Harmful colored lenses for eyes and vision

Nothing attracts in man, as the beautiful eyes filled with glitter. Some people do not like the natural color, and they are trying to change it with contact lenses. Modern models allow you to give your pupil any shade. Manufacturers claim that their products are completely safe for health. Before you buy them, you need to question harmful colored lenses for eyes.

Features colored lenses

Initially contact lenses were developed as an alternative to points and was intended for the correction of vision. Today, produce and other varieties of such products:

  1. Colored. With the help of such models it is possible to dramatically change the natural hue of the pupil. They have opaque coloring on the edge, and the Central part remains clear. In their manufacture the technology, the layered application of color.
  2. Tint. They are painted with translucent paint and is designed for easy correction natural eye shade. With their help, manages to make the look more expressive. Such models are an ideal option for owners of bright eyes. In the dark pupils of their almost will not be visible and the desired effect can not be achieved.
  3. Decorative. Are made colored with various pictures. Such models can be used for fancy dress or any fancy occasion.

The choice of a particular variety will depend on the effect you want to achieve. It is worth remembering that such lenses cannot be worn all the time.

Today, the popular universal models, which combine the properties of color and vision corrective lenses. These accessories need to pick up in conjunction with the ophthalmologist.

It includes the use of colored lenses

Colored lenses are used not only by those who just don't like the natural shade of eyes. In some cases, their use may be necessary to resolve the following issues:

  • Elimination of defects. Sometimes after an illness the pupil will stain. This can cause psychological discomfort. To hide such defects help colored lenses.
  • Missing part of the iris. This phenomenon is the result of ophthalmic diseases.
  • Eye protection from UV rays. This is especially true for people with sensitivities.
  • If amblyopia is a functional reduction of vision. In this case, the lens act as additional load, which stimulates the eyes.

When you use such products you must follow all the rules. Buy only large well-known companies, which are responsible for the safety and quality of its product.

Negative and positive characteristics

Colored lenses for healthy eyes considered completely safe. But this is true only if the rules for their application. Among the features of such products are the following:

  1. To install and remove modern lenses are very simple. They are soft and have an anatomical shape. Quite a couple of training sessions to learn the process.
  2. Scientific studies have shown that wearing such products do not lead to deterioration of vision. However, periodically, should be examined by an ophthalmologist.
  3. Store reusable lenses must in a sterile container in which regularly need to change the solution. Before applying you need to wash hands thoroughly.
  4. When wearing these accessories have to give up Smoking. Tobacco smoke leads to rapid contamination of the lens surface. It may lead to negative consequences.
  5. Colored lenses have a multilayer structure. Painted layer is in the center and not in contact with the surface of the eye. Therefore, the dye is not can harm vision.
  6. As the Central part of the products is not painted, it is not able to change the color.

It is possible to note some negative properties of these accessories:

  1. If the lenses are properly matched, this can lead to the emergence of turbidity of the image or the narrowing of the field of view.
  2. Colored lenses can not be worn while driving and when working on a production that requires a special focus. If you long to strain your eyes, it may cause discomfort, the eyes will tire quickly.
  3. Models made of hydrogel, preventing the full breath of the eye. In their long-term use may hypoxic changes in the cornea. Maximum wearing time of these lenses is 8 hours. This deficiency deprived silicone hydrogel products. Harm from them is minimal as they allow oxygen and allow the eye to breathe.
  4. If you do not observe the rules of hygiene when using these accessories, may develop conjunctivitis. A similar effect will lead to exceeding the allowed time wearing them.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that with proper selection and use of lenses for vision damage is minimal. To choose the right product best in conjunction with a specialist.

It is strictly forbidden to use the product, shelf life has expired. This can lead to irritation of the mucosal surface of the eye and the spread of pathogenicmicroflora.

Features choice of colored lenses and care for them

Harm the health can wrong products and those illiterate cared. So you should always remember a few basic guidelines:

  1. Do not buy lenses online stores. This is best done in specialized shops, where you can get the advice of a optometrist.
  2. When choosing a specific model, take into account the diameter of your pupil. It should not exceed the diameter of the stained area of the lens. If this rule is not followed, then the image will appear blurred, narrowed field of vision.
  3. Pick a color based on the natural tint of the pupil. Dark eyes is very difficult to make light. So if you want to make dark brown pupils light blue will have to choose products with a rich dense color.
  4. When buying ask the seller all permissive documents for the goods. The only way you can ensure that the product is safe.
  5. Store lenses in a special container filled with a solution. The liquid will have to be changed every day.
  6. Do not use lenses, on which there are signs of damage.
  7. Apply makeup only after you put on the lens and wash it in after shot. Otherwise, particles of mascara or eye shadow can get into the eyes, which will result in severe irritation.
  8. Do not wear such accessories longer than the recommended period.
  9. Decorative models with drawings can significantly reduce the quality of vision. Therefore, it is better to wear them before the event and as soon as possible to remove. Do not drive a car, as it may not be safe.
  10. Ophthalmologists do not recommend wearing color models to children and adolescents.
  11. During the day it is recommended to instill drops specialized. They moisturize the surface and minimize the likelihood of irritation.

Colored lenses do not carry any danger to the eye. But this is true only under condition of their correct selection and compliance with all rules applying. Before you purchase such a product, consult with a specialist.