Dropper to cleanse the blood and whole human body

Cleaning the blood with the help of dropper has many advantages. First of all, this is an immediate result of the solution, able to quickly dissolve in the body. In addition, the use of this method of cleaning allows you to avoid many side effects from the digestive tract. Dropper to cleanse the blood is commonly used for acute alcohol poisoning and intoxication, severe compounds.

When carried out cleaning

Through the circulatory system to the internal organs are delivered nutrients and oxygen. Due to the intake of medicines, food and toxic substances of the blood can eventually change. That is why during human disease reduced immune system, deteriorating overall health.

Cleaning of the blood drips is one of the popular methods, which is carried out for medical reasons:

  • The increase of cholesterol. Such a state is fraught with heart disease, a heart attack, stroke and even death.
  • Immune pathology. At this, the body starts to self-destruct. To cure this condition is not easy.
  • Hyperuricemia – increased uric acid. The disturbance of metabolism of nucleic acids may lead to gout.
  • Intoxication. Poisoning threatens the development of severe disease and death can result.

To clean the blood system the dropper should not be too often: the body may cease to produce its own substances to fight the intoxication. The use of droppers is not suitable for preventive treatment.

Cleaning methods

Currently, there are many ways how to get out of the bloodstream harmful substances. The most effective procedures are carried out with the help of special equipment.

Hardware methods

  • Plasmapheresis is one of the safest ways of cleansing internal organs. This is shown not to all. Most often, the procedure is not recommended for bronchitis, asthma, dermatological diseases, high blood pressure, and General poor health. Contraindications: anemia, a malfunction in blood clotting, reduction in the level of protein. The procedure is to fence some part of the blood from which plasma is extracted, polluted by toxic substances, and then poured back. The session lasts about 60 minutes. During this period, the circulatory system is cleared by approximately 30%. For the full cleansing will take 3-5 approaches, but after the first transfusion, it is possible to feel the positive effects: General strengthening of the immune system, reduction of relapses of chronic diseases.
  • Hemosorption – a procedure in which the filtered adsorbent, which is located outside the body. For this purpose, ion exchange resins and other substances. Thus cleaned all the blood. For complete cleaning you need 2-6 treatments with an interval of not more than 12-24 hours. Manipulation has many contraindications.
  • UFO. The procedure is the treatment of the circulatory system with ultraviolet light while in the bloodstream are destroyed pathogenic bacteria and break down the toxins. The blood taken from the body, irradiate and return into the blood stream. UFO shown in diseases of the cardiovascular system. Not carried out for vitamin deficiency, porphyrin disease, and during pregnancy.
  • Laser cleaning. Refers to an innovative method of body purification, is highly effective. The vein is placed a certain conductor, irradiating the entire hematopoietic system. The duration of therapy is 5 to 10 treatments, lasting 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the condition of the patient. Laser successfully removes all the poisons and restores the health of organs. Prescribed for high blood pressure, cancer, tumors, infections.

Infusion-drip cleansing

Infusion-drip method – this is the traditional cleansing of the circulatory system, which is used in case of poisoning with alcohol-containing beverages. This method will help to normalize the pressure, remove the symptoms of intoxication. Part of the dropper to clean the blood may have different medicines.

The availability of medicines for implementation of the intravenous administration allows you to apply the technique independently.

A simple method is to conduct the drip to cleanse the body with glucose or reopolyglukine intravenously. For complex cleansing, withdrawal from binge, the removal of acute symptoms of intoxication and recovery of the internal systems used the following drugs:

  • vibratory;
  • psychotropic medications;
  • receptor antagonists;
  • hypnotics;
  • anticonvulsant medicines;
  • a means of normalizing blood flow;
  • preparations of magnesium, potassium, calcium.

Using these tools, you can fully clean the circulatory system, to establish the function of the kidneys, liver, Central nervous system, to restore the heart rhythm.

The advantages of droppers

IV fluids for blood purification will not only help to remove internal organs of toxins, but also increase the speed of recovery.

Positive effects are:

  • The rapid onset of result. Medications that are used for intravenous administration, penetratinginto the blood stream directly and rapidly delivered to the destination.
  • Stabilization of water and electrolyte balance. With the right balance of medication dropper to quickly relieve toxicity.
  • Cleaning will help get rid of various types of toxic substances, toxins, heavy metals, harmful compounds.
  • Restoration of the General tone of the body.
  • Stabilization of work of cardiovascular system, digestive tract.

Cleansing the liver and blood stream cholesterol

Biliary tract regulates the functioning of the body, affecting the overall health of the person. After a long alcohol poisoning, the action of carcinogens, as well as under the influence of some diseases of the peritoneum, liver experiencing heavy load. Due to the coming of cholesterol in the blood vessels often appear on plaques and stones.

For cleansing use a variety of solutions, the composition of which depends on the extent of damage.

Thinning medications

These drugs will help to clean the blood drip without harm to health. The composition contains folic acid, vitamins B6, B12, which prevent the increase in homocysteine and thrombosis.

Sodium chloride and glucose 5-10% to compensate for the lack of fluid thin the blood. Due to the diuretic action of solutions of the toxins are extracted naturally.

In alcoholic coma are often used hemodynamic tools.


These drugs are not suitable for self-medication. Used in the liver, purification of hepatocytes, gall bladder and bile ducts.

One of the best known remedies is sodium thiosulfate, which is aimed at reducing the impact of alcohol and drugs.

Magnesium sulfate successfully cleanses the liver cells, Essentiale stabilizes cellular membranes, stimulates the metabolism and redox processes.

To restore the electrolyte balance

The most frequently used acesol, disol, 10% glucose, linked with magnesia, Panangin, insulin, 4% sodium bicarbonate solution.

To eliminate intoxication and extract the metabolites of alcohol is prescribed Reamberin, mafusol.

In addition, the sodium thiosulphate is diluted with unitiol Can also be used opioid blockers – naloxone.

Of vitamin are sodium chloride with glucose with added B vitamins, PP, C, e To restore and tone the body used pure glucose 5-10%.

Cleansing from alcohol

Ethanol has a devastating effect not only on the vascular system, but also on the bloodstream, destroying the outer shell of the red blood cells, which begin to glue to each other, forming clots. As a result of sharply decreasing hemoglobin, impaired oxygen supply to the organs.

Intoxication effects of alcohol toxins are removed in several stages:

  • the use of activated charcoal;
  • gastric lavage;
  • intravenous administration of drugs.

To accelerate the sobering up apply the following scheme:

  • administration of 5% vitamin B6 in the muscle;
  • the use of amphetamine, korazol and nicotinic acid United with water.

Another effective method is the use of 40% of glucose, insulin, ascorbic and nicotinic acid. Such solutions contribute to the breakdown of ethanol, accelerate the oxidative processes, remove acetaldehyde, restore pH balance, and prevents destruction of hepatocytes and necrosis of hepatic tissues.

After drugs

Dropper to cleanse the body of drugs are conducted using potent diuretics solutions, promotes rapid cleansing of the kidneys and the extraction of all types of toxic substances.

The solution may contain: sodium chloride, glucose, gemodez. Diuretic have means of mannitol, furosemide. To prevent the excretion of electrolytes used potassium, sodium chloride, glucose.

Cleaning the blood from toxins the dripper will help to bring out binge chronic alcoholic, to recover the body completely. However, the feasibility of this therapy by a doctor considering the individual case and the individual characteristics of the patient.