Gastric lavage in children at home

Perform gastric lavage in children of different ages in cases of poisoning by food, infections of the intestine, and severe intoxications caused by medications and certain chemicals. This procedure applies to pre-hospital medical care and can be performed both at home and in medical institutions. It should be noted that the time spent procedure can not only save you from many complications, but in some cases to save the baby's life. In the house where there are kids, must know the technique of gastric lavage, as well as having necessary for this manipulation means.

Indications for the procedure

There are a number of medical indications in which washing is essential. These include the following diseases and conditions:

  • poisoning low-grade food products;
  • intoxication caused by drugs or chemicals;
  • a variety of infectious diseases of the intestine;
  • disrupted the digestive system;
  • congenital diseases of the digestive tract in newborns;
  • abnormal narrowing dramatically sphincter in the stomach;
  • low muscle tone of the stomach.

In addition, at home with great care washed stomach children under 5 years of age, as they can quickly develop dehydration.

It is worth considering that lavage may be effective only in the first hours after the poisoning. After that, toxic substances are completely absorbed into the bloodstream and have adverse effects on the entire body.


The procedure of gastric lavage, there are certain contraindications that should definitely be considered:

  • atresia of the esophagus;
  • chronic narrowing of the esophagus;
  • scarring on the esophagus and in the stomach after thermal and chemical burns;
  • bleeding, especially upper gastrointestinal tract;
  • serious pathology neurological;
  • poor blood circulation in the brain;
  • epileptic seizures and convulsions;
  • violation of the cough reflex.

In addition, lavage is strictly prohibited, if the child is unconscious. In this case, it is necessary to intubate the trachea to maintain airway function.

If the child is under 3 years, then irrigation should be conducted by the health care provider. To wash out the stomach of a small child in the home is dangerous.

What to pay attention

It is worth considering the fact that babies under one year of age, and in some cases those who are under 2 years old need to swaddle before manipulation. Kids unconscious sure intoniruet.

Flushing children who have not attained the age of three, carried out only through a nasogastric tube. Right to enter only the health workers in the hospital.

Cleanse baby boiled water that is cooled to room temperature. To wash the stomach of small children is not desirable to use a solution of potassium permanganate, as it can lead to severe damage of the upper respiratory tract.

The amount of fluid injected for lavage of the stomach of a small child depends on age. So, the newborn will only need a glass of water to perform the wash procedure, children around the age of need to have a liter of liquid, the child of preschool age about 4 liters, pupils – 6 liters, and Teens need 8 liters of water.

Before you start to wash out the stomach the child at home, you need to prepare everything you may need for this procedure UN – boiled water, a big basin of clean water to rinse the mouth and a towel.

Preparation for the procedure

Before the manipulation should be carried out preparatory work. Babies establish a nasogastric tube is a tube of small diameter that is inserted into the stomach through the nostril. In the case where the probe is inserted through the nose, under the shoulders of the baby put a small cushion and his head throws back a few ago. The procedure of the introduction not cause discomfort in the nasal passage drip one drop of Lidocaine. Then with gentle circular movements introduce a tube into the nose and into the stomach.

Before using this drug you should definitely make sure baby is not allergic and hypersensitive to lidocaine.

Kids of younger age, it is more convenient to introduce the probe into the stomach through the oral cavity, as its diameter is larger than the nasal passage. For a start, carried out sanitation of the oral cavity, for this purpose with a cotton swab which is soaked in furatsilina solution, wipe the mucous membrane of the mouth. To facilitate introduction of the probe tip is treated with a vegetable or mineral oil. Between teeth crumbs insert waterskiier. With the introduction of the baby are asked to do regular swallowing. Then the doctor must make sure that the tube has reached the stomach cavity. For this purpose, with the aid of a large syringe injected some air into a tube, with the doctor listens the stomach with a stethoscope. If the probe is in the stomach, then you will hear it from the tubethe air comes out.

Gastric lavage the child at home, only without the use of the probe. This can be done, if the child has reached the age of five. For kids, under three years, this procedure the house is run with great care. For this purpose, give the baby to drink plenty of water, and then artificially induce vomiting. The manipulation continues as long as the waste water will not completely clean.

After the procedure, washing the child should be given the sorbents, and then probiotics.

Preparation of the solution

Before you start washing, you need to prepare a large amount of boiled water. Fluid manipulation should be a comfortable temperature and not exceed 33-34 degrees. Much cool water may provoke spasm of the upper respiratory organs and muscles of the stomach, and too hot liquid contributes to the extension of the lumen of blood vessels, which in turn will lead to faster absorption into the bloodstream of toxic substances.

To wash out the stomach small children can and salted solution. To do this, take a tablespoon of salt per litre of cooled boiled water, thoroughly stirred and then filtered to not fall undissolved salt crystals.

Volume of liquid for lavage of the stomach in children is prepared with little margin, so that when the procedure is not distracted by preparation of a new solution.

The technique of lavage of the stomach

There are several ways to flush the stomach, which are used in pediatric practice. Thus, in children older than five years, it is customary to use the so-called "restaurant method", which does not require setting probe. In this case, the child is given to drink at a time about half a liter of water. And then provoke vomiting, by pressure on the root of the tongue. In just one wash procedure the child should drink about 5 liters of water.

The technique of gastric lavage in children of younger age is that through the funnel into the probe is poured a quantity of water, and then the tube is lowered below the level of the patient's body and the water randomly flows ago. The procedure is to perform as long as the exhaust liquid is clear, then the probe is gently removed.

After removal of the probe from the stomach to the child rinse oral cavity and neck with warm water.

To manipulation had a positive result, you should stick to the algorithm lavage of the stomach. Immediately after lavage the child should give any sorbents – smectite, Polisorb, enterosgel, or at least conventional activated carbon, which is pre-crushed to a powder and diluted in a small volume of water.

It is important to know that when improperly performed procedure can be severe complications – the inhalation of water, injury of the digestive pathways, and the introduction of excessive amounts of fluid can be pulmonary edema or brain. If the child is small and his condition is severe, it is better to pay to the hospital where the procedure was performed in compliance with all rules.