How to clean the intestines and the liver at home

Digestive problems occur for many people. In many ways, the digestive tract depends on consumed food. Some food contains harmful or toxic substances and chemical additives that, over time, accumulate in the liver and intestine, and poison the whole body. Traditional healers have developed many ways to clean the intestines and the liver at home without resorting to drugs.


Before you begin cleaning, you need to visit a specialist. Not always cleaning procedures carried out on their own, benefit. The failure of the digestive system is often a symptom of a serious disease.

Before cleaning procedures the patient is to reduce the burden on gastrointestinal tract:

  • to do this, stick to a carbohydrate diet that contains low protein and fat;
  • in addition, the diet should include coarse fiber, which helps digestion process;
  • some products must be abandoned, for example, from meat, butter, fish, eggs, milk, bread;
  • to give preference to cereals from cereals and vegetables.

A vegetarian diet will help to reduce the load on liver cells and pancreas, and also promotes the excretion of accumulated toxins guts.

Benefit the body in the period of purification will bring moderate exercise. Even ordinary exercises and Hiking will make functioning internal organs. Also it is recommended to frequently ventilate the room and carry out wet cleaning.

The choice of purification method depends on individual health condition and the degree of contamination of the bodies. Start cleaning at the intestine, but there are many ways a comprehensive cleanse aimed at improving both bodies.

Gentle method of cleaning is the use of adsorbents which are used according to the following scheme: once in 60 days, within 7 days. To do this, take pharmacy for example, activated carbon POLYSORB.

Cleaning the liver and intestines are not carried out in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases or during diseases: kidney stones, colitis, hemorrhoids, if polyps, as well as the presence of Allergy to a particular medium. Refrain from cleaning activities is during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Body cleansing includes not only the use of special techniques, but also a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, massage of the abdomen.

The purging

One simple method of purification is the use of enemas. This method is very effective, facilitates the elimination of accumulated on the walls of the colon toxins and harmful substances. For the procedure you will need a mug Esmarch and 1.5 l pure water at room temperature. Purification is carried out every three months.

However, frequent use of enemas can impair the intestinal flora and lead to difficulties with self-defecation.

There are other equally effective methods to release the gut and get it work:

  • Cleanse the intestinal system with the help of medicinal herbs with kabashin effect:
  • Flax seeds. Flax is a unique plant, a positive influence on the digestion process, with little to no contraindications. For cleaning suitable as a decoction from seeds, and whole grains, which are used one tablespoon 2-3 times a day with water.
  • Dry psyllium seed is used in chronic constipation. Recommended dosage is from 3 to 10 tablespoons a day. You should not take psyllium if you have asthma and allergies.
  • Dandelion is a medicinal herb with a mild effect on the intestinal system. A decoction of the leaves and roots are especially helpful for the elderly and people suffering from chronic constipation. 1 teaspoon plant - Cup of boiling water. Infusion cook for 5-7 minutes, let stand 30 minutes, drink three times a day for 100 g Of dandelion leaves you can prepare the salad, or make them instead of regular tea.
  • Cleansing the bowel and liver in the home can be carried out with the following fees:
    • To prepare you need 5 g of fennel and caraway, as well as 100 g of rose hips, yarrow and lemon balm. Herbs brew 1 liter of boiling water, insist 30 minutes and drink 30 minutes before a meal.
    • Positive effect on the condition of the colon following collection: 100 g of horsetail, flax seeds, marshmallow root. 1 tablespoon mixture brew Cup of boiling water, boil 15 minutes, insist and take twice a day, morning and evening before bedtime.

Liver cleanse

To restore the functioning of the liver and pancreas can in some plants, accelerating bile synthesis. However, before application of these herbs, you must make sure there are no contraindications:

  • Cleansing of the whole body and liver can hold ordinary beets. To do this, take a fresh beet juicediluted with water or juice of carrot in the ratio 2:1. Drink use once a day before meals. The weekly dose is 500 g.

Pure beet juice can cause a negative reaction from the body in the form of nausea, gag reflex.

  • Useful for liver and intestine will be nutritiousa salad that can be eaten together with meat dishes. For preparation will need:
    • prunes;
    • walnuts;
    • beets;
    • sour cream;
    • garlic.

Beets grate on a grater, add crushed walnuts, sliced prunes, chopped garlic, and salt to taste. This dish can be eaten daily.

