The effects of body piercing and puncture various parts of the body

Piercing involves puncture soft or cartilage tissue. Such manipulation always involves a risk of complications and negative reactions of the body. The effects of piercing are local and of a General nature.

The causes of the negative consequences of piercing

The most common cause of negative consequences is a violation of asepsis (sterility) when performing the puncture. Disregard for the rules of disinfection – the use of reusable needles, disposable non-sterile gloves, insufficient treatment of the hands and the puncture site, location of manipulation, which does not meet sanitary standards are the factors that lead to complications.

The second reason is the purchase of products from poor-quality metal, which can cause local allergic reactions. In severe cases, there are common allergic reactions – swelling of the respiratory, anaphylactic shock.

The first puncture is prohibited to use products made of Nickel and iron, and stainless steel with additives of molybdenum, cobalt, and chromium. They can cause inflammation of the soft tissues, and allergies.

For the primary piercing recommend the use of implant steel, titanium, bronze (but without the impurities of arsenic, zinc or lead). Silver is allowed if the piercing is done first, with the exception of the tongue and nose, because the metal affects the mucous membranes. You can apply gold jewelry for piercing, but the product should not be below 584 of the sample. Safe health are the objects of glass and polymer.

The third reason for the problems associated with piercings is the lack of professionalism of the wizard. So the manipulation is successful, it is desirable that the person who carried out it had a medical education. Listening short courses, lack of nutritional knowledge in the field of anatomy and physiology may lead to undesirable consequences. A common complication associated with the lack of experience and knowledge – a puncture of the small and medium blood vessels, bleeding, violation of the integrity of mucous membranes with subsequent dysfunction.

Last cause negative consequences – the neglect of care for the puncture site, the violation of rules of personal hygiene.

Who should not use body piercing:

  • chronic diseases of the mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract – rhinitis, conjunctivitis, otitis, sinusitis;
  • expressed autoimmune disease scleroderma and lupus erythematosus;
  • skin diseases – dermatitis of different origin, psoriasis;
  • diabetes type I diabetes (insulin dependent);
  • hemophilia in males (blood clotting);
  • severe diseases of internal organs – heart diseases, asthma, renal failure, ulcerative lesions of gastrointestinal tract, cancer of the problem.

Temporary contraindications include pregnancy and lactation, the age of 15, diseases of the oral cavity (stomatitis, paradontosis, gingivitis), acute inflammatory processes in the body, increased body temperature.

The effects of puncture on the face

The danger of piercing on the face connected with a close arrangement of the organs of sight, hearing and smelling, mucous membranes. Poorly made puncture can lead to serious consequences.

Puncture lips

Lip piercing leads to local and systemic negative effects. Puncture the lips of the metal jewelry is continuously in contact with the mucosa of the oral cavity. It requires more careful care after each meal. Leftover food can cause inflammation in the puncture site, infection, increase in temperature in the region of the piercing. Such a condition accompanied by discomfort and pain when talking, eating. The greatest danger is blood infection.

While in the mouth, constantly interacts with the metal teeth. Such contact leads to disruption of the integrity of tooth enamel, cracks, as a result, tooth decay and tooth destruction.

In the region of nasolabial triangle large concentration of blood vessels, nerves, receptors. Foreign body can cause the following effects:

  • the bleeding is small, but it's hard staying;
  • increased salivation;
  • inflammation of the facial nerve.
  • loss of sensitivity
  • allergic rash on the skin;
  • stomatitis.

The accession of infection – the herpes virus, bacteria (Staphylococcus, Streptococcus).

Puncture language

Tongue piercing is one of the extreme types of puncture, which is very popular among young people. This manipulation requires a serious approach. Language can be pierced only in the middle, as the authority is provided by numerous network of blood vessels. Violation of the integrity of the vascular wall will lead to profuse bleeding, to eliminate that will require surgical assistance. To avoid infectious complications, and the language you need to rinse many times during the day, the special disinfectant.

The consequences of puncture of the language of the local nature:

  • puffiness, swelling;
  • blue, crimson or purple body;
  • itching, burning, pain of varying intensity;
  • inflammatory edge of scarlet around the puncture site;
  • unpleasant, putrid odor from the mouth;
  • discharge from the wound white, yellow, grey;
  • a slight overall increase in temperaturebody malaise, weakness;
  • the diction.

Foreign body in the mouth causes candidiasis – a fungal lesions of the mucous membrane. More serious consequences include the violation of innervation, loss of sensation, limitation of motor abilities of the body. When severe edema, difficult swallowing and breathing.

Before puncturing the language, you need to consult with a dentist and fix a chronic pathological processes in the oral cavity. Decoration of metal contributes to the destruction of the structure of the gums. They become soft, weak and lead to tooth loss.

Severe complication is glossitis (inflammation of tongue). Symptoms:

  • burning pain;
  • lose taste buds;
  • increases the language that limits his mobility;
  • disturbed function of salivary glands;
  • the tongue is covered with patina, cracks, erosions and ulcers.

