The use and healing properties of tar soap

One of the universal tools on a natural basis, used not only for cosmetic but for therapeutic purposes, is coal-tar soap. This is a unique natural product used to eliminate problems in the skin, hair, as well as for the antimicrobial protection of surface of the body. Medicinal properties of tar soap has been known since the ancient Slavs. Learn all about tar soap can of the following information.

What is coal-tar soap and its beneficial properties

Birch tar – a product of dry distillation of birch bark (upper part of the bark of young trees). Externally it is similar to a viscous oily liquid of dark color with a specific smell.

In modern industry for the preparation of medicinal products from the bark use an iron container (retort), inside which are well compacted botanicals, and under tightly closed lids is the process of steaming for 10 hours. As a result, allocated 15 kg of pure product (from 50 kg of raw materials).

Useful qualities berestovoi of tar due to the presence in its structure such components as:

  • betulinic resin;
  • phenol;
  • xylene;
  • organic acid;
  • toluene.
  • greatly;
  • dihydroxybenzene;
  • volatile;
  • guaiacol, etc.

Thanks to this rich composition of natural product:

  • effectively relieves inflammation of the skin;
  • reduces pain;
  • conducive to stimulate and accelerate regeneration of the skin;
  • it improves blood circulation.
  • has antipruritic effect;
  • frees the body of toxins;
  • prevents the appearance of tumors;
  • promotes healing of the skin.

Birch tar is rightly called a natural antiseptic. Medications in which composition the component, showing its effectiveness in the care of bedridden patients. Tar qualitatively struggling with bedsores.

Tar soap: the scope of

To use natural product for:

  • extraction of splinters. In the case of getting under the skin of small foreign bodies (sharp splinters, thorn plants, etc.), it is recommended to prepare a healing bandage of finely planed tar soap and water. A compress applied to the affected area and kept for 5 minutes. Then you can easily get it and treat the place with a disinfectant solution;
  • speedy healing of microcracks. The affected area should be washed with soap, which will significantly accelerate the process of regeneration of the dermis;
  • the struggle with black dots. Especially well-proven natural remedy for hormonal imbalance at the younger generation, but rather with its consequences – black spots on the face. Soap helps to deep cleanse clogged pores;
  • elimination of boils, and purulent lesions of the skin (pyoderma). In the presence of abrasions, boils and other changes of the skin, apply the composition with birch tar. On the affected areas it is recommended to apply foam the solution and wait for 15 min, the Treatment course lasts up to full recovery, the treatments are every day;
  • the treatment of eczema, dermatitis. Areas contaminated with fungus, pustules, psoriasis, treated with soap twice a day. The procedure is done every day.
  • removing the inflammatory focus and pain symptom in burns. To get the desired effect, it is recommended to wash the affected area under cold water to lather and natural remedy.
  • treatment of pressure ulcers. Treatments are performed 2-3 times per day until elimination.
  • first aid in frostbite. In this situation, apply a thick, concentrated soap solution, which lowered the frostbitten part of the body.
  • resolve tinea, lichen. Tar product used as adjuvant in infectious diseases of the skin, characterized by rash in the form of small itchy nodules.
  • prevent fungal diseases and scabies. Daily hand washing a natural antiseptic gets rid of pathogenic microorganisms. This is a great means of personal hygiene.
  • relieve inflammation and pain of insect bites, barley, and herpes. Problem place, including with pronounced acne, treated with lye soap. The time of the procedure one hour.
  • prevent the development of influenza and the common cold. Soap is a good enough alternative to oxolinic ointment. Foam lubricate the mucous membranes of the nasal passages several times a day.

Even soap-based composition of birch tar is being used successfully in veterinary medicine. Its good to use as a prophylactic in the fight against parasites on the fur of Pets.

What is the effect of tar soap in the care of the hair

Unlike modern hair care, use of tar soap and still not lose its relevance. Despite the rather unpleasant smell of natural remedies, after applying the hair acquire noticeable Shine and volume, in addition, restores their structure, improves blood circulation, stimulates their growth.

The hair had a healthy appearance, required after tar soap them rinse solution on the basisnettle or chamomile.

Frequent use of soap possible overdrying of the skin. Recommended to wash hair 2 times a week.

