What to do with vomiting in a child 3 years

Vomiting in children is common. Regardless of the cause that triggered the condition, one should not blame the kid for dirty items or floor. What to do with vomiting in a child 3 years depends on the reasons it provoked.


Gag reflex is not considered a disease: they indicate any problem in the body. Involuntary contraction of smooth muscle of the stomach, accompanied by vomit no fever deserves attention from the parents.

Causes of vomiting in a child 3 years old can be:

  • the taking a heavy meal. Besides the vomit, the child may experience abdominal pain, cramping character;
  • food intoxication. Accompanied by increased heart rate and nausea. In addition, the child may be pale, the extremities become cold;
  • enteric infection. While the baby may experience diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever;
  • appendicitis. Exacerbation of appendicitis could provoke disorder chair, pain in the abdomen, a sleep disorders;
  • malignant neoplasms in the brain;
  • encephalitis and meningitis. Often incessant retching and fever;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the high content of acetone in the blood system. Observed in the disorder of metabolism, the attacks can continue for several months;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • high fever from 39 °C and above;
  • getting a foreign object in the stomach;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • entry into the team.

In addition, vomiting in a child 3 years can occur because of dysbiosis, allergies to certain medications, and nervous diseases.

A sign of overeating can become a gag reflex with mucus. If the mass contains bile, that may indicate food poisoning. Deserves attention the development of blood veins is often indicates internal bleeding in the esophagus or the stomach, or ulcerative-erosive lesions caused by penetration of a foreign body.

Whatever the reason for vomiting, most importantly, what should I watch for parents is dehydration, which most often is manifested by pallor, loss of coordination, dark urine, weakness, incoherent speech.

How to help your child

To find out the cause of this condition will help a medical examination. To ease the baby's health, adults should:

  • to provide a son or daughter rest, to calm, to hold;
  • open a window or door that oxygen penetrated into the room;
  • you put your baby to bed, raising the head, and put next to the basin, to the emergence of retching;
  • the baby choked on vomit, turn his head to one side;
  • do not give your baby any food, sweet and hot drinks;
  • to ease the condition, the patient to drink mineral water without gas, or normal water;
  • if the attacks are repeated, it is necessary to give a solution regidrona or water with salt. This will help prevent dehydration;
  • if the child continues to vomit, there has been unwell, difficulty breathing, and fever, an urgent need to call an ambulance.

Occasional vomiting in a child that occurs without an increase in temperature and diarrhoea, and is not accompanied by the deterioration may indicate the usual food poisoning or overeating. In this case, do not rush to call a specialist to observe the child. With the appearance of other symptoms it is necessary to provide first aid and call a doctor at home.

In case of poisoning

If a baby of 3 years vomiting is caused by poisoning, parents should take steps to alleviate his condition:

  • to give enterosorbent, for example, activated carbon. This will help to accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body;
  • water son or daughter should as often as possible, small portions;
  • after each attack the child rinse the mouth with water or wipe with mucous membranes of the mouth moist cotton swab;
  • with increasing temperature can help any medicine containing paracetamol;
  • you should not give your child medicine in effervescent form: it is irritating effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach;
  • before the arrival of the doctor it is not necessary to give antiemetic drugs.

Many children refuse to accept regidron due to its specific taste. In addition, the solution may cause a repeated bout of vomiting. Intolerance to beverage it can be replaced with a decoction of rose hips, plain water or rice water with raisins.

Vomiting for other reasons

If the status is not triggered by food intoxication and assistance, depending on the specific situation:

  • With overeating child needs complete rest. To improve the condition of diet is to remove heavy food, and foods with animal fats.
  • If vomiting for no obvious reason, retching can be caused by entering a new team, and arise on the background of nervous tension. In this case, parents need to hold a conversation with a tutor who will help your childto adapt.
  • Often retching appear in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases. Most often it occurs in autumn and spring, with the weakening of the body. To prevent the condition can be passing preventive therapy, consistent with the pediatrician.
  • If the expelling of vomit arose because of an infectious disease, should as soon as possible to show the patient the doctor. The specialist will examine and prescribe the appropriate treatment.
  • With the appearance of vomiting and sharp abdominal pain on the right side, suspect appendicitis. In this case adults should immediately call an ambulance. Late assisted with appendicitis threatening peritonitis.
  • If parents have a suspicion of penetration of a foreign body in the stomach, the child needs to be taken to hospital and an x-ray. The treatment is carried out at the discretion of the surgeon. Procrastination can have serious consequences, disability, and even death.
  • If the cause retching are recent traumatic brain injury, you need to call an ambulance. Most often, doctors use anti-emetic diacarb or the diuretic furosemide. Further treatment depends on the nature of the injury.

What not to do

In order not to aggravate the feeling when vomiting in 3 year old child, parents should:

  • to force a baby to eat;
  • to give medicines, especially antibiotics. With the exception of sorbents and antipyretics;
  • left unattended, even for a while;
  • give fizzy drinks or milk.

In addition, it is not necessary to prevent the occurrence of intense heat: it is dangerous the appearance of convulsions. To facilitate well-being, the baby is wiped with a towel dampened with cool water.

Most importantly, what should parents pay attention to the appearance of other symptoms that may be indicative of any serious disease. Typically, single bouts of vomiting reflexes are not life threatening and quite common. Be attentive to your baby will allow you to avoid serious consequences.