Harmful if oatmeal every day

Many people who monitor their health, like Breakfast oatmeal. These products eat as pure and with the addition of various fruits, berries, nuts and fillers in the form of jam. The people there are rumors about the benefits of oatmeal, it would seem, often drink this porridge for food, and be completely healthy. But not so prosaic as it might seem at first glance. Not everyone knows how useful or harmful oatmeal every day. And in some cases harm from it can be much more than good.

What is the use of oatmeal

Use of oats is known to people since olden times. In this many important cereal for human trace elements and vitamins. Oatmeal has many healing qualities:

  • Helps to improve digestion.
  • Improves the appearance and structure of hair and nails.
  • Relieves muscle pain after exercise.
  • Strengthens blood vessels.
  • Lowers the level of cholesterol.
  • Contributes to overall body tone.

But it should be noted that not all oatmeal is so good for health. The benefit depends on the method of industrial processing of cereals.

Oatmeal added to baby food since 4 months. But oatmeal is maximally clear of gluten.

What kind of oatmeal to give preference to

The most useful considered whole grain oats. In this kind of oatmeal almost every day preparing for an early Breakfast in the UK. In addition, the Scots consider oatmeal a national dish, they cook it every day from whole grains. In these cereals are not only a lot of fiber and are beneficial to the human body of mucous substances.

This dish of whole grain has several significant disadvantages. The most important of them is a long preparation. To cook delicious porridge for Breakfast will have to spend about an hour. The constant employment of modern humans is considered a luxury. That is why most of the consumers prefer oatmeal that is prepared in a few minutes. The oatmeal does a lot more harm than the expected benefit.

The harm of accelerated cooking oatmeal is easily explained. The flakes are prepared from pre-crushed grain, while oats are almost completely loses its natural structure. In such cereals have little fiber, but the amount of starch is very high. If you frequently consume the flakes "Extra" for Breakfast, you can easily gain weight. Diarrhea after oatmeal quick cooking – it is also not uncommon. Contained in the cereal gluten glues the villi of the intestine, due to what can be changed peristalsis.

If you want to quickly cook delicious and healthy oatmeal gruel, can take flakes "Hercules". These products are not as gentle as "Extra", but the structure of the grains is preserved. This grain cooks in only 20 minutes, so does not require a long wait. However, with organic oats, these cereals are still very hard to compare.

Buying oatmeal, you need to pay attention to the expiration date and appearance products. A good cereal has no foreign matter such as husk and various debris.

Harm to the daily consumption of oatmeal

Contrary to popular belief, a daily consumption for Breakfast oatmeal not lead to the improvement of the body, on the contrary, the abuse of this grain can cause dangerous health disorders. The harm of oatmeal to the body due to its chemical composition and some properties:

  • In any oatmeal is phytic acid, which promotes leaching of calcium from bone tissue. Despite the fact that the oatmeal contains calcium, phytin does not allow him to digest. If every day to eat oatmeal, it is possible to make osteoporosis.
  • In oatmeal contains gluten, a special gluten which can cause allergies. Gluten can blind the villi in the intestine, thereby deteriorating digestion.

If you regularly eat oatmeal, it may develop Cilicia. In this disease, the villi in the intestines stop working and the absorption of nutrients impossible.

  • Oatmeal is very high in calories, 100 grams of the finished product contains about 350 calories. With constant use, you can quickly gain weight.
  • Flakes can cause diabetes. The product has a lot of starch, which forms during the digestion of sugar, which, in turn, increases the level of glucose in the blood.

No need to abuse the oatmeal and especially should not eat it in much larger volumes. Only at observance of measures such a product can be really beneficial to health.

Why should give up oatmeal for Breakfast

Many adherents of a healthy lifestyle I think that oatmeal is just the perfect product for an early Breakfast. But leading nutritionists have refuted this common misconception. What can be bad gruel tomorrow?

Breakfast must charge a person's energy and improve metabolism. The foods that are eaten in the morning, should not digested quickly, due to which long the feeling of satiety.Such characteristics have any protein foods – eggs, meats, fish and dairy products.

Oat porridge, cooked in milk, gives a person up to a total of 400 kcal, which almost completely meets the energy needs of the body. However, in this case the person does not feel satiety after a few hours it begins to disturb the feeling of hunger. But if you think logically, then your morning intake of calories the body is consumed, and frequent snacking, contribute to the accumulation of excess body fat.

If it is to perform, it turns out that oatmeal contributes to a permanent overeating. But at the same time, this porridge may not provide human energy for a long time, as the protein product virtually no.

Once in the body, oatmeal porridge provokes a sharp insulin spike, due to this there is a strong hunger, but satiety not.

How to eat gruel in order not to harm health

Certain harmful properties of oats and cereals from it does not mean that we should completely abandon this product. A limited number of high-quality and properly cooked product will the body. Those people who are very fond of oatmeal gruel, you must remember certain rules:

  1. A week can have no more than three servings of the finished product.
  2. For cereal is to buy whole oats or cereal "Hercules". Cereal can do more harm.
  3. It is not necessary to cook oatmeal with milk as this combination of products bad.

People who consume oatmeal, boiled in milk, frequently suffering from diarrhea.

In the weather for an ideal weight many women are switching to the oatmeal, believing this product is useful and low-calorie. Actually this is not so, excessive consumption of such cereals can lead to extra weight and health problems.