Harmful gel nail Polish: all about the dangers of this coverage

Gel Polish is a very durable coating, which, when properly applied to the nail is not deformed for about a month. Many girls and women have appreciated this innovation and constantly doing my nails is the only way. But women who think about their health, periodically wonder, and harmful gel nail Polish? In fact, in addition to the varnish, a special lamp is used to dry, that too many is a concern.


The shellac has several indisputable advantages that add to this cosmetic treatment popularity:

  • Durability – the substance after drying is resistant to chipping, cracking and other deformations. If the application technology is fully Mature, the gel Polish will last on your nails for more than three weeks.
  • The strengthening of nail plate – with regular use of such cosmetics is reduced brittleness and splitting, nails become strong and supple. This factor has a favorable effect on the rapid growth of the nails.
  • Presentable external view – large palette of colors and shades allows you to make original manicure, which is almost impossible to achieve using conventional nail Polish.
  • Hypoallergenicity and the almost complete lack of smell – this feature allows you to use cosmetics even girls with a special sensitivity to allergens.

The intensity of the color does not change after applying on the nails and on the entire time while the woman wears this manicure. Due to this, the hands look well-groomed and attractive.


Disadvantages of gel coating are also available and must be taken into account:

  • Takes a long time to apply and remove cosmetic, there are some secrets.
  • If the technology of the coating varnish are not met, it will not be long on the nails. It is very important to follow the algorithm of the application and not to miss a single point.
  • Removal of a nail should be careful and only using special tools that are usually expensive.

Not RUB hard nails trying to scrub a thick layer of varnish. This will lead to deformation of the nail plate and, as consequence, to breakage and severe delamination of nails.

Be sure to take a break after every 8-10 treatments such manicures. Otherwise, the nails become dull and brittle.

What harm can health gel Polish

If you use cosmetics of good quality, no danger to health not. Such coatings are distinguished by high cost and they are sold in specialized cosmetic stores.

Harmful effects on the body are cheap varnishes unknown manufacturers. Their composition can be toxic substances, some of which tend to accumulate.


This toxic substance is strongly poisons the body and causes the development of dermatitis, burns, allergies, and severe disorders of the nervous system. Adversely affects the functioning of the liver and kidneys. Formaldehyde is widely used in the industry.


This substance acts as a solvent. It is colorless and insoluble in water. Used in industry for making paints, spot removers, adhesives, detergents and certain cosmetics. Characterized by the ability to accumulate in the body. Due to this concerned about human fainting, nausea, migraine headaches, inflammation of skin and some neurological disorders.

Dibutyl phthalate

This oily liquid allows you to give things elasticity. In some countries there is a ban on the use of the chemical in the production of goods for children and cosmetics. In constant contact with the human body is a persistent hormonal failures, problems with the liver and kidneys, and also inhibits the endocrine and respiratory systems.

Formaldehyde resin

Such substances synthesized artificially. They are allergens, but it is completely non-toxic. In cosmetics they are usually added in small quantities.

Synthetic camphor

This substance looks colorless crystals with a characteristic pungent odor. Can contribute to the development of allergies, persistent migraines and seizures.

When selecting funds to cover the nails need to look at the label. Marking gel nail Polish 3 FREE or BIGTHREEFREE indicates that in the composition of cosmetic products no dangerous the first three ingredients. Worth a watch and at the expiration date, as expired varnishes it is impossible to make a beautiful manicure, and the nail plate they can hurt.

The most safe are gel nail Polish, on the label marked with a 5 FREE. So manufacturers label means, where there is almost no harmful substances.

Is there any harm from UV lamps for drying nails

Quite common is the opinion that the fair sex, which often make a manicure with gel Polish and dry the nails under the UV lamp, the risk of development of oncological diseases. Not everyone understands that a small dose of UV can not cause harm, but low emissions can only be observed in high qualitylamps. If you use this attribute you need to consider these recommendations:

  • A good choice would be the drying lamp that has four bulbs with a small amount of radiation.
  • Before drying hands, it is desirable to apply sunscreen that neutralizes the harmful effects of rays.

There are special gloves that are well close the entire hand from the effects of UV rays, leaving free only her fingertips.

  • Much harm the health of the old lamp, so it is important to change them in a timely manner. The eye can be difficult to know which lamp burned out, because they continue to work. The signal for the replacement should be such signs on the nails after drying, no gloss, lacquer dries badly and spreads, the colors do not look bright.

If there is any doubt about a burned out bulb is to Unscrew one light bulb and change the new one. If it shines brighter than the rest, then your online the lamp is exhausted. The service life of UV lamps for about six months, but it all depends on the intensity of work.

A solid beauty, which value their reputation, have special certificates, which indicate the recent replacement of the lamps. These documents must be presented to the clients on demand.

Is it possible to use gel Polish for pregnant women

Pregnant women are very sensitive to any external impacts that affect not only them, but also to the growing fetus. To use the products pregnant women can, but with caution and respect certain rules.

  • Before manicure on hands are high-quality sunscreen minimizes the harmful effects of drying lamps.
  • In the applied coatings shall not contain any toxic substances. The bottle should be a sign 5 free.
  • The gel varnishes are supposed to alternate with the usual, but it's better if a pregnant woman will not be too fond of manicure and give your nails a rest.
  • Apply any varnish only in a well ventilated area to avoid fumes in the body.
  • If a manicure done in the beauty salon, then you need to select institutions with a proven track record. When you do this, be sure to look at the working life of the varnish and the date of last lamp replacement.

A pregnant woman is not recommended to wear nail Polish, her nails and so become brittle from the hormonal changes in the body.

How to reduce potential harm

There are a few recommendations that can reduce the possible negative impact of gel Polish on your health:

  • You can't cover this cosmetic product of the nail infected with fungus or those that are highly stratified. Initially, the nail plate being treated, and then give presentable.
  • Periodically open the nails with a colourless varnish with a high content of calcium, which are sold in the pharmacy network.
  • If the nails become dull and brittle, it is necessary to drink a course of vitamins.
  • If the skin on the tips of his fingers deformed, the manicure should be deferred until full recovery of the skin.
  • In the region of the cuticle is periodically rubbed with special nutritious oil. The choice of drugs in the pharmacy is great.
  • Technology application must be strictly adhered to.

The merits of gel Polish very much – it's durability, attractiveness and absence of coating defects, even if the constant homework. To painted nails happy and bring aesthetic pleasure, you must choose a good master quality paints and a good lamp. In this case, harm to the health of any will not be.