How to induce vomiting at home: all the ways

In different types of poisoning need at home to induce vomiting. Public method – automatic, when pressed with your fingers on the tongue root. Also do this with potassium, sodium, and other folk medicines.

How to induce vomiting at home

Call vomiting is the most important element in providing first aid in case of contact with toxic substances in the body. The question how to induce vomiting at home. This procedure prevents serious complications, such as poisoning of the brain, intoxication of whole body, acute failure of vital organs. Most often, the person is poisoned:

  • food with expired shelf life;
  • improper or inadequate heat treatment products;
  • poor alcohol;
  • poisonous mushrooms;
  • canned food.

Food poisoning is a reaction to toxins. Therefore, until medical care in the home need to induce vomiting. Poisonous substances into the stomach, absorbed into the blood. Via the bloodstream they reach the brain, causing a person signs of intoxication (poisoning) of the body:

  • headache and dizziness, weakness;
  • fever, chills;
  • vomiting and diarrhea (frequency depends on the amount of toxic substances);
  • pain in the epigastric region, resembling the symptoms of acute gastritis;
  • under moderate violation of view;
  • in severe cases, a semiconscious state, clouding of consciousness.

People can be poisoned by toxic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides), performing agricultural work. At hit of toxic substances in the digestive tract is also necessary to cleanse the stomach, causing vomiting.

Indications for gastric lavage is an overdose of drugs.

How to induce vomiting with water with food poisoning

What can cause vomiting if you are sure that it was food poisoning? Affordable and effective option is to click at the base of the tongue.

To induce vomiting with two fingers, make victim drink cool water – 0,8 – 1 l. It should be clean potable, non-carbonated. If the person is in serious condition, put it to one side and fix this position with the help of improvised means: pillows, folded clothes.

To properly induce vomiting, you need two fingers to press down hard on the tongue. It stimulates the contraction of the stomach wall. The procedure is repeated until then, until rinse water is clean. Then give activated charcoal. Pills drink at the rate of 1 units per 10 kg (optimal dose).

Before coming soon aid person should be in the supine position, so that when repeated vomiting not to choke on stomach contents. Shelter the victim with a warm blanket, because in this state it feels cold. You cannot leave the person unattended to in case of repeated vomiting to provide timely assistance.


In childhood there is always a risk of ingress of small objects or toxic substances (drugs, household chemicals). Children up to 6 years can cause a gag reflex, but not with the fingers. They may drown or be frightened. In this situation, you need to wait for the arrival of the ambulance, which will do the flushing with the help of gastric probe.

The use of potassium permanganate

How else do you induce vomiting if the two fingers don't work? There are recipes for solutions that activate the gag reflex without mechanical action. So is potassium permanganate.

Potassium permanganate used as an antiseptic for washing, rinsing, treatment of skin. Such popularity is due to its affordability. As an emetic, it is prescribed inside the food poisoning and overdose of medications –narcotic, alkaloids, neurotoxins. Cleansing of the body happens due to the ability of potassium permanganate to neutralize poisons.

What should be the solution:

  • the solution color is light pink, almost invisible;
  • the liquid is clear, clean, homogeneous;
  • there must be no undissolved crystals;
  • you must first dissolve the substance in a small amount of water and then add to the main volume to the desired color.

The disadvantage is that a substance dissolves long and dangerous in high concentrations. So, before you induce vomiting with potassium permanganate, it is necessary to ensure correct solution preparation. The amount of fluid should be 1-1. 5 L.

Important! The solution is dark in color with the content of the crystals causes burns of the digestive tract. With the defeat of the esophagus is replacement of the epithelium by connective tissue, leading to narrowing and impaired patency of the body. Chemical burns of the stomach may trigger ulcerative processes.

Folk remedies for poisoning

Vomiting at home cause use baking soda or salt. In a glass of water add 15 g of substance, stir until dissolved. The prepared liquid drink in one gulp. The disadvantage of an unpleasant, unbearable taste that causes difficulties with ingestion.

Vomiting can be caused by medicinal herbselder, Euphorbia, Impatiens, buckthorn, viola tricolor. Basically, their decoctions are used in alcoholic poisoning. Drink the decoction in large quantities is not necessary. Once inside, the effect does not occur immediately. A small amount of liquid prevents the stretching of the walls of the stomach and does not cause intense contractions of the muscles of the abdominal wall and diaphragm. As the absorption of active substances irritate the vomiting center in the brain, which leads to vomiting. This process is painless. In order to make the effect come faster, the broth needs to be warm as body temperature.

Gag pharmaceuticals

The cure for vomiting prescribing doctor.

Morphine and its semisynthetic alkaloid apomorphine. Exciting the medulla, these drugs cause a strong emetic effect. Depending on the physiological characteristics of the organism, drugs are not always effective. Their use is important when there is no possibility to wash out the stomach. In acute poisoning drugs administered subcutaneously. Children up to 2 years, they are contraindicated. Apomorphine is available in capsule and powder form. Drug may lower blood pressure. Therefore, if a person felt weak, it must be laid horizontally to ensure that vomit does not hit the Airways.

Antidepressants – fluoxetine and paroxetine – in large doses can cause vomiting. But the poisoning did not apply. These drugs are wrongly used to lose weight. In addition to the emetic effect, they adversely affect the nervous system. Prolonged their use violates not only the physiological functioning of internal organs, and leads to serious mental disorders.

Under any poisoning do not induce vomiting

Important! Absolutely not induce vomiting in pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, it is impossible to wash out the stomach, if a person is sick because of motion sickness in the car.

Poisons can enter the body not only through the gastrointestinal tract, but also through the respiratory tract, skin.

In terms of production, failure to observe safety, people can be poisoned vapors of toxic substances, gases. The degree of poisoning depends on the quantity and the toxicity of poisons, and on the age of the victim.

The first signs appear after a few minutes or even seconds. One of the distinguishing symptoms is a violation of cardiac activity, which manifests itself in the form of palpitations, arrhythmia. Inhibited respiratory function developed acute renal and hepatic failure, up to a coma. When such poisoning induce vomiting artificially contraindicated.

The ingested acid or alkali of high concentration, which leads to a chemical burn. To wash out the stomach with water, causing vomiting, in this case, it is impossible. First you need to neutralize the chemical. If this is not done, the washing water will increase the degree of mucosal lesions.