How to get rid of toxins in the body

To be healthy and have good health, you must follow the correct way of life. However, not everyone has the time and money to just do sports every day and eat healthy and balanced food. The inhabitants of large cities even have time to think about healthy lifestyle. They have to breathe polluted air and be exposed to harmful radiation of office equipment. All of these factors affect the formation of toxins (harmful substances). It is therefore necessary to examine the question of how to get rid of toxins in the body to be healthy and beautiful.

The impact of toxins on the body

Due to the accumulation of harmful substances, the following problems occur:

  • in humans, reduced the protective functions of the body;
  • bodies grow old much earlier than in healthy people;
  • have an allergic reaction;
  • there is a dry skin;
  • concerned about regular headaches;
  • deteriorating appetite, and sleep quality.

Now there are many methods through which you can withdraw from the human body all the toxins. But to get rid of toxins in the body can one day. The cleanup process will be lengthy. During this procedure, you must adhere to the mode of the day, we need to completely eliminate junk food from your daily diet, it is recommended to exercise regularly.

A cleanse of toxins

Full cleansing the body of toxins and dirt can be performed by using a cleansing fast diet, the duration of which is 7 days. Moreover, it is suitable not only for those who wish to get rid of toxins, but also to those who want to push the weight to decrease during freezing results from past diets and other methods of weight loss or easy and fast to lose a few pounds before beach season or important event.

This method does not require any special financial costs and consists of the products that everyone has in the fridge. Diet lasts only a week, and every day it is necessary to consider special recommendations on nutrition:

  1. The first day is the initial cleansing of the body. Menu of the day consists of all kinds of juices, tea, coffee and other drinks besides soda and dairy products. Still goes with the chicken broth, salt and natural spices.
  2. The second day goes to work of fiber that is in vegetables. It is like the scrub cleanses the intestines and rids the body of all unnecessary. The best product for this day is cabbage. It has "negative" calories, that is, the absorption of cabbage to spend more calories than it receives. Moreover, it is rich in vitamins that strengthen the immune system. You can also use other vegetables, except potatoes. All the vegetables are eaten fresh or in light salads, dressed with a small amount of any vegetable oil or vinegar.
  3. The third repeats the first day, only this day the fluid will not clear, and wash off the residues of toxic substances that are not bred in the previous days.
  4. The most delicious and pleasant day is the fourth. Now start to work fruits and berries. Sweet and very useful, due to the fructose they increase the level of endorphins, increase efficiency and raise the spirits. On this day, the preference for citrus, particularly grapefruit, because they, like cabbage, have a fat burning effect.
  5. Proteins are very important nutrition component, without which the body cannot function normally. As in the previous days were not on the menu protein foods, the fifth day is dedicated to them. Boiled chicken breast, egg whites and low-fat yogurt is a whole diet on that day.
  6. The final stage of purification takes place in the sixth day. Again at the disposal of the liquid. The last time the body is washed of toxins to eventually become healthier and cleaner.

After such a strict diet digestive system can wean itself from the usual food and absorption of food can begin the difficulties. The last day is dedicated to the translation of digestion in normal operation. In this day in diet should contain all the products from the previous six stages, but they need to be divided into several meals. Sample menu for the day:

  • Breakfast: tea or coffee, an egg.
  • Second Breakfast: Apple, orange or any other fruit.
  • Lunch: light soup with barley, salad of fresh vegetables.
  • Afternoon snack: fruit.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad with chicken breast or steamed fish.
  • Dream interpretation: yogurt or kefir.

To cleanse the body even better, during a diet, it is recommended to drink plain non-carbonated purified water. It should be a lot, because it due to its useful properties will improve the results of weight loss.

Despite such a limited set of meals, hunger will not be present for all seven days, because there is no limit to the number of used products.

This diet is contraindicated to young people and people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Repetition only possible after two to three months earlier replay in the best case threatens no result, and at worst with exhaustion. It gives a great impetus for further weight loss and boosts confidence in a good outcome. Pounds will not be returned. According to statistics,after this diet the body is cleared, the weight is reduced by 5-6 kg and the General condition improves.

The use of folk remedies

To get rid of toxins with the help of folk remedies. There are several popular methods, after which, the body will be a minimum of toxic substances:

  • Cleansing using bran. This is one of the most effective ways of cleaning the body of toxins, which is very easy to apply and has virtually no unwanted effects. Bran needs to be regularly added to food for one month. This procedure should be repeated one to two times per year.

Experienced nutritionists advise to use oat bran, since they are low in calories and provide maximum therapeutic effect on the entire body. However, if a person has various pathologies of the stomach and intestines, you can use the bran from wheat, which have a more gentle effect.

  • Cleansing using kas. Any mess is composed of useful fiber, which is polished inside the intestines and because of this remove toxins. In addition, kas is a lot of useful trace elements necessary for enhancing digestion and preventing the development of serious diseases of the body. So I don't have to make regular cleaning of toxins, enough to include cereals in your daily menu.
  • Cleansing with water. If you choose this method you must daily drink at least 12 glasses of purified water, which not only takes toxins, but also will saturate all internal organs with moisture. A positive result can already be seen in a few weeks.

Any method of purification of the body has certain limitations. Forbidden to use at any stage of pregnancy. It is also not recommended to clean the body with viral or heart disease.

Cleansing the body at the cellular level

What is getting rid of toxins at the cellular level? It is the removal of toxins and other toxic substances from the body's cells. With this aim, traditional healers are recommended to use pine broth. To make it, take 5 tbsp. needles of any coniferous tree, 2 tablespoons hips and onion skins, and then pour the ingredients taken 500 ml of water.

It is better to take only fresh needles of the pine needles. What the younger they are, the better they will affect the body. Typically, these needles have a light green color.

The vessel with the mixture put on fire, bring to a boil, and then cook for another 10 minutes. The broth should infuse all night in a warm place. The tool is harmless to the body, however, drinking it should not be longer than 4 months, as it can be addictive.

For best results, in pine broth, you can add the juice of half a lemon. The resulting solution should be drunk in 2 tablespoons an hour before a meal. The lemon is also very useful for cleansing at the cellular level. It is recommended to eat daily one citrus. It supplies oxygen to the cells, thereby slowing down the process of their withering away. In addition, lemon helps cleanse the intestines and liver, which also contains a large amount of toxins.

You can use these methods together or separately. And the result will not keep itself waiting.