How quickly rid your body of cannabis

Marijuana is a narcotic substance that is the dried flowers, seeds, leaves of cannabis. The official name is cannabis. Active ingredient – tetrahydrocannabinol, abbreviated as THC, part of it has psychotropic effects and is often used by the people for the confluence with the drug dependency. The question of how to withdraw quickly from the body hemp, especially of concern to those forced to undergo a drug test.

The consequences of Smoking marijuana

Prolonged use of drugs may cause severe physical and mental disorders. The main danger is the transition to harder drugs.

Marijuana use can lead to addiction. Most often begins with psychological dependence where a person requires repeated use of the herb. With prolonged use develops physical dependence, accompanied by:

  • nervous exhaustion;
  • insomnia;
  • deterioration of mood;
  • reduction of body weight;
  • lack of appetite;
  • pain symptoms in the head and chest.

Smoking pot leads to wrong perception of reality, sounds and colors, memory loss, and attention deficit disorder and thinking.

Long-term use of marijuana can lead to loss of interest in the external environment, friends, family.

How long cannabis in the body

The length of the content of cannabis in the urine and blood has a relationship with the individual characteristics of a specific person. Marijuana is a fat – soluble substance that can accumulate in the cells involved in the process of metabolism. That is why many are looking for a way how to quickly clean up the body from cannabis.

Methods of removing THC from the blood and urine depend on many factors:

  • the speed of metabolism processes, which are directly connected with way of life, genetic characteristics, and physical health;
  • level of fat: the more, the harder to eliminate toxins;
  • the frequency of use. The more often you smoke weed, the harder it is extracted from the body;
  • fortress of grass.

The speed of elimination of the traces connected directly from the combination of these factors.

For the detection of drugs, the following diagnostic methods:

  • the study of saliva;
  • the analysis of urine. Can detect cannabis within 3 weeks after eating;
  • examination of the blood. This rarely occurs, because it detects remnants of cannabis not more than 2 days after Smoking;
  • the study of hair. Costly test with greater confidence. Can identify a drug from 3 to 6 months after application.

In addition, weed can be detected in adipose tissue. Such analyses are rare: it is quite expensive and time consuming.

The minimum time in which you can define cannabinol in biological fluids for 2-5 hours. In case of single use of the circulatory system is cleared after 3-4 days, the systematic Smoking highly sensitive tests can detect a substance even after 3-4 months.

In the urine to determine the drug after a one week a month and a half. However, it all depends on the experience of the smoker and is used dose.

In saliva the drug is short period of approximately 12 hours and can be installed after 1 hour in hair follicles after 90 days. However, there are high-precision tests that can identify hemp 1 year after use.


Detoxification of the body from the cannabinoids may take a long period to one month. The procedure is carried out in various ways depending on the purpose.

Preparation for assay for drugs

Many employers often used measures to detect marijuana from their employees, since Smoking weed is the cause of many violations at work.

The most simple measures that should be undertaken prior to testing of drug substances are the following:

  • 3-4 days before analysis to drink plenty of water. The liquid will dilute the toxins and urine test and distort test results;
  • to change the color of urine can help the red meat and use within three days supplements creatinine;
  • the intake of vitamin C. If you drink it 3 hours before analysis, washed down with one liter of water can lubricate the analysis data;
  • for 3 days before the test to include in the diet at 100 g cabbage, spinach, cucumbers a day;
  • you should abandon the consumption of milk, dairy food and also meats, as the fats, entering into their structure can disturb the purification process.

In the outpatient setting

In severe cases, a specialist is called on a house or apply a hospitalization with compulsory detoxification course that lasts 1-2 months. Detoxification from marijuana outpatient specialists with the help of dropper, special diuretics. While narcologists are considered comorbidities of the patient, and is performed by the medical monitoring of the condition of the patient.

Often in drug treatment clinics apply one of the methods of extracting the drug from the body:

  • a method of extrarenal purification of blood from toxins – hemosorption;
  • replacementplasma fresh blood or processed plasma, plasmapheresis;
  • hemodialysis.

All treatments require a versatile cleaning and removing blood from toxins. These manipulations are considered unsafe.

In addition, drugs used to detoxify the body of THC: diuretics, vitamin C, Niacin.

At home

Withdraw from the blood weed can be using some tips:

  • You drink more water: water removes the remains of cannabis. Men are recommended to drink at least four liters a day, women at least three.
  • Visiting baths or saunas. The increased separation of the sweat will help flush accumulated in the fatty tissues toxic substances and speed up the process of metabolism, which also contributes to elimination of the drug. Bath procedure is carried out for 2 hours every day.
  • Withdraw from the blood the toxins can be using garlic. Garlic has cleaning properties damaged by various toxins, including the remains of tetrahydrocannabinol.
  • Exercise. There are a variety of exercises aimed at burning fat cells which contains hemp. During the loading process it is possible to smell marijuana, which comes from the body.
  • Drinking tea from dandelion. This drink includes vitamins and minerals to help eliminate toxins. Tea should be drunk hot with a little honey.

Tea from dandelion

Some products have the ability to cleanse the body of cannabinoids. These include:

  • lime;
  • celery;
  • avocado;
  • lemon.

This food should be consumed at least 150 g per day. Should be excluded from the diet:

  • animal fats;
  • confectionery;
  • bread;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • coffee.

Can reduce the duration of withdrawal cannabis herbal teas, and certain cleaning duties, which are sold in specialized stores and pharmacy chains.

Quickly bring the grass out of the body, most likely, will not work. A single Smoking grass its remnants are extracted out of the body in an average 7 days, complete clearance occurs in around 1 month. However, everything will depend on the amount of drugs taken and the individual characteristics of the person.