Detox patch for feet: instructions for primeneniy

There is no such person who wouldn't dream of good health. But sometimes to achieve such a result is not easy, because you need to identify and remove the cause of chronic diseases. Priority is necessary to cleanse the body. For this purpose, different methods, some of which are quite unconventional. Effective methods of cleaning applies detoxification patches for feet, which is recommended for rapid withdrawal of toxic substances from the body.

A purified organism is the key to good health

Clean the body of toxins practiced in ancient times. Past for the treatment of many diseases used the bloodletting method. It's a pretty effective way, since the body is activated in blood loss and begins to run in a special mode, many painful conditions are retreating.

Special foot pads is an innovative design that allows you to eliminate toxins and toxic substances from the body gently and quickly. In recent years, this technique is gaining popularity. In sale you can find mainly Chinese patch for feet and Japanese. These products differ a little in composition and appearance, but the principle of operation they are almost identical. It's hard to say which tool is better. Adherents to eat as the Japanese patch, and Chinese.

The principle of operation

Detoxification foot pads – it bags quite large in size. One side of this tool is sticky and has a porous structure. But the secret patch to remove toxins in a special filler, which is the active substance. Inside each sachet contains a mixture of botanicals and natural sorbing substances. When the foot pads glued to feet, starts the action of the medicinal ingredients on the human body through the pores of the skin. The same way goes the sweat and toxic substances.

The price of the detoxification patches can vary considerably depending on the manufacturer. If difficult to choose, you can contact your pharmacist who will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of different types.

Indications cleansing patches

The patch of toxins on the feet is shown for use in a number of cases where noticeably deteriorating health:

  • with chronic fatigue;
  • if feet hurt;
  • if a strong decrease in immunity, which is manifested by frequent colds;
  • if disturbed sleep and notable weakness;
  • poor dietary habits and frequent snacking harmful products;
  • if the person has recently been ill with any infection;
  • varicose veins;
  • in different disorders, including digestion.

All these States arise due to the harmful effect on the body of viruses, bacteria and harmful substances. In the blood builds up excessive amounts of toxins that adversely affect health. If the body is clean, it is feeling much better. In the instructions for use said, visibly improves condition of hair, nails and immunity.

Reviews of people testify that after the stop of the patch not only improves health, but also mood and sleep.

Method of application

Most often the patches for the feet, which removes toxins, paste on foot. Do it best before bedtime. Algorithm of actions the such:

  1. Wash your feet with warm water with soap, and then well dried with a towel.
  2. Open the package of patch.
  3. Carefully stick the patch to the surface of each foot.
  4. Wear thin cotton socks.
  5. After removing the plaster on my foot again well wash or wipe with a damp cloth.

To efficiency from the application of the patch was higher, one must study the active points located on the feet. Oriental medicine distinguishes more than 60 points, influencing on which you can get rid of many diseases.

If plagued by frequent migraine headaches or a sore neck, the patch glue to grasp the fingers. When there is a bowel disease, the effect will be from the sticker patch on the area of the heels.

Certain medicinal plasters, mainly Japanese production, it is recommended to glue to any places where pain is felt. It can be bruised place, and my neck is aching from prolonged sitting.

The patch after use has quite unpresentable appearance. He is black and covered with viscous mucus, especially in the early course of purification. It talks about the withdrawal of toxic substances from the body.

Well established detoxification plaster "Matan". It is a means of cleansing the body in China. Contains bamboo and wood vinegar, tourmaline, chitin, vegetable ingredients, ascorbic acid and dextrin. The disadvantage of this tool is the high price, relative to peers.

The course of cleansing the body is always individual. After each removal of the patch look at its surface. Each time, he must become less dirty. When the patch will be almost the original form, we can assume that the rate of purification is over.


As with any drug, patch for detoxthere are a number of contraindications. They must consider before beginning treatment:

  • pregnancy at all time;
  • lactation period;
  • lesions of the skin;
  • individual intolerance of the plant components.

During the cleaning of the body can not drink alcohol and you also need to limit in the diet of spicy and salty foods.

It is strictly forbidden to glue the patch on mucous membranes or near them. This can cause severe inflammation!

So does the patch

The Internet is full of testimonials of people who have time to use this innovative product. Some say that this miracle cure had delivered them from chronic illnesses and sleep problems, and mood swings. Others argue that any effect from the use they haven't noticed, the detox patch – it is nothing like pumping money and a good publicity stunt. Such people argue that, apparently, there is a placebo effect, that is, dummy, and the people themselves told that they are fine.

There are also neutral opinions. They say that drastic to correct your health with the help of the labels on the legs they couldn't, but noticeably improved sleep, disappeared mood swings and every morning, in fact, became a good.

How many people, so many opinions. To experience whether this tool is for cleaning the body, enough to buy it and try.

Basically, the products are sold through specialized companies on the Internet. Find detoxification plaster in an ordinary-of-network pharmacy, you can.

Alternative ways of cleaning the body

To cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances, do not have to use the patch to stop. With this task perfectly cope such funds:

  • activated carbon;
  • baking soda;
  • drinking water;
  • Flaxseed oil;
  • bran.

To cleanse the body, it is possible to stick to a certain diet, or to choose a special method of cleansing. In addition, you can just go to bath or sauna and spend time with benefits for body and soul.

You need to remember that any method of purification has its advantages and disadvantages, so before the procedure should weigh the pros and cons. If you have a chronic illness, you need to consult a physician in order not to harm your health.

Pregnant women should not engage a cleansing of the body before birth. Any changes that occur in the body of the expectant mother, will influence the development of the baby.

More and more people try to periodically clean the body from harmful substances and toxins. Already for anybody not a secret that toxins in most cases are the root cause of diseases. Detoxifying patch to the foot has a lot of both positive and negative reviews. If you have any doubts about this miracle cure, you can use other methods of cleansing the body.