Birch tar: instructions for use for cleansing the body

Birch tar for centuries been used in folk medicine to cure many diseases and cleaning the whole body. In resin there are a lot of nutrients, due to this and due to its healing qualities. This substance is used in cosmetics and for the production of shampoos and Soaps. Using this substance can be a thorough cleansing of the body. Instructions for use of birch tar to cleanse the system provides different options of the procedure, if necessary, it is easy to find one that'll work optimally.

Characteristic of a substance

Birch tar is produced by an industrial method from the bark or as it is called bark. This substance has an oily texture, pronounced specific aroma and quite an interesting composition. In the resin are organic acids, phenols, xylene, resin, volatile, toluene, and many other elements. This oily medium is characterized by antiseptic, antibacterial and regenerating properties.

The drug produced by the pharmaceutical industry in glass containers of different capacities, which are stacked in packing from a cardboard, each with a abstract.

From ancient times the birch tar was used for healing wounds, treating skin diseases and for cosmetic purposes.

When cleaning is necessary.

Folk healers assert that birch tar is a universal cure for the many diseases known to medicine. Due to this substance in the body, normalizes all metabolic processes, improves blood circulation and overall blood composition, improves the General condition of important organs.

Cleansing the body with birch tar will get rid of some of the problems:

  • Lead toxic and toxic substances and cholesterol.
  • Get rid of worm infestation, lice, scabies mites and other parasites. This is due to the unique antiseptic properties of tar.
  • Improves the overall condition of the skin, by generating and antiseptic characteristics. With regular use of birch resin fade acne, reduces sebum production and restores the lipid layer.
  • Digestive organs – improves bowel motility and prolonged erosion in the mucosa of the digestive organs. A substance detrimental effect on pathogenic microflora in the intestines and helps to restore enzyme activity.
  • The blood is purified, which improves the function of all internal organs.
  • Improved appearance of hair, reduces oiliness and eliminates dandruff.

Birch tar gently lowering the weight without stress to the body. This is because out toxins and restores excretory function.

To perform a cleaning procedure of the body can only be in normal health. In that period of time when there is no exacerbation of any chronic disease or SARS.


For whole body cleanse birch tar take long courses that last from 10 to a month. Such duration is due to the reception of oily substances in very small doses. Allowed to drink only a few drops of liquid so as not to cause health disorder.

Tar is a natural component, so it goes well with a variety of nutritional supplements and other cleansing agents. Body cleansing birch tar is performed without correction of the diet or a regime. That oily liquid incompatible with some drugs, is not mentioned anywhere. However, given that the substance is an antiseptic influence, we can assume that may decrease the effectiveness of some medications.

It is very important when cleaning the organism to adhere to the recommended dosage. The manifestation of at least some unpleasant symptoms course stop.

How to apply tar for cleansing the body

To drink birch tar to cleanse the body in its natural form is recommended rarely. Most often, this oily part is combined with other products, a little soften an unpleasant taste and aroma. Recipes for body cleansing there are many, but main ones are milk, bread or drinking water.


The mixture of birch tar with warm milk is used for different types of cleaning the body.

  • For cleaning respiratory system of accumulated mucus and pathogens. For this purpose, the substance is take the course of 10 days in a specific pattern. In the first day to a little bit of warm milk, enough for 50 ml, add 1 drop of the drug on the second day or two and then every day add another drop. The course is over when the milk is added 10 drops. To cleaning effective, it is recommended to continue up to six months, and ten days between admission make a one-week break.
  • To clear the urinary system in a glass of warm milk dissolve 5 to 10 drops of tar, and drink up to three times a day for two weeks.
  • Apply the tar with milk and for cleaning the vessels. In the third part of the Cup slightly heated milk add 10 drops of an oily substance and drink once a day. The course duration is equal toa month and a half.

For the procedure of purification it is better to take milk. The drug was dropped into it just before use. Store milk poured tar is not recommended.

