Caffeine addiction: symptoms, signs, methods of disposal

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks. More than half of the world's population can't imagine a morning without a delicious Cup of coffee. But few people think that this drink is addictive. The rejection of him is tantamount to drug withdrawal. Caffeine addiction can have negative consequences for health. Therefore, it's important to recognize the problem and begin treatment.

What is meant by caffeine addiction

For a healthy person moderate consumption of coffee benefits. It helps to cheer up, improve efficiency and speed up the process of digestion. To achieve this effect allowed to consume no more than two small cups a day.

Caffeine addiction develops in the person who consumes daily more than 500 mg of caffeine. This is equivalent to five cups of organic coffee. This condition is accompanied by serious symptoms, which may provoke health problems.

Daily intoxication will lead to the fact that the body begins to get used to the bracing effect of the drink. Therefore, there is a desire to constantly increase the dosage. It can be fraught with diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems.

This problem appears not only in people who abuse coffee. Similarly, the action has any drink containing caffeine. This may be a strong tea chifir and even Coca-Cola.

What is the progression of the disease and what factors exacerbate the situation

Caffeine is an alkaloid of natural origin. In one Cup of organic coffee, it may contain from 90 to 150 mg. After its use there is a blocking adenosine receptors located in the brain, the bronchi and the vascular system. As a result the person feels a surge of vitality, physical and mental activity.

The use of such drinks leads to increased gastric secretion and peristalsis, increased urination. Can significantly increase heartbeat, increase blood pressure. A felt a rush of energy pushes to that to drink another Cup. As a result, become addicted to caffeine.

Experts identify several factors that can accelerate the emergence of addiction:

  1. Sleep problems. People who regularly not getting enough sleep, forced to look for ways to cheer up and improve performance. At the same time every day he has to increase the dosage of coffee. As a result of rapidly developing addiction.
  2. The long pastime at the computer. The monitor is the source of blue light that negatively affects our biological clock. It has an invigorating effect, which is a violation of normal mode of the day. To cope with this problem people try with coffee.
  3. Smoking. The nicotine contained in tobacco products reduces the effect of caffeine. Because of this, always want to drink another Cup of refreshing drink.

Fast-growing addiction can cause serious health problems. Therefore, it is important to recognize it as early as possible.

Symptoms problems

Experts came to a common opinion about the question, does coffee addiction. The answer is a clear Yes. Moreover, this condition is accompanied by striking symptoms:

  1. Irritability.
  2. Sleep disorders.
  3. An inexplicable feeling of anxiety and fear.
  4. Thoughts become tangled, it becomes harder to concentrate.
  5. High blood pressure.
  6. Periodically there are attacks of nausea.
  7. Severe headaches.

Such symptoms speak about a strong intoxication. In this situation, it was necessary to take action. Allocate and additional features, which you can recognize a person with a caffeine addiction:

  1. No one morning is not complete without a Cup of strong coffee or tea.
  2. With one SIP you can identify the drink which has no caffeine.
  3. You can pay any money for a Cup of coffee in a cafe or restaurant.
  4. The smell of the drink leads you into a state of euphoria and inexplicable happiness.
  5. You do not take seriously, no information about the dangers of coffee.

Coffee dependence, detected early, is treatable. Therefore, if you notice the first signs should immediately raise the alarm.

Often themselves coffee drinkers do not notice your problem. So take action will have their loved ones. The only way to be able to preserve the health of a loved one.

How to cope with addiction

Sharply to avoid drinking caffeinated beverages difficult. For the first time after the reduction of consumption may experience the caffeine withdrawal, which is similar to the drug. In order for the healing process took place easier, consider the following guidelines:

  1. To begin the fight against addiction is best in the day. To completely withdraw caffeine from the body will need two days. At this time you will feel tired, lethargy, lack of desire to do anything. This time it is advisable to spend at home.
  2. Drink plenty of pure water. It will help rid your body of harmful substances and give strength.
  3. Reward yourself someGoodies.
  4. Longer walk in the fresh air.
  5. Choose for yourself a coffee substitute. It can be chicory or tea from ginger. Black and green teas are not suitable for this.
  6. Stick to the correct diet. It should be a fraction. To starve, as it will provoke an uncontrollable desire to drink a Cup of coffee.
  7. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. This will help to increase protective functions of the body and quickly deal with the problem.

Such methods of recovery from addiction quite effective. But most importantly, to stock up on will power and not to return to the pernicious habit.