Low temperature and vomiting in children: causes, treatment

Low temperature and vomiting in a child is always cause a lot of issues with my parents. To provoke this condition can various diseases and nervous disorders. The toddler looks limp and pale, as they say, he has a breakdown. In this case, you need to find out the cause of such violation and fix it. It should be noted that some conditions require urgent care physician.

Causes of low temperature and vomiting

Vomiting and low fever in a child more alarming than it's condition accompanied by fever. Low temperature suggests a poor body resistance, certain chronic diseases, infectious processes or disorders of the endocrine nature.

The main causes of hypothermia, which is accompanied by retching, the following:

  • Overdose of fever-reducing medications is often observed in an incorrectly calculated dose or if the baby is found and drank the medicine.
  • Sharing antiviral and antipyretic agents can cause such a reaction.
  • Post-vaccination reaction. Most often such a phenomenon may be after 2 or 3 DPT. May aggravate the situation and the parents just in case in advance give antipyretic drugs.
  • Dysfunction of the endocrine system. If severely disrupted production of thyroxine in the thyroid gland, it can also lead to nausea and low temperatures. In addition, this disorder may provoke disorders of the adrenal glands and hypothalamus.
  • Anemia. Significant decrease of hemoglobin in the blood also leads to a reduced temperature, and periodic nausea have crumbs.
  • Different brain tumors. Tumors compress the hypothalamus, due to what is low temperature and vomiting.
  • Dystonia.
  • A lot of stress. Helps reduce body temperature and the appearance of retching. In children it is often separation from family, or the changing group of children.
  • Poisoning. Temperature 35 and retching the child may be under strong intoxication and dehydration.
  • Diseases of the stomach – chronic gastritis or peptic ulcer disease.

In addition, low temperature and vomiting can cause parasites in the body. For worm infestations very often there is fatigue and vomiting.

To identify the exact cause of the disorder of a child's health can doctor after the examination.

Effects of drugs

If a child has been the poisoning of antipyretic drugs, it is necessary to wash out the stomach, and then provide an adsorbent, which neutralizes the residues of the drugs. But this is advisable only if the time of receiving medication was no more than an hour.

After first aid be sure to show the baby to the doctor, as there may be late complications, the doctor needs to show the drug that caused the poisoning.

We must remember that the Nurofen had a stronger effect than paracetamol, so to not exceed the dosage.

Antiviral drugs

For the treatment of respiratory diseases and flu, doctors often prescribe the drug Viferon in conjunction with antipyretic agents. In case you are hypersensitive to these drugs can be fatigue and vomiting. If there is such a condition in the baby treatment with these medicines cancel and speak to your doctor for advice.

Persistent nausea and sometimes it happens at the wrong reception of antiviral drugs not observed when the time interval between meals.

Post-vaccination reaction

Most often the human body responds to the vaccine by the rise of temperature, but sometimes the situation may vary drastically. Lowering the temperature after DTP in children is uncommon, but it can also be and this is the immune system's response to the introduction of alien microorganisms. Hypothermia may be accompanied by General weakness, dizziness and nausea.

If the child does not stabiliziruemost a day after the vaccination, you definitely need to consult a pediatrician. If too severe hypothermia and profuse vomiting it is necessary to call an ambulance.

After any vaccinations the child should remain under medical observation for about an hour!

Diseases of the endocrine nature

Thyroid disease is often a cause of low temperature and nausea. To determine the cause, it is sufficient to pass a number of tests. The treatment prescribed by an endocrinologist, sometimes it involves hormonal drugs. Malfunction of the adrenal glands can also lead to vomiting and hypothermia.


Low temperature and vomiting in a child may be in a strong decrease of hemoglobin in the blood. This condition can be the result of severe illness or malnutrition. Children with anemia look pale and weak, they often impaired appetite and General condition.

For the treatment prescribed an iron Supplement and correct the child's diet. The diet should be a lot of greens, fruits, vegetables, beef, liver, buckwheat and fish.

Anemia if the child is too pronounced, then assign a transfusionblood.

Brain tumor

Brain tumors can be benign or malignant. To suspect this disease based on the specific symptoms. The child often complains of nausea, vomiting, dizziness and headache. During the inspection, you may notice pale skin and unstable temperature, which sometimes greatly reduced or, conversely, increases. Sometimes fainting and disturbed coordination of movements.

