Mug Esmarch: how to use alone for bowel lavage

Mug Esmarch is a popular device in the medicine intended for the procedure of purgation, that is the enema. Also, it is possible to introduce a liquid medication into the hole of the rectum. Next, we consider how to build this device, how to use mug Esmarch.

The device is assembled from a plastic bag or rubber pad, is equipped with a discharge tube, its length is 2 meters. One end of the tube embedded in the bag, and at the other end is fixed the tip, which is inserted into the anus. In hospital for each patient using a new tip, but at home it was sterilized.

The bag can be with the volume from 1. 5 to 3 liters, outside his marked scale for easy determination of either pour the required liquid. Modern devices have a tap, and the clamp used for clamping the tube. Mug can be disposable (plastic package) applications or reusable (made of rubber material). This device was once proposed by Asmerom and thanks to their functionality, it is still not changing its appearance.

How to collect a mug Esmarch

How to assemble for the mug douches enema? It is simple, it consists of 5 parts: the bag attaches to the hose 2 meter on the end of the hose is inserted into the tap, then a short tube and completes the design – the tip.

If suddenly you have at hand was not the device for cleaning the bowel, that is the way to make a mug Esmarch his hands. It will take approximately 15 minutes of your time, and the device may be suitable in a Hiking first aid kit.

We will need:

  • 1, 5 meters tubing silicone, you can buy in any place for the sale of household stuff;
  • fitting;
  • the cork from the bottle in which you need to drill a hole. In traffic you want to insert the fitting, then silicone the tube, the edges wrapped plumbing tape and secured with adhesive;
  • instead of a tip you can use the pen. His body must be carefully cut and treat the edges with the sandpaper;
  • instead of a tap or clip use ordinary clothes pegs;
  • Then takes a plastic bottle with a volume of 1.5-2 liters and at the bottom is one hole for the injection of fluids, then two small holes for the rope, the rope we will hang our device.

The device can not only save budget but also useful in the country, in the case when there is no pharmacy, to buy a mug Esmarch.


Enemas are done for different assignments and for different purposes. Colon cleansing can be a prevention or a solution to the problem associated with constipation. Some are trying to deal with various lesions on the skin that appear due to improper diet, with the constant eating of foods with a high content of fats and easy carbohydrates. In many cases lavage is prescribed:

  • for cleansing of the rectum prior to delivery, operation or examination;
  • constipation doing the cleansing and the healing procedure, which contributes to the normalization of microflora;
  • from slagging the rectum;
  • in order to lose weight;
  • to relieve various inflammatory processes;
  • the power of the body in the difficult period after intoxication with poisons;

The use of the Esmarch device for cleansing of the rectum, mainly the fact that it is simple to apply and suitable for treatment procedures of the different fluids, easy to regulate the speed and volume of the injected drug into the anus. However, the procedure gives a good effect.

The variety of the solutions used for bowel cleansing

Often the contents of the enema is plain water are herbal teas, a solution prepared of potassium permanganate or salt. The saline solution helps to reduce weight, due to the alkaline environment of excess fluid. In medical institutions apply the liquid with a content of oily components. Water is used at room temperature, slightly colder or warmer. Hot water has no effect, and the cold will irritate the intestinal mucosa.

People with excess weight practice enema with honey or beet liquid. It is suitable even for children who have problems with bowel movements.

How to do an enema Esmarch

In the hospital procedure for cleaning of the rectum is performed by a nurse, but to do an enema at home by yourself is not difficult.

How to use mug Esmarch? Initially, you need to prepare the site for the procedure – it can be an oilcloth-covered bed, maybe a bathroom.

The steps in the procedure:

  1. For a start, mug Esmarch pour the prepared solution for bowel cleansing.
  2. Open the clamp, releasing the air from the tube and re-closes it.
  3. You need to hang the device for a bag at a height of about five feet, and securely lock.
  4. To tip easily penetrated into the anus to lubricate it with a special gel Xylocain or other material on hand (oil, cream or vaseline).
  5. When you enter a tip into the anus you need to take the most common posture – lying on your side bending the knees.
  6. Then gently introduce the tip into the anus to a depth of 5-7 cm and open the tap. You can controlspeed pour the liquid into the anus with a crane.
  7. During the procedure, it is recommended to use not more than 2 liters of cleaning solution.
  8. Important point! To the colonic a mug Esmarch to be effective, you need infusion of the enema flowing movements led by the hand along the stomach to the detergent liquid fell in all the valves of the intestine. Will also be effective to do breathing exercises: breathe in the air for 3 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds.

After you done the procedure you need to lie down on your back and do various exercises his arms and legs, such as a Bicycle. Then the liquid will facilitate the removal of stale feces from all hard to reach places in the intestine.

  1. Don't try to pour a large amount of fluid that the intestines are not able to accept. Then carefully take out the tip and try for 10 minutes to keep fluid inside (preferably 20 minutes), it is necessary for therapeutic effects. If there is an unbearable urge to the toilet, it is possible to defecate. In the case of bedridden patients will need duck.

There are cases in which cleansing enema it is necessary to temporarily limit. For example, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and breastfeeding. As well as headache, high temperature, General weakness, nausea, abdominal pain.

To put a mug Esmarch at home is easy and you can occasionally practice in cleansing purposes, but if you do not have contraindications to this.

The purging mug Esmarch passes in 11 procedures (course). After the first enema should take a break for five days, after the second enema to four days after the third enema, three days after the fourth day, after the fifth – one day. The subsequent purification procedure must be done daily. It is important to do an enema Esmarch mug for best effect.


If you think that enema is a harmless procedure that is suitable for everyone, it is a profound mistake. Procedure using a mug Esmarch has contraindications:

  1. Acute inflammation of the anal canal.
  2. A tumor or cancer of the intestine.
  3. Problems with the kidneys.
  4. Colitis of acute.
  5. Hemorrhoids.
  6. A stomach ulcer.
  7. Stomach bleeding disorder or bleeding in the intestine.
  8. Aggravation of diseases of chronic type.
  9. The rehabilitation period after suffering a heart attack or stroke.
  10. The first days after abortion, surgery or childbirth.

And an enema is used for the normalization of the bowel – method is reliable and effective. To abuse the procedure is not recommended due to possible complications. You need to follow the doctor's recommendations to not earn another health problem requiring treatment.