.
  • Not allowed to be under a cold shower. In the period of alcoholic intoxication is the cooling of the body, and a cold shower leads to greater heat loss.
  • When severe alcohol intoxication with no need to get up and move. This puts a lot of stress on the body that can negatively affect the patient's condition.
  • Do not leave the victim alone. He can lose consciousness and even suffocate due to the compression of language.
  • Again to drink alcohol in that case, if caused by intoxication with methyl alcohol. While ethyl alcohol will quickly excrete toxic substance.

The census long can cause a number of complications. This often leads to Mendelson's syndrome, gastrointestinal diseases, delirium tremens and delirium. Approximately 50% of all deaths from poisoning associated with alcohol intoxication.

How to get rid of a hangover after hangover

A strong alcoholic intoxication is almost always accompanied by a hangover. In the morning the person has dry mouth, there is a thirst, diarrhea, drowsiness and other symptoms. The first thing to do is to drink activated charcoal tablets. Replace it with white coal, enterosgel, laktofiltrum and other chelators. Also it is recommended to take solutions to restore the water-salt balance. It regidron, librovich Forte and others.

In addition, you need to remove a headache. This should take aspirin, analgin, Pentalgin. Combining paracetamol with alcohol impossible in any case, as it leads to the destruction of liver cells. If accepted white coal, it needs to reduce headache. So taking additional drugs are required.

When the census is common, it needs to protect itsliver. Therefore, such purpose of use essential phospholipids that restore the liver cells. This group of drugs include Essentiale Forte-N, Essliver Forte and other medicines. If they do not help a person who drinks regularly feel pain in the liver area, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

How to drink properly, not to drink

To drink was not bad, need to learn how to drink. And for this you should follow some recommendations:

  • The interval between doses of alcohol should be quite long – at least 20 minutes. Otherwise the liver will not have time to process the alcohol, so the acetaldehyde (a breakdown product of ethanol) into the blood.
  • It is important to eat. Because of this alcoholic drink will fall into the stomach. But this does not mean that the action of alcohol on the body reduced. However, the intoxication in this case, will come later. Alcohol will accumulate in the digestive tract, but people will not drunk. From this it can drink more alcohol. So you need to be able to drink in moderation.
  • During the feast and afterwards you should drink plenty of fluids. This will prevent dehydration, and thus part of the toxins will be released along with the urine. It is recommended that water intake was approximately 2 times more liquor. You can't drink just plain water, but mineral.
  • You cannot mix different types of alcohol. In an extreme case, you can start with a weak alcohol, and then continue stronger. To do the opposite, as it will lead to a very strong intoxication. It is also permitted to mix drinks made from the same raw materials, for example, whiskey and vodka. But it is only in the case that both beverages purchased in the checked sources and there is no chance that they are somewhat diluted.

During the feast and immediately after it is recommended to drink activated charcoal tablets. However, in this case intoxication will also come later because the coal is partially neutralizes the effect of alcoholic beverages.

Treatment of folk remedies

Often people have the question of what to do if you have been drinking. Because the symptoms of a hangover or alcohol poisoning is very unpleasant, so they want as quickly as possible to get rid of. If there is no the medicines from the hangover, you can use an effective means of traditional medicine.

Drinks with citric and ascorbic acid can start to drink even during intoxication. For this 1/3 of a teaspoon of citric acid and 2 tablet askorbinki pour a glass of boiling water. During a hangover, a particularly useful potassium, which promotes frequent urination. Therefore, anti-hangover tea, add a spoonful of honey, which not only improves the taste of the drink, but also very useful.

Fall asleep faster after excessive amounts of alcohol helps with a decoction of Valerian and motherwort. However, before you go to bed, it is recommended to provoke vomiting.

Advice on nutrition with booze

If I drank a lot of alcohol in the evening, in the morning and did not want to eat. However, hot meals invigorate the person, start the digestive system. Therefore, even if there is no appetite in the morning must have something to eat. Thus, there will be speedy recovery of the body after drinking. There are a few basic recommendations on nutrition after an excessive amount of alcohol consumed:

  1. Well neutralize toxins and normalize digestion brines, mineral water, dairy products, tomato juice.
  2. In the morning it is recommended to take a contrast shower, then eat a light chicken soup. Good to cook sour cabbage soup-soup or sour soup. These dishes from relief and tart gives you an appetite so you can eat well.
  3. Vegetables, herbs and fruits be sure to eat before the meal, during and after it. They contain essential vitamins that are washed out from it under the influence of large amounts of alcohol. Definitely need to eat foods containing vitamin C, as they bind harmful substances and facilitate their rapid removal. But because of the lack of vitamin B the person becomes irritable, develops alcoholic psychosis. The liver begins to function worse, if the body is lack of PP.
  4. It is important with booze to enrich your body with minerals. Especially important are potassium, because with his lack of possible interruptions in the work of the heart. To restore its quantity in the body you need to eat bananas, prunes, raisins.

You can't drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Eaten a piece of bacon gives a sense of satiety, but from a quick intoxication does not help. Better before a meal drink a raw egg, due to which a person will become drunk much later.

What to do if very drunk

When a person has severe alcohol intoxication, changes its behavior. It can become inappropriate, aggressive and feel bad. I need to call an ambulance. The patient was taken to the hospital, where a psychiatrist put a special dropper, which after several hours will remove all signs of intoxication.

This procedure should only be carried out in a sterile environment of the hospital by a competent physician. House infection, and if a drip set by the GP or emergency doctor, he might be wrongto calculate the composition, which will further exacerbate the situation.


Did not come to a strong intoxication, you need to follow some preventive measures:

  • Before you start drinking, it is recommended to eat a sandwich with butter and a piece of herring. Due to this, on the walls of the stomach forms a film which prevents the absorption of alcohol into the blood.
  • It is not recommended to smoke during the feast.
  • Drink mineral water along with the alcohol, but it should not be carbonated.
  • Every 20-30 minutes you should get some fresh air. You can just ventilate the room. This is particularly important if in the same room a lot of people.
  • You cannot combine alcohol and antibiotics, as this has a negative impact on the liver.

It is not recommended to abuse alcohol. Even on holidays, you should drink small amounts of alcohol. Under its influence wears out the body, disrupts the function of some organs, cells die. First aid during strong intoxication it is very important, as it can even save a person's life.