How to withdraw mercury from the body of an adult and a child

Mercury has long been considered a useful trace element, is able to cope with some skin pathologies. Modern cosmetic products contain in the composition a small amount of the substance. Source elements are also industrial waste, marine products, antifungal medicines. However, the toxicity of mercury often ends badly, especially for children. How to withdraw mercury from the human body?

Threat sources

Every day, people are exposed to this heavy compounds. The danger lurks in the familiar surrounding things. Sources can be:

  • fluorescent lamp;
  • the switches;
  • certain kinds of pumps;
  • vaccines;
  • galvanic battery;
  • mercury lamp;
  • pairs generated by burning coal and gas;
  • devices for pressure measurement of liquid and gas, and other units.

The most dangerous chemical element for the brain.

Ways of penetration

To penetrate into the human body a substance via food, medicines, and airborne droplets.

Due to its chemical composition the compound quickly and easily dissolves in the mucous membranes, which greatly complicates the process of its extraction from the internal organs.

Most often, the infection cases are observed with mercury by eating marine fish and other seafood. Harmful substance in large quantity is accumulated in sea water, causing them to become infected with marine life.

In addition, a certain amount of connection people receive during vaccinations, when the production of dental fillings, the use of bleaching creams and antifungal ointments. This substance is able to penetrate from mother to fetus.

How to identify a poisoning

If mercury enters the body or there is suspected poisoning, should be examined by laboratory methods of diagnosis, the results of which are diagnosed. Signs of mercury intoxication are:

  • reduction of hemoglobin, a decrease in the number of red blood cells, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate;
  • the presence in the blood of heavy metals from 500 ng/ml;
  • the presence in urine of an element of more than 600 g/l;
  • the contents of toxic substances in the hair.

The latest tests, you can determine the exact duration of intoxication.

What is the danger

Often the effects of mercury on the human body does not manifest any symptoms and people often do not suspect that the subject of his intoxication.

At the beginning of may experience minor pain symptoms in the head, dizziness, inflammation of the gums. Following can be added:

  • uncontrollable fear;
  • anxiety;
  • the decreased concentration;
  • speech disorders;
  • excessive drowsiness.

These symptoms indicate a weakening of the immune system, which could result in negative consequences and even lethal outcome.

Chemical compound accumulates in the internal organs of humans and animals gradually, throughout life. The most vulnerable people living near factories spewing carcinogens into the environment. These poisons can harm a person and subsequently affect his future child.

Mercury is particularly dangerous to the Central nervous system, brain, kidneys, muscular system.

It should be noted that pure mercury is less harmful than the fumes. For this reason, the toxicity of mercury most frequently identify the persons whose activity is connected with manufacture of skins, jewelers, manufacturers of mirrors and lamps.

Poisoning mercury vapors provokes the emergence of diseases:

  • encephalopathy;
  • disorder of coordination of movements and motor skills;
  • syndrome Minamata;
  • crashing visual and auditory abilities.

First, you need to eliminate the element of their brain tissue, and then proceed to the cleansing of the blood system and the vessel walls from toxic substances.

How to neutralize mercury

What to do when the penetration element inside? There are several effective methods of how to cleanse the body from mercury. This can help as medications and methods of alternative medicine.

First aid measures

The penetration of mercury by the oral route should immediately:

  • to provoke the patient from vomiting;
  • to make a gastric lavage, drinking plenty of water with the egg protein or activated carbon;
  • after the procedure, you must drink a glass of milk;
  • wait for the help of medical professionals.

If mercury vapor intoxication the patient must be evacuated to the street. Further treatment is carried out in a hospital under the supervision of medical personnel.

The antidote of mercury is raw egg protein.

If there is contact with mercury vapor, should rinse the mouth with potassium permanganate or potassium chlorate salt. The victim must withdraw from the room and seek assistance. The arrived physicians will establish the degree of damage and prescribe appropriate therapy.

In acute intoxication possible hospitalization. Bring a pair of mercury from the body helps to drink plenty of liquids, which provokes increased urination. In addition, contribute to the rapid elimination ofelement, some vitamins and amino acids: vitamin C, taurine, methionine, vitamins B1 and B6.

Alternative medicine

To remove mercury from the body can folk remedies:

  • High effectiveness against harmful heavy compounds showed rice, which contains large amounts of fiber, able to absorb the toxins. With moderate poisoning recommended rice diet, and exclusion from the diet of spicy foods, salty foods, fatty foods.
  • Seaweed includes alginate, which neutralize harmful element.
  • Beets consist of dietary fiber and flavonoids, are able to bind to the surface heavy metals and remove them naturally from the internal organs.
  • Since ancient times people have carried out the removal of mercury from the body potatoes, however, very important in the cooking process to keep the starch, which acts as an adsorbent and neutralizes the effect of the substance.
  • Chlorella – a type of seaweed – effectively fights harmful substances, allows to get rid of excess the item in the internal organs.
  • Cilantro and coriander plants having cleansing properties. To use the herb as fresh in salads and sauces, and in the form of infusions or decoctions.
  • Good result showed oat broth: 200 g of oats in a glass of water. The composition of the digest for 40 minutes and insist.
  • Alfalfa – medicinal herb, from which is prepared a decoction, quickly neutralizing the action of mercury.
  • Apple juice is able to cleanse the organs from heavy metals due to contained in its composition of pectin.
  • Powerful healing effect also have some products of natural origin: garlic, sesame seed, ginseng.
  • In addition, to strengthen the immune system through the use of chamomile, rose hips, sea buckthorn, calendula, and chicken broth.
  • To accelerate the elimination of mercury will help ascorbic acid. Daily consumption of vitamin C allows the body to protect itself against the effects of heavy metals.
  • Fruits and berries successfully neutralize mercury and other compounds. The most effective are pear, apricot, Apple, cranberries, cranberry, BlackBerry.


Medications, which is used for mercury, have the ability to bind the toxins and remove them together with urine.

Detoxification is performed using one of the following medications:

  • Unitiol – a remedy for intramuscular injection, is contraindicated in ulcerative diseases and high blood pressure.
  • Succimer drug that is prohibited to apply to allergic.
  • D-penicillamine is an anti-inflammatory agent, is prohibited in the kidney conditions.
  • Tatarin-calcium is used, if the person poisoned with mercury vapors;
  • Sodium thiosulfate neutralizes the effects of mercury, has anti-inflammatory properties, removes toxins.

The method of removing compounds from the body are used depending on ways of entering: through the skin, digestive system, during inhalation.

Mercury in its purest form almost not absorbed from the intestine, as it is not soluble in water. However, there are mercury compounds, which can cause great harm when ingested, for example, nitrate, oxycyanide.

If poisoned child

If the mercury fell into the body of the child, complications can become very serious. To remove metal from the internal organs will help medical professionals.

Breathing in the fumes from a broken thermometer, can provoke dangerous consequences, especially if the baby stayed a long time in a closed building. If you react in a timely manner and to withdraw the substance from the body, you can avoid complications.

The first aid measures are rinsing the oral cavity with a solution of potassium permanganate and drink connected with water in the ratio 1:1 egg white.

Apply any treatment: activated carbon, POLYSORB, enterosgel. When injected element into the stomach, provoke vomiting.

If you suspect intoxication, and the appearance of anxiety symptoms as nausea, fever, diarrhea, you should immediately contact the hospital.