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Harmful if shellac nail Polish - all about the dangers of nail Polish

Necessary component of stylish image of the modern woman becomes beautiful manicure. One of the most recent developments in this area was the shellac. On assurances of manufacturers, is a stable and safe for health coverage. But is it really not harmful shellac for nails?

What is a shellac

Shellac is a tool for nails, which combines the properties of conventional nail Polish and gel. It was developed in the United States and quickly gained popularity around the world.

Manicure with application of shellac, it turns out neat. It looks as natural as possible. It is worth it relatively inexpensive, especially in comparison with the building. The color always turns out rich and expressive.

The advantages of shellac compared to other coatings

Shellac is a great alternative to build up. Such a coating has the following positive characteristics:

  1. The coating retains its original appearance for three weeks. It does not have to adjust.
  2. The composition of the shellac does not include hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and others.
  3. It does not emit odor during the application.
  4. It can help you to get rid of a bad habit of biting your nails. The surface is so durable that it is problematic to crack.
  5. Gel Polish is not erased under the action of detergents. Damage the abrasive.
  6. The coating dries quickly under the action of ultraviolet rays. Long to sit in the chair manicurists.
  7. Has a wide range of colors. Any color you can choose for any occasion.

These advantages of shellac cause of its popularity. It should take into account the presence of negative characteristics.

The process of applying shellac different from the usual paint only the fact that it dries under the action of ultraviolet light.

Negative properties of shellac

The most dangerous for the health of nails the type of nail care is increasing. But this does not mean that shellac can be used without fear for their health. Specialists distinguish the following possible negative consequences of such procedure:

  1. The strength of the resulting coating is achieved by penetration of particles of the tool into the nail plate. This will disturb the natural breathing of the nail. It creates the greenhouse effect. It is a favorable environment for a fungal infection, Escherichia coli and other nasty diseases.
  2. For removing shellac tools are used, including acetone. This leads to a significant thinning of the nail plate. Any impact will cause serious damage.
  3. Before applying the nail surface is polished, which leads to its damage.
  4. The coating is durable that masks all inflammatory processes and tumors that can develop under the nail plate.
  5. For drying coatings used UV lamp. After using it on the skin can appear dark spots.
  6. The dangers of shellac is manifested in the fact that its use can lead to allergic reactions. It often occurs after repeated use of such tools for manicure. The cause of the Allergy becomes part of the shellac methacrylate. The disease is manifested severe itching. After this, in the region of the nail of the formation of small bubbles. Eventually they burst and in their place are formed dark spots. Across the palm disperses rash that looks like herpes.
  7. Shellac during pregnancy to do is not prohibited. But it is necessary before the procedure carefully study the composition. To unsubscribe from is composition, which contains camphor oil. This substance can cause increased tone of the uterus, which negatively affects the status of the fetus.

Before to do shellac, evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages. If the procedure will be conducted according to the rules, the harm from it is minimal.

How to minimize the damage from the shellac

Use shellac may be harmful to the health of nails. But to minimize its negative impact is possible. It is necessary to observe following recommendations:

  1. Carefully study the product before use. You cannot use low-quality products unchecked manufacturers. Check the certificate of quality.
  2. While removing the coating it is best to use sticks from an orange tree. Metal tools can seriously injure the nail plate.
  3. Do not try to scrape or file off the coating. Removal of shellac is needed with the use of special tools.
  4. After such a manicure, you must care for your nails carefully. For this regularly can make masks, baths, rinse hands with a decoction of herbs. Every day you need to apply a layer of nourishing cream.
  5. Don't do shellac too often. Pause between coats to nails time to rest and restore their health.

Compliance with such recommendations will allow you to do a manicure without harm to health. If the gel Polish has caused you an allergic reaction, it is better to abandon it forever.

Make a manicure only to salons with goodreputation. Before the visit to gather feedback about the master.

How to restore the nails after shellac

If after this the nails were damaged and weak, they need special care. Quickly restore the nail plate will help the following recommendations:

  1. For moisturizing you should regularly take a bath. For these purposes, perfect blend of herbs. In a small container, move the mint, thyme and sage. Pour the boiling water and allow to infuse. Then, type in a bit of olive oil. In a warm broth need to hold hands for 10 minutes. After the procedure blot with a tissue residues means.
  2. Nourish the nails and skin around them with special creams. You need to apply them regularly at any time of the year.
  3. To saturate the nail plates of vitamins will help the procedure with application of lemon. To do this, cut the lemon into two halves. Dip your nails directly into the pulp of citrus. Hold for about five minutes. These sessions can be performed once a week.
  4. To strengthen the nails will help bath with sea salt. You can add various essential oils. Duration of one session – about 10 minutes. Such procedures are carried out once a week.
  5. Today in pharmacies a wide range of different therapeutic coatings for nails. They are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Applied like simple nail Polish. Most often they are colorless and impart a light Shine to the nails.
  6. At the beauty salon, you can find Japanese manicure. This procedure has a beneficial effect on the condition of nails. Hands smeared with a special paste, which fills in nail nutrients. As a result, you get a neat shiny nails.
  7. Periodically paraffin. To do this, purchase in the pharmacy paraffin, enriched with nourishing oils. It melted and applied to the nails. Withstand such a mask need at least an hour.
  8. To strengthen nails you can use berry mask. For its preparation you need to grind 15 g of berries of black and red currants, and gooseberries. To the resulting slurry type 20 grams of flour and 15 grams of cream high fat content. All components must be thoroughly mixed. Apply the resulting mask to a thick layer. Let stand at least 20 minutes. To enhance the effect, can be worn on the hands, cotton gloves.
  9. Weekends can be applied to the nail plate a light iodine mesh. To do this, soak in iodine q-tip and give her a few strokes on each nail.

If you properly care for your hands, the damage from the shellac will be minimal. Take regular baths and nourishing Facials and your nails will Shine health.

Shellac is a durable modern finish. If you approach this procedure with the mind and not to get caught up in it, the harm will be minimized.