Cosmetic effectively treats oily seborrhea, nits and lice. The correct ratio of lye and active component soap has pronounced antiseptic and insecticidal effects. To solve the problem with parasites must be wet the hair, apply soap a rich lather and leave for 15 minutes. After the allotted time hair rinse well under warm running water and comb them with a comb with rare teeth.

To return Shine to hair after a session of shampooing by applying acidified water to 1 liter of warm water to 1 tablespoon of regular vinegar. For light and fine hair it is advisable to use Apple cider vinegar. A positive result will be noticeable after the first use.

The treatment course is 1 month, then it is recommended to take a break for 2 months.

Lye soap: for women's health

Not to mention the use of tar soap for intimate hygiene. Due to the ability of natural ingredients to normalize the acid-alkaline balance in the vagina, to eliminate itching and other unpleasant symptoms, it can be used in such a pathological condition, such as candidiasis (thrush) caused by the fungal infection.

Apply soap, made of birch tar with a yeast infection, it is recommended that as additional funds to the medical therapy prescribed by the attending doctor.

The procedure of cleaning should be carried out 2-3 times during the day. Upon completion of the lining gently wipe with a towel. After the disappearance of the discomfort of the procedure is performed three times a week. With the preventive point of view these actions with a cosmetic perform once in 7 days.

How to apply tar product for psoriasis

To effectively get rid of flaking on the surface of the body and restore the healthy appearance of the skin, it is advisable to use herbal remedies. Regular application of soap-suds helps to reduce excessive rejection of dead cells of the epidermis, relieve itching, to quickly heal the damage and restore the smooth texture of the skin. While eliminating the unpleasant consequences of non-communicable diseases of a chronic nature, must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • If the skin is oily, then hygiene should be performed twice a day. For dry skin type, it is sufficient once a day.
  • With numerous injuries, instead of the usual shower it is better to choose natural ingredients of birch tar. After the procedure it is advisable to rinse with the application of medicinal decoction of calendula, chamomile.
  • Useful mask of a mixture of grated soap (10 g) and warm water (20 ml). Foamy the mask should be applied on the problematic region. Duration of manipulation for 10-15 min. For washing better to use a decoction of chamomile.

Using tar soap for psoriasis, can greatly facilitate the patient's condition and reduce the intensity of the manifestations of the chronic condition.

Tar soap: how to use for fungus on nails

Natural composition is popular in getting rid of fungal infections due to its healing properties. To apply a unique product in one of the following ways:

  • You need to lather problem of the nail plate, pre-steam them in hot water, sprinkle a little salt, and seal retainer medical patch. A bandage leave overnight and wash off in the morning. Treatments are recommended until complete disappearance of the fungus, daily.
  • Good effect have tar baths. To do this, dissolve 2 tbsp. l. crushed natural product in two liters of hot water. Lower legs or hands in a container of therapeutic solution for 10-15 min. At the end dry with a towel and point to lubricate tar mass.
  • Of grated soap (1 tbsp), small amounts of water and baking soda, you need to prepare a mixture. It is applied to the infected nail and rubbing it through a toothbrush with hard bristles. Interact enough 1 time a day.

Universal natural composition in the form of soap shows its effectiveness and curative treatment of cracking heels. The manipulation was stopped after complete elimination of the problem.

Tar soap: what's good for the face

Disinfectant property tar soap for the face allows better cleaning of the pores, with different etiology. After you correct the problem, recommended a product on a natural basis to use for prevention, to avoid recurrence. Depending on the condition of the skin, it is used:

  • twice a day for oily skin;
  • 3 times a week for combination skin;
  • 4 times a month for dry skin type.

Apply to clean face wash and lather, which is applied to the skin with your fingers or a special brush. A remedy leave on the face for a few minutes, then wash off with warm water. After the procedure, you may receive a feeling of dryness, tightness, remove it with a lotion. The duration of therapy is 2-4 weeks.

Contraindicationsregarding the use of tar soap

Before using any product of plant origin, especially on the face, it is recommended to test it on another area of the body, for example, on the neck. If there is pain and severe itching, this indicates the presence of individual intolerance to the components of specific assets. You can not use it, it is likely to cause harm to the body a Slight burning sensation is a normal manifestation.

To moisturize dry skin, you must choose nourishing creams according to skin type.

Use tar soap absolute, but before using it consult the doctor and get a sample for the presence of allergic reactions to components of natural products from birch tar.