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Rotavirus in infants: symptoms, signs, treatment

Any disease the baby is very frightening for parents. But especially a lot of unrest brings rotavirus infection, which occurs with severe diarrhea, uncontrollable vomiting, fever and General weakness. Rotavirus in infants dangerous because it quickly causes dehydration. Due to the small mass of the body, this condition will quickly lead to irreversible consequences, the worst of which is death. Parents should know the first symptoms of this dangerous disease.

The causes of the disease

According to medical statistics, up to 4% of all cases of rotavirus are fatal, and killed mostly small children up to 3 years. And despite the development of medicine, the death rate from this disease has not diminished.

Rotavirus in the newborn may develop just for a number of reasons, which can be denoted as:

  • Infection from nursing mothers or older brothers and sisters that attend preschool.
  • Infection by household, using poorly processed dishes.
  • Infection through products supplementation, if fruit puree is prepared independently without the observance of antiseptic rules.

Rotavirus is a very hardy microbe that can live about 2 months in tap water and a long period on the surface of vegetables and fruits.

Specific medication for rotavirus did not invent. To protect yourself and your child, is to do preventive vaccination against this disease.

Disease symptoms in infants

Rotavirus infection in infants begins as acute respiratory disease, therefore not all parents can immediately recognize this infection. Symptoms of the disease is quite specific and looks like this:

  • The child lays the nose, he can't breathe, so breathing through the mouth.
  • Observed sneezing and coughing, when examining the throat you can see redness of the surface of the sky.
  • Next, begin vomiting, diarrhea and sharp pain in the abdomen, but that the baby responds to loud cry.
  • The temperature rises to critical levels.

The main symptom of the disease is the diarrhea. The stools watery, foaming, and very fetid. Defecation may occur more than 20 times per day. Delicate skin around anus toddler red and looks inflamed, it causes additional suffering to the child.

Due to the heavy vomiting and prolonged diarrhea, the baby becoming dehydrated. Mucous membranes become dry, the baby's crying without tears and the Fontanelle sinks. In addition, a marked General weakness, impaired respiration and heartbeat. Pathogenic microorganisms continuously proliferate in the digestive tract that quickly leads to intoxication.

In severe cases, with dehydration in a young child may be convulsions and fainting.


In the treatment of rotavirus, the main task is a fast replenishment of lost liquid. For this purpose, the baby is dosed give regidron. Drugstore powder previously diluted in a liter of water. To give a solution needed for 50 ml after each bowel movement.

If the baby refuses to drink the solution regidrona, you can unsolder it ordinary drinking water. Drink give from a spoon, bottle or large syringe without a needle. Liquid child needs to do almost constantly. It creates a kind of drip that moistens the mouth.

To quickly remove toxins from the weakened body of the child gives the adsorbents. For this purpose, suitable and smectite enterosgel, but if not, then it is possible to provide activated carbon powder.

To restore the microflora of the digestive tract kids definitely prescribe or Linex hilak Forte.

Treatment infants popular ways is prohibited. The negligence of a parent can lead to tragic consequences.

Rotavirus in infants is usually treated in a hospital infectious disease ward. But not all parents want to go to the hospital with the kids, so when a satisfactory condition of the baby can be treated at home, but under medical supervision.

How long is the disease of the baby

Often parents check with the doctor how many days will continue with this unpleasant disease. Here are all individually, if the diagnosis was delivered quickly, was treated properly, the disease goes away completely in a week. In severe disease the suffering will end after 10 days. But it is necessary to reassure parents that the main symptoms vomiting and diarrhea usually disappear in 2-3 days of treatment.

You need to remember that even after decrease acute symptoms of the disease the child is still considered contagious for about two weeks.

Preventive measures

Many adults are carriers of rotavirus, and it is not manifested by any symptoms. To protect young children from this insidious disease, you should observe elementary rules of hygiene:

  • Wash hands after the street, the toilet and before you take the baby in his arms.
  • Housing is regularly cleaned and aired.
  • Bathroom wash antibacterial drugs.
  • All utensils used for feeding of the child, pre-boiled or rinsed with boiling water.
  • If in a family someone was ill, it is isolated from thenewborn to full recovery.

Some doctors advise to stop breast-feeding when mom is sick with rotavirus. This is not necessary, as breast milk contains special antibodies that will prevent infection.

In prevention to mother it is advisable to wear a gauze bandage when feeding the baby.

The most reliable way of protection from rotavirus vaccination is considered. Vaccine "Rotarix" and "Rotate" you can't find in all the clinics, but the one who searches will always find. The composition of these drugs is the 5 most common strains of the virus, thereby forming a strong immunity to the disease.