  • To remove toxins from the liver will help olive oil and lemon juice. This way you can soften the stones and strengthen the production of bile. The cleansing procedure is carried out every 6 months. Cleaning is carried out before the evening expectoration to sleep, however, you need to prepare in the morning:
    • before Breakfast you should drink 100 g Apple juice;
    • morning diet should be light;
    • about 7 o'clock in the evening start the cleansing procedure. Necessary components are: oil and lemon juice - 1 glass;
    • every 15 minutes should drink 1 tablespoon of each ingredient, putting in the region of the liver warm heating pad;
    • around 11 p.m. the procedure will be completed;
    • the next morning carry out a cleansing enema;
    • the entire diet throughout the day should consist of light dishes, fruits and vegetables, and avoid fatty foods.
  • Gentle have herbs. Ready choleretic fees can be purchased at the pharmacy or make your own. Remove from the liver cells toxins will help the following plants:
    • chicory;
    • Helichrysum;
    • milk Thistle;
    • wild rose;
    • dandelion;
    • yarrow;
    • Daisy.

Herbal medicine compared to drugs has fewer contraindications, can be used even in old age.

Comprehensive cleansing

To get rid of toxins in the colon and small intestine and liver at home using folk remedies.

Oat jelly

To prepare 100 g of the cereal, pour 1.5 liters of water, allowed to stand for days in a warm place and the company. In the resulting infusion add a crust of black bread and kept for a further 24 hours. The liquid is poured into another container, add 5 g of sugar and boil, stirring constantly.

During the boiling get a thick mass, which should be cool and cut to pieces. This kind of jelly drink throughout the day instead of your normal dinner. The cleansing continued for 30 days.

Barley juice

Clean the liver cells and intestine will help the following recipe. 200 g of barley boiled in 3 liters of water, maintained for 3 hours. The juice of the barley, usually several times a day. This drink makes the functioning of the entire digestive system and has a positive effect on the whole body.


Eliminate toxins will help the following plants, which take in equal proportions:

  • wild rose;
  • the leaves of mountain ash;
  • raspberry leaves;
  • Jasmine.

1 tablespoon of the mixture on 250 g of boiling water. Broth insist and drink throughout the day.

The duration of the cleanse for 30 days.


Positive effects on the body has the tea prepared from the following components:

  • yarrow;
  • chamomile;
  • corn silk;
  • mint;
  • currants;
  • seeds of fennel.

Herbs taken in equal proportions. On 1 table spoon of collection - 250 g of boiling water. Take tea 100 g thrice daily before food for 1 month.


Integrated cleaning of the liver and intestines may be done by seeds of medicinal plants. To prepare you need the seeds:

  • wheat;
  • pumpkin;
  • lentils;
  • soy;
  • buckwheat.

Components take in equal proportions, pour water and placed in a dry dark place for 25 days. The mass must be periodically stirred. After the time the grain is dried and take 2 tablespoons a day, for 30 days.


Perfectly cleanses the organs of wheat bran mixed with yogurt. Use the product twice a day - morning and evening.

Activated carbon

A simple way to free the digestive tract of toxins, administration of activated charcoal. This charcoal take within 14 days to 10 tablets at a time, three times a day with a glass of water.

Simultaneously with the coal you can use vegetable broths and herbal teas to cleanse the bowel and kidneys.

Salad "Brush"

To support the work of the digestive system need to consume plenty of fresh vegetables. A positive effect on the liver and the intestines:

  • cabbage;
  • beets;
  • carrots.

Salad made of these products acts as a brush for the digestive tract, cleaning out all unnecessary, and therefore got its name.


To cleanse the body of toxic substances by using rice and oats. Oatmeal and rice are stirred without adding salt. Such a mess on the water consumed daily during the week. Dish promotes the excretion of toxins deposited in the intestinal walls.

Cleansing drugs

Medicines can clean both the thick and thin intestine. Currently there are many types of laxatives that can extract the body of harmful substances and toxins.Among the most popular are:

  • Duphalac.
  • Fortrans.
  • saline laxatives – Magnesium and sodium sulphate.
  • Metamucil.
  • Guttalaks.

Liver cleanse used herbal remedies:

  • Karsil.
  • Essentiale Forte.
  • Allohol.
  • Sorbitol.
  • Magnesia.
  • Ovesol.

Drugs have some restrictions apply, so their unsupervised use is unacceptable.

Conducting a systematic cleaning of the gastrointestinal tract, can help resolve many problems with digestion, to restore its function and to improve appearance. However, you should remember about contraindications: before self-cleaning is to visit a specialist.