Harmful OSB-plate for human health

Some construction materials are not as harmless as it seems at first glance. And speech here goes not only about toxic lacquers and paints – even plates of pressed chips contain compounds that can harm human health. Is it really so? Among the numerous disputes and divergent opinions it is hard to see the truth and understand harmful for the health of the OSB really is.

What is OSB-plates

Oriented chipboard (OSB or OSB) is a popular decoration material, which is widely used in construction and repair. They covered the floors and walls, use them as a substrate under the linoleum, as conformal coatings for floors and walls between rooms. OSB-boards are used even for finishing – after the varnish they look original and unusual. What can they be harmful?

The very basis of OSB-plates – wood shavings, which simply can not cause harm to human health, as the wood is entirely eco-friendly product. The fact is that as a connecting material for chip component glue is used, which is composed of resin. To give the plate strength, she is subjected to pressing under high temperature – 200 C, resulting in a resin stand formaldehyde. But whether they are harmful, as some claim?

The dangers of formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas characterized by an unpleasant odor. When it gets into the body in large quantities or at a constant inhalation of this substance for a long time, there is a risk of occurrence of the following reactions:

  • severe disturbance of visual acuity, up to its complete loss;
  • depression and causeless nervous disorders;
  • dizziness, spastic headaches and migraines;
  • allergic reactions, feeling short of breath and asthma attacks.

These symptoms may manifest as sharply, and gradually – it all depends on how much formaldehyde was in the respiratory tract. Anyway, in high concentrations this gas is harmful to breathe and harmful to health, especially for children, so it is important to check the quality of the chosen materials.

Modern technology of production of OSB-plates

Responsible manufacturers who value their reputation, argue that modern OSB-plates are of high quality, as they gain strength not by pressing the base material after the coupling of the phenol-formaldehyde resins. A set of strength plate – long process, it's not one month, but the glue that holds shavings substance is not as toxic.

Today OSB is a sheet made from waste wood chip production, as it was before. It is based on modified timber, and the cost of manufacturing a quality product can be compared with the production of timber.

The fact that many still mistakenly believe that the technology of manufacture OSB-plates invented in order to compensate for the lack of materials for finishing. Actually chipboard sheets invented for energy savings, and a truly high-quality certified product very expensive.

In this case, we can say that the harmfulness of formaldehyde exaggerating. After polymerization of the resin plate is checked with special devices that do not detect malicious gases are subject to strict technological standards.

How to choose the most harmless product

Actually, as for OSB-plates, it does not cost them so much to fear. If you carefully study the composition of the finishing element and to ascertain its quality, no harm to body after installing them will not. Besides modern technology for the production of slabs still different from those that were used in Soviet times for the manufacture of chipboard sheets. Giving preference to materials made in accordance with the European standards, health can not worry.

Preference must be given to the plates, produced according to European standard E1. Leaves with this label contain only 8 mm of formaldehyde per 100 g of dry weight. This number is unable to have a negative impact on human rights. Domestic BPO are composed of 10 g of colorless gas, but it is not critical.

In the construction market can be seen less quality products. Plate made according to less rigorous standards, such as E2. Such products are better to avoid, especially if you plan on furnishing a child's room, since the content of formaldehyde in 30 g and above. But for other purposes they can also be used.

To check the quality of the product does not pose any difficulty – just ask the seller a certificate to the product. This document contains all the required information and set the standard by which manufactured stove.

Some manufacturers prefer

The poor are considered as OSB-plates in China. These products are most harmful to health, as it is made by a simplifiedtechnology. These boards are made from cheap materials, as the glue to bind the shavings contain toxic resins that emit harmful phenols and formaldehyde. As it is not sad, but Russian manufacturers of plates, too often depart from the technology and the quality of their products leaves much to be desired.

If you believe the reviews, among well-established companies for the production of OSB-plates one of the leaders is the brand EGGER. Its representatives claim that the formaldehyde emission of the produced sheets is so small that is on a level with the natural secretion of this substance from the wood, because in small quantities it exists in natural materials.

How to avoid mistakes when buying OSB-plates

Of course, greedy for money charlatans abound right now. Not everyone can honestly vouch for the quality of the products – underground and cheap manufacturers a lot. In recent years, among such irresponsible sellers became popular to offer cheap and toxic materials under the guise of products of famous brands. How to protect yourself and to purchase a certified product serious company trading in construction materials?

Unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers you can meet on every step, so the quality of finishing materials need to be able to define your own. Before buying you need to ensure the following:

  • products have certificate of quality with the original blue prints;
  • the product packaging is not damaged on its surface serious manufacturers put a label and put inside the information about the product;
  • sheet of OSB should not have a pronounced smell of cheap plastic and chemical impurities.

If the product has passed such a test, no harm to health it is not and we can use it for indoor decoration.

When the goal is to purchase a product that will not cause health harm, it is necessary to understand that the market for such products will meet unlikely. Even in the network, you may encounter scammers that sell fake. Only large construction supermarkets usually offer a sufficient number of certified products from trusted brands.

You may have to pay a little more, but health can not be bought for any money, especially since the pricing of the markets comes on the heels of major retail stores.

How to protect yourself after a defective product

When you plan to sheathe with sheets of OSB garage or any outdoor space, they worry about harm is not necessary – in the absence of heating appliances harmful substances will pollute the air. As for the interior, here the situation is somewhat different, as there is a person spends a lot more time. The formaldehyde will still stand out, even in small quantities, so it's best to protect yourself and loved ones from their influence. You should make the following recommendations:

  • to paint OSB-plate in several layers – this will suspend the transport of gases from the plate to the premises;
  • taping products paper or special paper;
  • decoration of tiles or ceramic tiles;
  • putty plate surface, followed by covering it with Wallpaper.

In order to ensure that plate as harmless, they can be put on fresh air, laying on one another and exposing it to every bars. This is best done in the summer - when plates are heated, and the lion's share of formaldehyde to stand out of them before installation. Such aeration is best done at least two days, and then it can be easily installed sheets and not be afraid of exposure to air hazardous gas, capable of inflicting harm to health.

Analyzing the above information, it becomes clear that the question of whether harmful OSB-plates, there is no single answer. He lies exclusively in the quality of the product. For noncompliance with technology and cheaper production through the use of bad materials have to pay our own health, so do not pay attention to cheaper products. It is better to listen to the recommendations of disinterested persons, read the reviews and choose a decent brand for the production of OSB-plates is then about the dangers to forget.