On what side do an enema at home

Enema is indicated for different diseases. To this procedure was the most effective, it is necessary not only to prepare a solution, but to execute the manipulation. Not all people can precisely tell, on what side do an enema. And it plays no small role in cleansing the body of toxins.

What side should I do an enema and why

Before you start your enema, the patient is placed on his left side. If this is not possible, the person is placed on his back. Lying when operating on the left side is due to several factors.

The special physiology of the bowel where the transition of the small intestine to the large located in the right side. Then passes the ascending loop of the colon, a little further on, in the direction from right to left, is its cross section, and even then there is the descending part of the colon. It is this descending gradually transformed into a special sigmoid colon, and then a line that ends in the anus.

We can say for sure what will happen if you hold the enema man, lying on his right side. The liquid will be poured into the line, and then the sigmoid colon from the anus going to the left. Due to this, the solution will be just to translate, and enema a good result will not give.

You need to remember that any enema is a medical procedure that can be performed only after consultation with the doctor.

How to do an enema

The technique of enema is simple, this manipulation it is possible to perform in a familiar home. The algorithm of the procedure looks like this:

  • The bed will be performed enema, shrouded with a dense cloth, not to wet the linen.
  • Hands thoroughly washed with soap and water and fill a mug Esmarch therapeutic composition or boiled water. The total volume of liquid should be 1.5-2 liters.
  • Mug Esmarch hung on a tripod at a height of about 1 meter.
  • Opened the tap and drained a little of the solution, left to air.
  • The tip is lubricated with vaseline oil or oily baby cream to facilitate the introduction.
  • The patient is placed on his left side, lubricate the anal hole and insert the tip. First, a few centimeter toward the umbilicus, and then in the direction of the spine. The total depth of insertion should be about 7 cm.
  • When all the liquid from the tank came out, the tip gently out. The person should lie down for at least 10 minutes, and then to go to the toilet.

After the procedure, wash your hands well and all the attributes that were used. Plastic tip boiled or disinfected.

The volume of injected liquid enema for adults should be about 1.5 liters. If only a liter of solution, it is necessary effect will not give.

Features performances of enemas

When you run the procedure, you must follow these guidelines:

  • The temperature of the liquid for the enema should be a few degrees lower than body temperature. Warmer water is just absorbed and no effect will not give.
  • Lying on his left side, the patient needs to preload the legs to the abdomen;
  • If the patient has hemorrhoids, then you need to gently introduce the tip between them, trying not to damage.
  • If the introduction of the tip of it Bouncing against something – it could be the bowel lining or fecal stones, then you need to pull a couple of inches and open the tap.
  • The flow of a fluid to be controlled, the patient should not feel discomfort. If there is a sharp pain in the abdomen, the procedure immediately stops.

In a mug Esmarch leave some of the liquid and block the tap. This prevents the intestine air.

Enema prescribed for certain diseases and also before carrying out diagnostic procedures and surgery. That the procedure was effective, you need to stick to technology implementation.