Cleansing the body by Malakhov at home

Malakhov Gennadiy Petrovich is a popular TV host, who is engaged in the development and description of the nontraditional methods of treatment. However, not all of these methods seem to be effective – most people think Malakhov charlatan. Particularly negative about its activities respond to the doctors because the funds are not scientifically valid. Nevertheless, almost all of his techniques are very popular. In particular, there is a widespread cleansing of the body by Malakhov.

He also wrote a book which included all the innovative techniques of the writer. They are all described in detail, specifying the exact dosages and methods of procedures. According to the author of this technique, regular cleaning of the liver, kidneys, intestines and other organs protects the body from different diseases.

Full bowel cleansing using enemas

Cleansing the body by Malakhov is based on the regular conduct of enemas. Treatment must be diluted in 2 liters of boiling water 1 tbsp lemon juice. Infuse fluid to cool, and then immediately use it. You cannot apply the same solution several times, for each enema is preparing a separate tool. To perform the procedure must be daily, in the morning, always after a bowel movement. The duration of therapy is from 3 to 14 days.

After the introduction of the solution into the anus it is necessary to keep in the intestine. Due to this, the effectiveness of the procedures will increase several times. When the patient undergoes a full course of therapy, he will feel at ease in the gut, his health will improve dramatically.

In order to avoid various complications during the procedure, the presenter recommends the use of normal urine, which is poured into an enema. Urine is used for washing the bowel through the anus. It is also recommended to use only fresh urine, as urine appear in the supernatant of pathogenic microorganisms.

Intestinal cleansing on Malakhov at home includes a number of requirements that must be adhered to during the washing:

  1. Before you give yourself an enema, you must remove it with the tip, and the tip of the hose to lubricate with vaseline or vegetable oil. So the hose fits easily into the anus and will not lead to cracking.
  2. Sometimes the fluid starts to leak prematurely. To avoid this, you should pinch up. Some enemas are sold with a special faucet that just needs to spin.
  3. For the procedure it is recommended to kneel down, to bend down and stick your elbows into the sofa. The pelvis must be higher than the shoulders. After adopting a suitable posture, introduced a tube into the anus to a depth of not more than 15 cm Then the baffle is released and the tap need to open so that the liquid enters the intestine.
  4. We try to keep it in the gut as long as possible, and then relax the sphincter of the anus to flow. With it removed toxins.
  5. During the procedure, it is necessary to breathe slowly and smoothly. The breath should be deep.
  6. If after several treatments 2 liters of fluid flows without problems, and the process takes only 30-40 seconds, that means the intestine is completely cleaned. In this case, more sessions of cleaning is not required.

Be aware that when in the intestines too much fecal stones, the liquid may quickly spill out. As a result, the person may experience pain. So you need to follow the urine or lemon solution is poured into the intestine. If, however, encounter any difficulties, the tube of an enema should pinch and slowly remove it from the anus.

Cleansing the liver on Malakhov

Cleansing the body by Malakhov includes cleaning the liver of toxins. This process is carried out in several stages:

  • As a rule, begin to cleanse the liver with fasting, which lasts for 3 days. Diet is relatively strict, because in this period it is possible to use only freshly squeezed Apple juice 1 Cup, intervals between meals 2-3 hours.
  • On the last day of the diet, in the evening, you should drink 100 ml of juice of lemon and the same amount of vegetable oil. They need to drink in small SIPS. After this you need to lie on your left side, and the liver put a warm heating pad.

According to the writer, this procedure allows you to withdraw on the rocks. However, representatives of traditional medicine believe that it is impossible. They recommend for 2 weeks make water "Borjomi", which has a favorable effect on the organism as a whole.

Cleansing the kidneys

Using the methods Malakhov, you can also cleanse the kidneys. With this purpose it is necessary to eat 1 kg of watermelon pulp per 10 kg of patient's weight. Also included in the diet of 300 g of white bread. These foods must be eaten throughout the day. In addition, you should drink as much fluid as possible. Due to this, a large amount of urine, which means that the kidneys begin to work harder. In the process of frequent urination of the organs appear malicious components.

The treatment lasts 14 days. Also during therapy should daily take a contrast shower in the morning at 8:00. And at 2am, it is recommended to take a hot bath with sea salt onfor 20 to 30 minutes. Moreover, while in the bathroom should also eat a watermelon. This treatment aims to the day the man was released the bladder at least 40-50 times.

Watermelon diet is not the only method to clean the kidneys by Malakhov. The writer argues that it can be done with urine therapy (drinking own urine). Moreover, it can be used in different ways – to take internally, do an enema, and bury it in the nose and even to wash the mucous membrane of the eye.

In any case, use only fresh urine. That is to ingest the urine immediately following urination. On an average day you should drink 500 ml urine 50 ml for the reception intervals of 1 hour between treatments. Before use, urine is recommended to filter – to strain through cheesecloth, as it may contain various impurities.

Of course, this procedure is extremely pleasant and is not suitable for the faint of heart, squeamish people. Besides, this treatment is not advisable for permanently employed people. The fact that on the day you need to drink a certain amount of urine with the correct frequency, but it is not at home is problematic.

Representatives of conventional medicine against this procedure. Because urine contains large amounts of harmful substances and breakdown products. Moreover, if the body running the inflammatory process, the urine composition can also include pathogenic microorganisms.

Proper nutrition

Body cleansing and proper nutrition are closely interrelated according to Malakhov. In most cases, the writer describes the dietary requirements at the time of application of a method. Though the presenter is a supporter of very strict diet that must be followed for at least 3 days. While it is included in the diet only a few foods help purify the body. If Malakhov does not give recommendations regarding food, then you should only eat light foods (fresh vegetables or fruits).

Of course, Malakhov methods rather dubious. However, many who used them, claim that they significantly enhance health. Before you use any of them, you should consult with your doctor. Because all methods of alternative medicine can be not only useful but also very dangerous.