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Harmful whether the Supplement E220 in dried fruits and other products

Nutritional Supplement - E220 or sulphur dioxide, is a preservative, without which can not do the food industry. It destroys bacteria and fungi on the surface of the fruit, prevents enzymatic Browning, keeping them intact. This prolongs the shelf life of products and allows them to keep for a long time.

General characteristics of the preservative

E220 is an antioxidant, bleach and stabilizer of colour. Sulfur dioxide, or sulfur dioxide, is a gas without color with a pungent smell, which at temperatures below 0 C is converted to liquid.

He has a natural origin, but in the industrial production of a receipt based on the burning of sulphur or sulphide ores. Its solubility in water and liquefaction based processing, as in its pure form sulphur dioxide is poisonous.

Preservative E220 found almost everywhere: dried and canned fruits and vegetables, meat, drinks, sausages and other foods contain this substance. Its use is permitted in our country, in Ukraine, in the EU, but a number of countries abandoned the use of this preservative. We will consider its content in the dried fruits and the effect on the body.

How dangerous sulfur dioxide

Harmful whether the Supplement E220 in dried fruits? It's a highly toxic compound that is dangerous for any person. Ranked as the 3rd class of danger. In addition, it contributes to the destruction of vitamins and proteins in the body (e.g., vitamins B1, B12). This leads to disruption of metabolic processes and a chain reaction affects the immune system.

But the reaction or the sensitivity of each on the market that is related to individual characteristics. Some just have a sore throat and headache. Others have little"inconvenience, eating canned fruit.

Usually, drunk off kompotik from dried fruit, can experience:

  1. Strong sore throat and hoarseness.
  2. Runny nose and cough.
  3. Nausea.
  4. Headaches.

Often such signs are observed in people with breathing problems (asthma) or sensitive to the substance, individuals who are prone to allergies. When safe consumption rate is much higher, possible asphyxiation and pulmonary edema. In contact with mucous membranes causes allergic reaction, remove that can only be in the hospital. E220 is easily oxidized in the body and subsequently excreted in the urine.

Known for the preservative and for its carcinogenic properties. If the diet there are often food products labelled E220, the risk of cancer increases significantly, which is a real threat to our health.

How to calculate safe? Usually it is calculated based on the analysis of food, beverages and medicines that have been used during the day. Really, this rule exceeds the permissible 100-1000 times. Without harm to health eating suggests E220 0.7 mg/1kg of body weight per day, but I would not use it at all.

Refer to the table of food additives in and see what effect they have on the body. Write down those that are most harmful to health. Although, when we buy food for weights, their percentage to know problematic. And labels are not always given a list of all preservatives: the manufacturer is simply unprofitable.

Is it possible to remove the harmful preservative of dried fruits

Remove it from the products based on the property of solubility. This property helps to remove the preservative. Stepwise procedure is as follows:

  1. Pour dried for 30 min. with water at room temperature. Wash in running water.
  2. Again for half an hour fill with water and again washed. Done it again (3 times)
  3. After three treatment E220 disappears almost completely.

You can eat them or cook compote without fear for their health. But there is one but: when a long soak dried fruits lose not only a preservative, they "crawl" and partially lose their taste.

If the time for such manipulations you have enough, you can soak and soak in running water for 15 minutes. Dried cleansed, not completely, but at least partially.

Lyudmila Fedotova, a gastroenterologist, says that eating food fumigated with sulfur dioxide, it is impossible allergies and asthma. Healthy people want to reduce consumption, particularly of dried fruits: "E220 toxic. In the stomach it turns into sulphuric acid that can erode the mucous membranes. Those who have gastrointestinal disease, I would advise you to be from these products."

The right choice of dried fruit

Dried fruit is a healthy product. This will tell you about any nutritionist. They contain:

  • fiber, stimulates digestion and accelerates the metabolism;
  • minerals and vitamins in high concentrations;
  • potassium regulating blood pressure;
  • iron, essential in the process of hematopoiesis;
  • carotene or provitamin A;
  • b vitamins

For stable operation of the cardiovascular, nervous, muscular system all these substances are necessary.

In dried fruits sugars level becomes much higher. But this does not lead to serious consequences: the level of glucose in the blood increases gradually, which contributes to the presence inthe fruit fiber.

Better to use dried fruits that are not processed by the "chemistry" to protect your body from the preservatives. The quality of the product need to pay attention to when buying?

  1. The color of the product. Too bright colors indicate that they were subjected to treatment and should not buy. Quality dry fruits unattractive: dark, dusty, wrinkled. It is because they need to prepare compotes.
  2. Smell. The smell of smoke or gasoline indicates that they are dried in the gas or petrol stoves. To inhale the smell of the purchased fruit, and if it is unpleasant, the useful substances in the dried fruit at least, but on the surface contains a carcinogen. Such a product will cause injury. Cracked fruits indicate improper drying.
  3. Shine. Often shiny surface has dried. It is treated with a vegetable oil or glycerine, which makes the fruit soft and juicy. Prunes with glitter or coffee shade should not be buying, it will not benefit.

Color, appearance, smell will tell you a lot about the product. So do not neglect these simple rules, you will protect yourself and your loved ones from the "chemistry" and preservative E220.

How to dry fruits

The fruits are dried in different ways and means of preserving them a lot:

  • in the sun and in the shade;
  • by heat treatment,
  • chemical treatment.

Most would benefit from the fruits, dried in the shade. They do not lose their useful properties, but darken during drying. Become soft and retain vitamins. If drying fruit in the sun, all substances are also retained, but the dried fruit become more solid. Of them can cook delicious compotes. Usually these methods are used in private farms. And in industry, on a massive scale and production technology such drying long lasting and disadvantageous. Therefore, use of electrosurge-dehydrators, and then fumigate with sulfur dioxide.

We would like to buy dried fruits that are useful and delicious. Unfortunately, today it is not always possible. So rinse and soak the dried fruit in water to at least partially protect themselves from harmful preservative.