Harmful gainer for human health

Weight – gain nutritional Supplement, high calorie mix, which is common among athletes. Most of all she enjoyed heavyweights and bodybuilders. Drink it with juice, milk or water, so you can not only build mass, but to obtain a tasty product. To replace the special diet is difficult enough, but the question about the benefits gainer remains open.

The composition of the gainer: natural ingredients

During exercise to replenish the energy your body uses during exercise, plus increase the number of muscle fibers. To achieve this, taking ordinary, even high-calorie foods quite difficult. Therefore, athletes continue to use the Supplement, asking the question: are they harmful weight gainer for health?

Supplement take before training, after it or during the "protein-carbohydrate window". A weight gainer can replace one meal during the day. This is a carbohydrate-protein mixture, the use of which leads to rapid muscle growth.

The diet is enriched with lots of carbohydrates and fewer proteins, is based on natural products. Carbohydrates function as energy source, and proteins – the building material for muscles. It is a nutritious food, without which the athlete (especially a bodybuilder) to do is difficult.

Weight gainers have a different composition depending on the manufacturer. In addition to carbohydrates and proteins, the composition of the additive may include:

  • vital wheat gluten is rich in amino acids;
  • hawthorn fruit, increases blood circulation;
  • extract of Siberian ginseng, support the immune system;
  • vitamins and minerals for vitality and energy.
  • other additives are from plant sources.

Accordingly, their price can vary significantly depending on the number of components, their quality and volume.

Before you purchase the mixture, pay attention to its composition. The powder may contain a component for which you have an allergic reaction or individual intolerance. Then select another jar, changing the manufacturer and composition. After all you buy a weight gainer to extract from its consumption good.

The use of sport supplements

Talk about the dangers from the use of gainer is often exaggerated. If a person is healthy, using this Supplement, it does not threaten. In addition, it is made from natural substances and it cannot be called a mixture of chemical components.

Gainer acts on the body in the following way:

  • increases energy and reduces fatigue;
  • leads to increased amino acids in the body (builds protein);
  • restores and increases muscle;
  • body mass can increase by 3-7 kg per month.

The metabolism of each person individually. If the athlete does not need a large amount of muscle mass (in athletics, for example), he can do without the use of additives. The required amount of muscle he can build himself.

When a person is inclined to completeness, the gainer will lead not only to muscle growth but to the growth of fat. So no need to experiment, and it is better to seek the advice of a trainer or health care specialist in sport.

Welcome gainer in most cases justified. But do not think that this Supplement can replace a conventional diet. It is called additive because it is added to your normal (full) power.

Take creatine health not worth it, better to replace them with natural herbal products. But in the diet of athletes this Supplement remains an important tool for building the necessary body weight.

Can a weight gainer to harm

Concerns of high energy product is somewhat exaggerated. Manufacturers are trying to supply the market with quality product that has been certified and meets the requirements of the athletes. It is better to buy an expensive product famous brand. Cheap substitute will cause harm to the body: more does not mean better.

Approach to its use should be individualized, taking into account characteristics of the organism, physique, age, metabolism and other factors. In addition, the athlete must monitor the expiry date and composition of supplements. It cannot harm, because it is based on natural components.

In sporting circles sometimes it comes about that this product is affecting men's health, ie we are talking about male potency. Some are afraid to use weight gainer for this reason. But this myth is not supported.

When it comes to the dangers of food additives, it is appropriate to speak about contraindications for certain categories of persons:

  • Disorders of the digestive system (bloating, pain). Such a reaction is possible in the initial stages of treatment. Start the first techniques with lower concentrations, and the gastrointestinal tract reaction will not follow. If this reaction is related to the individual influence of any component, replace Supplement to another, but of good quality.
  • Sometimes there are complaints of pain in the liver or kidney. Maybe a weight gainer taken in large quantities or it's a side effect to taking the Supplement. Taking a large amount of protein can negatively affect the work of those bodies. You need to use the tool recommendeddosage or to go to the doctor on sports nutrition.

Should not take weight gainers, athletes, patients with chronic pyelonephritis (kidney disease). Kidney protein breaks down into glucose and urea. When protein enters the body much, the kidneys work hard, the disease escalates.

  • Women, as a rule, limit intake gainer, as it high-calorie. When consuming supplements female figure changing, unspent energy is converted into body fat. If a woman uses the drug, the exercise needs to be stable and to absorb all the accumulated energy.
  • Parents are often outraged when their teenage child starts taking sports Supplement. But a growing organism from it only benefit due to the large amount of energy and content of natural components. Side effects in adolescents are extremely rare.

There is a risk when taking large doses of the drug. But any abuse is fraught with consequences, and sports nutrition is no exception. At high dosages the load experienced kidneys that are affected by the consumption of large amounts of protein. So taking the recommended daily doses – the key to vitality and health.

Reviews of doctors about this sports nutrition positive. If you are diabetic, you have normal to digest casein (protein), no intolerance to lactose (a protein), then buy a Supplement from a good manufacturer and build body mass. It is important that the athlete understand the principle of this dietary Supplement, then you will not only muscle mass, but also sports achievements.