With rye bread

Tar in combination with rye bread provides a truly magical cleansing effect. Of the body are derived toxins, which is beneficial to the whole body of the person. Clears the skin from pimples and other lesions, decreases inflammation of the skin and quickly regenerate even the deep-lying layers of the epidermis.

Cleaning this method lasts for almost a month and is performed according to this scheme:

  1. The first day on a small slice of rye bread pour 5 drops of the drug and eat it before bed.
  2. The following days, the amount of tar each day increase by one drop until you reach 10.
  3. Rye bread, laced with 10 drops of oily liquid, eat for two weeks.
  4. After that, begin to decrease each day the number of drops. The course is over, when they reach 5.

Some people have unpleasant taste arise retching. In this case, it is permissible to eat bread with tar spoon of honey.

To use tar children is strictly prohibited. For them, this substance can be used only externally.

Tar water

This remedy is used orally for effective cleansing of the intestine and the whole organism. To prepare a medicinal tincture take 8 parts water to 1 part of birch tar. The water pre-boiled and cooled, then add oily liquid and carefully stir. After that put the container in a cool, dark place to infuse for two days. Tar is not soluble in water, but in two days he passes her their useful components.

For making tar water it is recommended to use a glass dish.

After settling on the surface of the water one can see oily film, which is carefully removed. Drink the healing liquid for 10 days, in 2 tablespoons early in the morning or just before bedtime. Course cleaning is carried out in some approaches, but they definitely make ten-day break.

Cleaning of organism from parasites

Birch tar allows you to quickly get rid of worm infestation. To prepare a medicinal composition, take fresh honey, pharmaceutical tar and pipette. The course of treatment lasts 12 days, during which daily take a spoonful of honey dripped in there with birch resin.

On the first day of treatment in the honey dripping one drop, then every day add one drop. On the last day of treatment a person should drink 12 drops of tar.

Such a cleaning of parasites is recommended once a year. To perform it preferably in spring or autumn.

Contraindications to the cleansing of the body.

Limitations to the procedure are few, but they must be taken into account. It is impossible to clean the body of birch tar in the following cases:

  • In pregnancy all the time.
  • In the lactation period.
  • In the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases of the urinary system.
  • Hypersensitive to substances.
  • If skin rashes allergic – urticaria, eczema and dermatitis.
  • At oncological diseases.

Not recommended to ingest the tar and children of preschool age. Children who have reached 7 years of age, it is possible to carry out cleaning procedures with the use of natural substances, but only on the recommendation of a physician and under his direct control.

Features of the procedure of purification

During the procedure of cleaning the body with birch tar, it is worth considering some recommendations:

  • The drug must be bought only in a pharmacy, it is not recommended to use resin Handicrafts.
  • In the course of purification, it is desirable to keep a special diary to avoid confusion in the number of drops.
  • People must constantly monitor their well-being, if, after the start of the course it became something to worry, the treatment is stopped.
  • Ready lye water can be stored for several days in a cool place. In other cases, the tar is added to products just before use.

Some people can not stand the smell and taste of oily liquid. In this case, after tar milk or bread, rinse mouth and brush your teeth.

What doctors say

Many experts do not deny the beneficial effects of birch tar on the human body but at the same time, they recommend to use it only externally, as indicated on the package with the medication.

Despite a lot of positive reviews from people that this stuff helped in a number of diseases, to use tar to be taken orally must be very careful. In small doses, this natural remedy can have a therapeutic effect, but if you exceed the dosage a person will suffer from nausea, vomiting and headache. In addition, phenols and resins, which are in the birch tar can cause a severe form of poisoning.

Tar is a useful substance that can help for various diseases. However, it is worth remembering that oily tool has a rather unpleasant taste andsmell so many people who have started the procedure of cleaning the body and are unable to go through with it. If a person has a tendency to frequent digestive disorders, it is better not to risk and use different methods of cleaning.