This condition affects quality of life: lost appetite, disturbed sleep, reduced ability to work, join severe headaches. In severe cases, there are structural changes in the organ (growing connective tissue).

Puncture eyebrows

Eyebrow piercing dangerous risk of destruction of the optic nerve. Also decoration are easily hurt during water treatment, combing, dressing, which will lead to injuries of the skin.

The threat consequence is the damage to the optic nerve, which can lead to partial or complete loss of vision. Symptoms:

  • reduction sharpness and contrast of vision;
  • the restriction of the field of view;
  • drooping of the eyelid;
  • edema, hemorrhage;
  • pupil dilation reaction to light.

Other consequences of puncture eyebrows:

  • conjunctivitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye;
  • blepharitis – chronic inflammation of the eyelids;
  • hordeolum (barley) is an infectious abscess on the eyelid;
  • loss of eyelashes.

Puncture ear

Puncture of the ear lobe is the most common type of piercing done in any age, even from birth. But the puncture of cartilage (the auricle) is harmful and can have negative consequences.

Since the ear cartilage is reflex area with a variety of receptors, it will puncture can lead to disruption of the functioning of the internal organs, the deterioration of the General condition.

Local adverse reactions:

  • edema, hyperemia (redness);
  • itching, peeling of the skin;
  • purulent discharge.

Complications moderate deformity of the ear, the development of benign neoplasms, the growth of the connective tissue hearing loss.

In severe cases, develops paralysis of the facial nerve. Features:

  • the asymmetry of the face;
  • loss of sensation of the skin of the ear, the cheeks;
  • uncontrolled watery eyes;
  • pain from the affected nerve.

Effects of body piercings

The most common place on the body for puncture is the area of the navel. The skin in this delicate place, so the navel piercing heal for a long time (six months or more) and requires a thorough and careful care.

In violation it can develop an abscess – a purulent inflammation of the tissues and their subsequent melting. Subsequently, at the site of the abscess is formed keloid scars – overgrowth of the fibrous connective tissue type benign tumors.

Dense and tight clothes, swimming in ponds, dirty hands are factors that contribute to the development of complications.

Local effects of puncture navel:

  • of infectious abscess;
  • mechanical tearing of the soft tissues and skin;
  • the rejection of decoration as a foreign body;
  • pain when touching or movement of the earrings.

Belly button ring causing the local allergic reaction – itchy rashes, reddening of the skin.

Gaining popularity of body piercing on the genitalia. Puncture of intimate body parts in 50% of cases leads to loss of sensitivity, 30% of cases to allergic reactions.

Puncture of the male sexual organ leads to the following consequences:

  • violation of urination;
  • ascending urinary tract infection;
  • the risk of condom breakage during sexual intercourse;
  • the decline in the quality of sex.

In women, the piercing of the labia and clitoris is associated with the risk of mechanical injury and the accession of infection. Such manipulation can lead to chronic candidiasis, vaginitis, cystitis. Reduced sensitivity of erogenous zones.

In 90% of cases, piercing of intimate areas is accompanied by inflammation that requires treatment by skilled professionals.

Piercing the sternum or nipple is fraught with consequences – Allergy, desensitization, the formation of cysts in women, the destruction of the ducts of the mammary glands.

Severe complications of a General nature after piercing

Violation of the rules of asepsis leads to a serious infectious consequences.

Sepsis is a bacterial blood infection, the response of the whole organism, which is characterized by General inflammation of the internal organs and systems. It is caused by bacteria – staphylococci, pneumococci, streptococci. Primary source – a local abscess after a bad piercing.


  • developing the first 1-5 days;
  • the formation of ulcers in the organs and tissues;
  • symptoms of intoxication – fever, frequentbreathing and heartbeat, chills;
  • the development of pneumonia, peritonitis;
  • in severe cases, septic shock – poor circulation of the body, drop in blood pressure, cessation of urine production, confusion.

During the manipulation one may catch infectious diseases – viral hepatitis b and C, HIV, tetanus (toxic damage to the nervous and muscular system).

Of the common allergic reactions can develop angionevrotichesky edema (angioedema) or anaphylactic shock.

Angioedema is a disease of allergic nature, which is characterized by an increase in parts of the face and extremities. Occurs swelling of the subcutaneous tissue that spreads in the area of the larynx and makes breathing difficult. In severe cases, can lead to stop.

Distinctive symptoms:

  • difficult breathing;
  • barking cough;
  • hoarse voice;
  • redness of the face gives way to pallor.

Anaphylactic shock – an immediate reaction to the introduction of the allergen. After your piercing is extremely rare. Symptoms – sharp pain in region of puncture, severe swelling, itching all over the skin. Then there are chest pain type of heart attack, develops a spasm of the larynx and bronchi. On the background of oxygen starvation comes the collapse, loss of consciousness.

Piercing is manipulation, which requires a serious approach. Before you decide to do it, you need to weigh the pros and cons, consult with experts about your health and possible consequences after the piercing. The behavior of the procedure is better to choose a highly qualified specialist with extensive practical experience.