What radiation has the strongest penetrating power

Radioactive background (smog) – a product of the decay of atoms with the subsequent change of their nuclei. Items with this ability are considered to be highly radioactive. Each link is endowed with a certain ability to penetrate the body and harm him. There are natural and artificial. The most strong penetrating power has a gamma radiation – the particles able to pass through the human body, are considered very dangerous for human health.

The people working with them should wear protective clothing because of their impact on health can be very strong – it depends on the type of radiation.

Varieties and characteristics of radiation

There are several varieties of radiation. People by occupation have to deal with it – who every day, who from time to time.

Alpha radiation

Helium particles carry a negative charge, formed in the process of decay of heavier compounds of natural origin – thorium, radium, and other substances of this group. Streams of alpha particles can not penetrate the solid surface and the liquid. Person to protect them just enough to be clothed.

Beta rays

This type of radiation has a greater capacity in comparison with the first. For protection the person will need a tight screen. A product of the decay of several radioactive element is the stream of positrons. Stand out from the electron only charge – they carry a positive charge. If they effect a magnetic field, are deflected and move in the opposite direction.

Gamma radiation

Formed in the process of disintegration of the nuclei of many radioactive compounds. Radiation has high penetrating power. Is characterized by a rigid electromagnetic waves. To protect from exposure to them will need screens made of metals, are well able to protect the person from entry. For example, of lead, concrete or water.


These rays possess great penetrating power. Can be formed in the x-ray tubes, electronic units such as the betatron and the like. The nature of these radioactive threads are very strong and suggests that the x-ray beam endowed with strong ability of penetration, and therefore are dangerous.

In many ways similar to the above, differs only in the length and origin of the rays. X-ray flux has a long wave with low frequency radiation.

Ionization here is carried out mainly by knocking out the electrons. And at the expense of the self-energy is produced in small quantities.

Undoubtedly, the greatest penetrating ability are the rays of this radiation, especially hard.

What type of radiation is most dangerous to people

The hard x-ray quanta are waves and gamma rays. They have the shortest wave, therefore, more treachery and danger are the human body. Their deceit is illustrated by the fact that a person does not feel their impact, but really feeling the effects. Even in small doses in the body irreversible processes and mutations.

The transmission of information inside a person is electromagnetic in nature. If the body to penetrate the powerful beam irradiation, this process is disrupted. Man at first feels a slight indisposition, and later pathological disorders – hypertension, arrhythmias, hormonal nature, and more.

Low penetration ability of alpha particles, so they are considered the most, if I may say so, safe for human. Beta radiation is much more powerful and its penetration into the body more dangerous. The greatest penetration has the emission of gamma particles and x-rays. They are able to pass through man, to protect them much harder to stop them can only concrete structure or lead screen.

How is the electromagnetic smog in a residential apartment

Each comfortable apartment has a certain level of radioactive waves. They come from household electronics and devices. Is determined by the electromagnetic smog special device – a dosimeter. Well, when it's available, if not, then to identify them in another way. It needs to include all electrical appliances and the usual radio to check the radiation level of each of them.

If it encounters a disturbance, heard the squeak, foreign interference and crackle, the next is a source of smog. And the larger they are, the more powerful and stronger electromagnetic radiation emanate from him. Source of smog can serve as the walls of the apartment. Any action of the tenants in protecting their own body from their effects – the guarantee of health.