Products to cleanse the body of toxins

Slagging of the organism is a common cause of disruption of the internal organs and various diseases. For the normal functioning of the body requires systematic cleaning. Not to carry out the cleaning procedure too often, you must eat the right food. If you constantly include in your diet foods for cleansing the body of toxins, can significantly improve the condition.

What foods help cleanse

Many natural products contain in their composition a large amount of fiber that cleanses the digestive tract, helps eliminate constipation, improves liver function, has a positive effect on the cells, activates the regeneration of tissues. Some foods due to high content of liquid stimulates mochevyvodjashie and the purification process of the kidneys.

What foods, cleansing the body of toxins, should daily see on his Desk?


Better known as seaweed. Contains iodine and nutrients, acting in the form of sorbentsthat can absorb toxins and heavy compounds, and establish metabolism.


Nutrient culture containing a minimum of calories and a huge amount of dietary fiber that stimulate the cleansing of the digestive tract. Including celery in diet can not only clean, but also to enrich the body with vitamins and microelements.


Contain dietary fiber, which is essential for digestion. Also contained in cabbage is sulforaphane, have anticarcinogenic properties that reduce the probability of occurrence of oncological diseases.


Successfully eliminates slagging of all internal organs, reduces the amount of insulin.

Green tea

Often used as an aid to weight loss. Accelerates metabolic processes, extraction of fat and heavy compounds.

Will help enrich all the cells with vitamins and minerals, has antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system and bones.

Is an excellent prevention of malignant neoplasms.


Water speeds up metabolism and improves the functioning of internal organs. For a more effective cleanse should drink 2.5 liters of water a day, in the morning – at least 3 glasses on an empty stomach.

Olive oil

Due to the acid content of this product will help avoid extra pounds. Taking a small amount of oil on an empty stomach, you can enhance the process of detoxification, to bring down the feeling of hunger. To do this, 1 tablespoon of the oil consumed twice a day, drinking lemon juice with water.

Bread with bran

Bread flour contains more nutritional compounds than white.

Bread with bran can absorb allergens and toxic substances, strengthen the immune system, enrich in fiber.

People who prefer this bread, rarely suffer from indigestion, obesity, constipation and diseases of the blood vessels.


Some food is a kind of sponge for the internal organs, absorbing harmful substances from the mucous surfaces. These cleansing products are the most effective to consume on an empty stomach.


Has the unique ability to cleanse the body from almost all types of toxins, chemical compounds and allergens, to withdraw from the blood waste products, and establish digestion. Of ginger, you can prepare drinks and also add it to dishes fresh.


Lettuce has a positive effect on the blood, activates the digestive process by speeding up metabolism.

In addition, essential its good for the nervous system during stressful conditions.

Due to its composition, lettuce is a natural diuretic and cleansing agent to prevent deposition of salts in tissues.


Natural sorbent, contributing to the proper digestion of food and release toxins. To completely clear the body of toxic substances will help daily eating beets. The vegetable can be used in the form of fresh juice, and produce from it a variety of meals.


A reduced calorie product, giving a feeling of satiety. Contains cellulose, various vitamins, minerals and protein. Promotes rapid cleansing of the bowel.


Beneficial effect on the heart muscle, improves immune system, stimulates the appetite, increases digestion of food, removes toxins from the blood vessels.


Culture, capable to fats from the cardiovascular system, reduces the probability of formation of blood clots.

The composition includes magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, extracts harmful cholesterol and normalizes the process of digestion.

Daily eating one fruit, you can eliminate heartburn and belching and also decrease the feeling of heaviness after meals.


Well quenches thirst, enriches the organs in vitamin C. Dissolve poisons and toxins from the internal systems, bringing them with excess fluid from the body. Lemon can be consumed with water, adding to the drink a teaspoon of honey. In addition, its juice cansalads and hot dishes.


Regularly applying oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber, not only can protect the stomach and intestines, but also bind toxins and harmful cholesterol.


Cleansing the body buckwheat is one of the oldest ways of detoxification. Buckwheat diet is used to reduce body weight and improve overall health.

The positive effect of buckwheat on all bodies: it is possible to eliminate varicose veins, bleeding gums, strengthen immune system, relieve inflammation, and also to remove toxins.

Menu should be different: each product has its own properties, essential for the purification process. If properly combined meals each other, you can get amazing results.

Other useful food for cleansing

Cleaning of the internal organs is a complex and ongoing process which can be carried out by many recipes. If you take the basis of useful products to cleanse the body and you use them regularly, it is possible to remove unwanted substances and improve the General condition.

Hot pepper

Red hot chilli pepper is rich in vitamins a, C and p is Able to establish the process of digestion, strengthens the vascular wall, stimulates blood flow, beneficial for visual abilities.


Stimulates mochevyvodjashie, a positive effect on the kidneys. Include in your diet this delicious culture, it is possible to establish the liver to increase the synthesis of bile, helping to cleanse the bile ducts.

Brown rice

Contains vitamins and fiber, helps digestion, practically does not provoke allergies.


Natural absorbent that absorbs harmful substances and toxins. Often used in all sorts of diets to improve gastrointestinal tract and in the treatment of liver diseases.


The fruit is rich in nutrients, minerals and pectin, is actively involved in the cleaning process.

Able to rid the liver of toxins, heavy metals and harmful compounds, accelerates the synthesis of bile.

During the procedure of purification of the organism nutrients, So one of the recommendations is to take additional vitamin-mineral complexes. Also, to improve the cleaning process, you can take the chelators, for example, activated carbon.

How to cleanse the body products

To make cleaning more effective, you must follow some recommendations:

  • to drink plenty of water;
  • to avoid frequent snacking between meals;
  • eat only when you feel hunger.
  • to include in the diet fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products;
  • to abandon a late dinner. During sleep the digestive system work much worse and poorly digested food.

In addition, experts advise to regularly arrange fasting days. For this 1 day a week to eat only 1 product. It can be:

  • apples;
  • watermelon;
  • lactic acid drinks;
  • cucumbers.

While nutrition should be portions, 5-6 times a day. At the time of purification should refuse the following foods:

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • foods rich in animal fats – meat, oily fish;
  • food containing synthetic ingredients and dyes;
  • smoked, canned;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • sugar.

In addition to following the diet, you should adjust your lifestyle, abandoning bad habits, otherwise the procedure will not give positive results.

Many of the tools used by people for cleansing the internal organs contain in their composition of chemicals and synthetic substances that most commonly cause side effects. Unlike drugs, natural products gentle effects on the body without disrupting his work, and are accessible to everyone.