Cleansing the body in the sanatorium: pros and cons

There are many ways to heal the body. One of them is the cleansing of the body in the sanatorium. For 1-2 weeks the person is undergoing a course of intensive rehabilitation, which includes various methods of treatment without medication.

Most resorts offer patients the whole range of physiotherapeutic procedures, massages, correction of nutrition, exercise therapy, intestinal cleansing.

Who is recommended to cleanse the body of toxins

Some Wellness treatments allowed for carrying out as a prevention. However, the complex, which implies a cleansing of the intestine in the sanatorium, has specific indications for. A trip to the hospital can recommend a therapist or any specialized doctor, as the patient can pay a visit there yourself, for that reason.

When to clean:

  • regularly worried about insomnia;
  • overweight;
  • the moral and physical fatigue of the body;
  • depression;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • almost all of the disease if they are in remission.

It should be clarified in a sanatorium or at his website, what are the contraindication treatment program. It is possible, the clinic staff will be able to offer another, more gentle option.

How is health complex

There are different programs of cleansing the body in sanatoriums. As a rule, the complex of procedures depends on the availability of boarding house, desires to offer its customers something not very expensive, but effective.

The treatment takes no more than a month, but not less than a week. The best option is to take a trip for 14 days. During this time, you will be able to relax, to visit many of the procedures several times.

Twice during the stay the patient passes blood and urine tests, and a qualified doctor performs an EKG on him and ultrasound of certain bodies.

The important role played by the power correction. The diet selected in such a way to balance all the body needs nutrients. For purity of experiment it is not recommended to take with food purchase, as failure to comply with the recommendation of the nutritionist to achieve cleansing of the body will be impossible.

What treatments are available for treatment:

  • breathing exercises and gymnastics;
  • health and hardware massage;
  • physiotherapy;
  • cosmetic procedures;
  • the use of cleansing enemas;
  • monitor bowel cleansing.

The patient also offers the possibility of visiting the SPA, swimming pool, therapeutic showers and baths. Many motels give to drink crystal clear, artesian water. During treatment people visit several consultations of specialized doctors, as well as interviews with a psychologist, if necessary.

What can we expect from the procedures

All procedures have a pronounced effect. After this cleansing, a person begins to feel healthy and rested. There is a General improvement, the dynamics can be seen in the tests.

Besides for the well-being of the patient is constantly observed by the experts, so if diagnosed the failure of any organ, the manipulation will stop offering alternatives.

What can we expect from the procedures:

  • cleansing the body on a cellular level;
  • the emergence of persistent long-term remission of chronic diseases;
  • improved mood, increased libido;
  • getting rid of excess weight;
  • the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improving the appearance of the skin;
  • the appearance of good, sound sleep.

Intestinal cleansing has its pros and cons that you should consider while taking a decision in favor of treatment.

So, the positive aspects include the integrated results obtained from the conducted manipulations. A nice moment during the depression gets a change of scenery. Besides the registration fee includes the use of many facilities that are present on the territory of the sanatorium.

Often a negative aspect for some patients is the price for a 10-12 days stay on a resort and more than 30 thousand rubles. To solve this problem will help cheap sanatorium for cleansing the body, or you can go through an abbreviated course of rehabilitation.

5 sanatoriums of the Moscow region that are worth a visit

Cleansing the body in the suburbs can be arranged in existing boarding houses, which differ in the price per day of stay, staff, number of rendered services.

Clinics for detoxification in the suburbs:

  1. Valuevo. The center offers services for General improvement, and treatment of certain chronic diseases. The patients ' accommodation is set in 3 buildings, there are suites, standard and economy. Customers have a choice of two types of food: three meals on buffet and five-in the VIP-hall. The property features an outdoor and an indoor pool, a library, a billiard room, rooms for viewing movies and dancing. Purification system that offers Valuevo focuses on healthy eating and taking natural medicines.
  2. "Dawn im. Khrunichev". Beautiful place, which has a largethe territory, dotted with flower beds, multiple lighting and even fountains. Has a great choice of entertainment for children. Has a universal gym, swimming pool and a baby bath. The boarding house offers numerous options for leisure, meals according to the program buffet.
  3. "Pushkino". On the territory there is a cottage village, and several buildings for the settlement. It is worth noting that the property will accept children of any age, but in case from 7 years. The infrastructure of the boarding house does not lose the others, the hotel offers five meals a day.
  4. "Orbita-2". The clinic accepts adults and children from 3 years. Territory medical center has two pools. One is designed for fishing, as inhabited by carp, the other guests can enjoy a swim. Orbita independently produces healing water from artesian sources, and then successfully implements it.
  5. "BES Chagda". Is a branch of the famous sanatorium from Yakutia. In addition to all standard amenities, the hotel offers to sing karaoke, relax in the Finnish sauna, play basketball and volleyball courts. Meals four meals, two times a month lends itself to a national menu.

There are many sanatoriums, which helps to cleanse the body and normalize pecuniary state. From pensions breathes tranquility, good mood and health. So for those who haven't been there even once, you should definitely visit a hospital for the sake of curiosity.