What is the toxins and wastes in the human body

Toxins in the body is the result of doing a man an unhealthy lifestyle, accompanied by constant stress, poor diet and sedentary daily routine. For the prevention of occurrence or removal of such substances from the body periodically to cleanse the body, and the more years a person, the more.

Toxins in the body are the cause of many diseases, lead to General poor health and weakness, frequent colds, abnormal carotid as, unexplained fatigue and weight gain.

To cleanse the bowel of toxins, restore its normal activities, depending on the extent and severity of slagging, doctors can prescribe a variety of treatments. From the medication in the form of tablets, drops, mixtures, tinctures, powders, rectal suppositories, suspensions and tablets to use enemas, of various diets, traditional medicine and even in extreme and severe cases, surgical intervention.

We must remember that cleansing the body of toxins is preferably carried out in a timely manner, with drug treatment as a less painful method, so you do not resort to surgery.

Toxins in the body as toxic and harmful substances are deposited and accumulate on the inside of the walls of internal organs. The highest intoxication with such substances as the practice of medicine, it gets the intestines. Therefore, experts in the field of medicine recommended to pay more attention to the intestines during the course of cleansing the body.

How dangerous the pollution of the intestine

Improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle digestive system quickly breaks down. This system failure is that not all food is digested, but remains in the grooves and folds of the small intestine, causing these residues interfere with the normal absorption of nutrients and clog the villi of the intestine. This contributes to fermentation and decay of food in the intestine, with the formation of toxins, which when entering the bloodstream, lead to poisoning of the whole organism.

Toxins in the intestine can be from 15 to 30 pounds. These stones cause a number of serious pathologies of the body. The circulatory system carries the toxic substance throughout the body to tissues and internal organs, and leads to a complete intoxication of the organism with the manifestation of a variety of diseases.

When to start a colon cleanse

Medical professionals in the field of dietetics are advised to regularly conduct courses as cleansing of the bowel and the whole body. And with the age of the patient, such cleaning should be conducted more often.

Experts suggest cleaning of the intestine with the following symptoms:

  • regular respiratory infections;
  • unimportant breath and painful plaque on the surface of the tongue;
  • constant bloating and constipation;
  • the absence of the chair for several days as a result of dysfunction of the intestine;
  • General malaise, weakness and unexplained drowsiness;
  • constant pain of the head;
  • the poor condition of the skin.

Recently found more and more people, who pass courses of purgation, both at home and in the hospital. But there are people for whom this procedure is contraindicated.

Colon cleansing and the entire body should begin only after a thorough examination and passing a series of tests.

Contraindications to colon cleansing

Due to the fact that colon cleansing entails a change of the whole organism, such a preventive course there are a number of contraindications:

  • inflammatory processes in small intestine and colon;
  • inflammation of the stomach lining;
  • ulcer of the duodenum or stomach;
  • regular diarrhea;
  • cancer;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • kidney failure;
  • allergies.

Such a procedure should not be performed in acute and temporary discomfort, such as tooth pain and cyclic pain in women. Due to the need to minimise the burden on the weakened human body.

In addition to a course of cleansing the body, you need to reconsider your diet and daily routine. Should reduce the consumption of meat and flour products, carbohydrates and fatty foods.

As experience shows, to maintain all of the organs in good and working condition, the purging is preferably carried out once a month or even more often.

As a course of bowel cleansing in the home, you need to check with your doctor during the consultation. A good specialist will conduct a complete examination qualified, will form an individual course of cleaning, talk about the principle of operation, indications and contraindications for, the rules of engagement and the duration of that procedure.

What are the rules of purgation

The variety of existing methods of bowel cleansing can be divided into three groups:

  1. Regulation of the diet, with the use of methods and means of folk medicine.
  2. The restoration of healthy microflora.
  3. Performing procedures with the use of enemas and sorbents.

Belowcourse of the bowel cleansing gave the expected positive effect, you must follow these rules:

  • To observe a measure of the consumption of certain food products.
  • Should be mandatory to drink pure water in an amount of from 2 or more liters per day. Soda in this amount is not included and can be taken as additional fluid to 2 liters of plain water.
  • To include in the diet of foods with a high content of vitamins, such as vegetables, fresh greens and different fruits.
  • Eat honey of different varieties.
  • To limit yourself to consumption of sweet, fat and flour.
  • Menus include a lot of seafood and lean meat.
  • To reconsider their diet and eat small parts in 5-6 meals throughout the day, and the sixth meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Contain the mouth and teeth in order and clean.
  • Try to avoid viral, bacterial and fungal diseases.

It should be remembered that the purging will be effective and useful only if the approach to solving the problem with their health will be integrated. This procedure should be carried out with simultaneous adjustment of diet.

Nature cleanse

The purging is carried out with the help of a laxative effect, which is achieved in many different ways and methods. Before prescribing the optimal course of cleaning the doctor should examine the biorhythm of the patient.

In medicine it is known that colon has more activity in the time period from 5 to 7 o'clock in the morning. While the small intestine more active from one hour to three days. Such bodies have a time of rest when they rest. For colon is the time necessary 5-9 PM, for the small intestines resting time is from one hour to three hours a night.

What is the toxins in the body, one learns, when deteriorating General condition of his health and significantly polluted intestines. Toxins for many years accumulate in this organ, and each day emit a number of harmful and toxic substances. For cleaning the body there are many capabilities that should be used only after contacting your doctor.