To properly diagnose prescribed a series of examinations, which included x-rays and tomography. When you complete these procedures, you can see not only the localization of the tumor, but also to identify the metastases, if any.

In the early stages of oncological diseases are successfully treated, most importantly, do not skip the first symptoms.


Dystonia involves a lot of symptoms that indicate a malfunction of the autonomic system. Dystonia leads to disorders of the thyroid gland, heart and blood vessels and impairs the function of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. When vascular dystonia these disorders are observed:

  • frequent headache;
  • abnormal drowsiness;
  • poor appetite;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • dizziness;
  • abnormal sweating;
  • low blood pressure;
  • the temperature decrease.

In addition, the child suffering from VSD, frequently observed fainting and blackouts. When any of these symptoms the child examined by a cardiologist and neurologist.

A stressful situation

Frequent stress, anxiety and inner tension can lead to hypothermia and vomiting urges. In young children it is often separation from family, for example, when a toddler is given in kindergarten, or when you change the usual group of children. In older children this condition is observed before various performances, exams or other important events for them.

Have younger children nervous system is still poorly formed, so any strange things often lead to tantrums. So, little kids insanely scary change of scenery. If for any reason you have to change the kindergarten, it can lead to severe stress, and the increase or decrease of temperature, and vomiting.

In this case, the kid has to explain that in kindergarten he was waiting for interesting games and new friends. If your baby refuses to go to kindergarten, it is not necessary to force him, better to let sit a week at home with his beloved grandmother.

We must remember that the strong stress in a child can lead to a nervous tick and stammer!


If the child has cold sweat and vomiting appeared on the background of food or other poisoning, then we can talk about dehydration and severe intoxication. In this case, you need to call the doctor or deliver the child on their own in the division of infectious the hospital. Symptoms of dehydration include:

  • dryness of the mucous;
  • excessive thirst, which is very hard to quench;
  • palpitations and heavy breathing;
  • General weakness and severe drowsiness;
  • the lack of urination for more than 4 hours;
  • the retraction of the large Fontanelle in infants.

As the first help given to the patient adsorbent – APSCO, POLYSORB, enterosgel or usual activated carbon. To fill the amount of fluid in the body baby often, but small portions give a different drink. You can give your child to drink clean water, sweet tea, juice, rosehip tea or rice broth.

In the hospital the patient shows intravenous infusion of glucose and sodium chloride to replenish lost fluids. Usually after the first dropper as a sick child a little stabiliziruemost.

At the first symptoms of dehydration in small children should immediately seek medical attention. Due to the small body mass irreversible consequences that may lead to death.

Diseases of the stomach

To lower the body temperature and vomiting can lead to gastritis or peptic ulcer. This is especially true in the acute stage. Treatment of all these diseases should be integrated. Part of treatment is always antibiotics, antispasmodics, drugs that reduce the acidity of gastric juice, decoctions of herbs and vitamins. During exacerbation of the child being treated in the hospital, in remission is permissible to take medication prescribed by the doctor at home.

Important role in the treatment of these diseases plays a diet. A sick child need to organize meals, which includes the following products:

  • viscous porridge with water or skim milk;
  • baked apples and ripe bananas;
  • cooked fish and meat;
  • boiled eggs;
  • app cookies;
  • vegetable soup;
  • jelly.

All the food for a sick child boiled or steamed. In exceptional cases it is possible to bake meat and vegetables in the oven. Fats for cooking take a minimum, so as not to burden the digestive system and the liver.

Helminth infection

Constant nausea,frequent vomiting, constipation, and low temperature can talk about the parasites in the body of the child. Children attending kindergarten and school, periodically scheduled tests and stool smears, which detect worms. Kids who don't go to kindergarten, too, must at least once a year to pass this examination. In identifying worms treatment, aimed not only at removing parasites from the body, but to restore the immune system.

Reasons why a child may be a low temperature, quite a lot. Sometimes to determine the exact diagnosis can only be after an extended examination that includes a CT scan and an EKG. To avoid complications, it is necessary to accurately follow all the doctor's recommendations.