Honey and cinnamon for cleaning vessels from cholesterol

High cholesterol in the body is often the cause of atherosclerosis and other diseases of the heart and blood vessels. If the time to start the treatment, you can prevent many serious consequences. Quite often people use folk methods of purification of vessels. Honey and cinnamon cholesterol is one of the most effective means to dissolve and withdraw atherosclerotic deposits.

The benefits of cinnamon

Unique spice in addition to the pleasant scent has healing properties. It is composed of essential oil, various vitamins and microelements, which have a beneficial effect on all internal organs in General.

The smell of spices is not only calming affects the emotional background, but also activates the brain, stimulating memory and attention.

Adding it to your diet, you can adjust the function of internal organs:

  • to restore metabolism;
  • to establish blood flow;
  • to enrich the cells with oxygen;
  • to neutralize pathogens;
  • to stabilize the amount of glucose in the blood;
  • to establish brain activity;
  • to get rid of excess body weight.

Due to its special composition, cinnamon promotes digestion and remove from the intestine all harmful compounds. This spice is an excellent remedy in diarrhoea, is able to protect mucous membranes of the intestines from tumors. In addition, it is often used in diabetes by regulating sugar levels.

Cinnamon cholesterol is often found in many recipes of folk medicine. It successfully removes excess fluid, which often have been associated with high cholesterol.

The benefits of honey

Medicinal properties of everyone's favorite product is quite well studied, and have no equal among others. Thanks to its unique composition honey is used for treatment of various diseases. Using it systematically, you can prevent many problems in the body.

Useful properties are:

  • reduction of inflammatory processes;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • normalization is the process of digestion;
  • stabilization of the nervous system;
  • recovery of strength;
  • regulation of the metabolism;
  • the breakdown of fat deposits.

Due to the natural components the product is easily absorbed by the body, positively affects the composition of the blood. Honey can reduce cholesterol in the blood. If you eat it daily before Breakfast for 5 g, it is possible to reduce the indications cholesterol by 10%.

In the preparation of remedies honey-based must take into account the fact that the product during heating may lose useful properties. That is why it should be dissolved in a drink at room temperature.

Honey with cinnamon

The combination of cinnamon with honey acts in several directions:

  • establishes the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • stabilizes blood pressure;
  • stimulates the process of metabolism;
  • restores appetite;
  • helps to fight obesity;
  • positive effect on the process of hematopoiesis.

Combining both components, it is possible to cope with many disorders, and prevent cardiovascular disorders. Complementing each other, the ingredients potentiate their therapeutic effects on the body. Most of the tools on their basis are used in conjunction with other treatments.

The best effect observed in the effects of these products on the circulatory system: in their systematic use of cholesterol is reduced by about 10%. Blockage of blood vessels and loss of elasticity may cause the appearance of heart attacks and strokes. Cinnamon and honey for blood vessels frequently used to improve their condition, strengthen walls, as well as excretion of body fat and other harmful substances.

Cleaning of vessels using the honey-cinnamon mixture is applied often enough. This composition will help not only to cholesterol but also helps to get rid of other hazardous compounds.


Traditional healers have developed many effective recipes for reducing high cholesterol and improving the condition of the vascular system in General.

Recipe No. 1

To prepare you need:

  • 200 g of honey;
  • 20 g of cinnamon powder.

The components are thoroughly mixed together. The resulting paste is used 2 times a day 5 g with water.

Recipe No. 2

To cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, use this recipe. To prepare you need:

  • 5 g of cinnamon;
  • 200 g of hot water;
  • 20 g of honey.

Cinnamon is filled with water and kept for half an hour. After cooling add honey. Drink, you can put a few raisins, cranberries or a slice of lemon, they further enrich the composition of the vitamins. This mixture should drink before bedtime and in the morning on an empty stomach. The positive effect will only become apparent with regular use. The duration of treatment is 1 month.

Recipe No. 3

From these ingredients you can make a healing tea that not only tastes good, but will also calm the nervous system.

For cooking you need:

  • cinnamon – one teaspoon;
  • 200 g of hot water;
  • the mint leaves;
  • 1 tablespoon of honey.

This tea drinktwice a day, morning and evening after heating to room temperature.

Recipe No. 4

This composition is prepared from green tea. To 1 liter of tea, you will need 15 g cinnamon 35 g of honey. All components are mixed and drink at night before bedtime and in the morning and afternoon before meals.

Recipe No. 5

The following recipe will help to reduce atherosclerotic plaque even in the chronic form, and reduce blood pressure.

Necessary components are:

  • 5 lemons;
  • 30 grams of garlic;
  • 1 tablespoon of honey;
  • a pinch of cinnamon powder.

Lemons and garlic, grind with a blender. In the resulting mass add honey and cinnamon mixture and mix thoroughly. Structure must withstand for 1 week, then strain. Juice take 1 tablespoon daily for 60 days, after which take a break of 90 days and repeat the treatment. In order to prevent applied to 10 g of the mixture, adding it in tea for 2 weeks. The tool can be stored at room temperature.

Recipe No. 6

One of the easiest recipes how to get bad cholesterol is the following. Daily, throughout the month, eat in the morning bread, smeared with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon. This Breakfast is not only useful, but also help to satisfy hunger.

Recipe No. 7

In addition to the basic ingredients, you can add ginger. This drink has a positive effect on metabolism, boosts the immune system, and can be used for obesity.

5 g of cinnamon per Cup of boiling water. The composition is aged for a quarter of an hour, pour one teaspoon of ginger juice and 10 grams honey. The resulting drink consumed twice a day, 200 g


Despite the apparent benefit of the products there are a number of limitations to their use:

  • hypersensitivity to the components;
  • malignant tumors;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • increased body temperature;
  • the period of carrying a child and breastfeeding;
  • infection;
  • severe liver disease and pancreas;
  • mental disorders;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels in the acute stage
  • endocrine failure.

People who decide to reduce cholesterol in these products must comply with the scheme of the application and the correct proportions – cinnamon is capable of exciting influence on the nervous system, and means honey-based abuse can cause excess weight, and allergic reactions. Therefore, before their use, you should consult with your doctor.