Cleansing the body wormwood: admission rules, recipes

Wormwood will help to get rid of parasites and good to cleanse the entire body. With this inconspicuous plant can be recover from chronic skin pathologies and to normalize metabolism. This plant has been used for medical purposes since ancient times and today the cleansing of the body wormwood is popular with people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. In the herbs, there are many nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the whole body and raise the tone.

What benefits carries wormwood

The chemical composition of this medicinal plant is unique. There are tannins, essential oils, minerals, vitamins a and C, flavonoids, coffee acid and some other beneficial to human health elements.

The wormwood is good medicinal characteristics, no wonder this plant is used not only folk healers, but also pharmacists and cosmetologists. In the treatment of this medicinal herb are such changes in the body:

  • improves overall health and mood;
  • the performance gain is noticeable;
  • disappear migraines and less chronic disease;
  • decreases the incidence of respiratory diseases and influenza;
  • the skin acquires a beautiful natural color;
  • aktiviziruyutsya blood circulation in the pelvic organs, due to which the spine and joints become more flexible;
  • women are reduced or completely dissolve fibroids and papillomas.

In addition, many people manage to get rid of such bad habit as Smoking. For the treatment of sagebrush smoke, and then does not occur destructive the craving for cigarettes.

After taking medicinal tinctures wormwood can get rid of infections, worms and other parasites.


Body cleansing wormwood can only be carried out in the absence of contraindications, which include the following States:

  • gastritis in the acute stage;
  • appendicitis;
  • suspected internal bleeding;
  • menstruation;
  • pregnancy at all time;
  • breast-feeding.

You need to remember that this herb refers to poisonous plants, and if used incorrectly can be unpleasant side effects. If the tincture of wormwood accidentally drink a pregnant woman – it can end in a miscarriage.

Before cleaning the body's wormwood need to visit a doctor and consult about the advisability of the procedure.

Body cleansing wormwood for worms

Take wormwood for effective cleaning of the organism from worms and other parasites in a dry form. This is because different teas or tinctures are absorbed at the very beginning of the intestine, and that dry raw material can reach to the farthest corners of the colon.

For the preparation of medicines you need to take dry wormwood purchased at a pharmacy or collected on their own, you will need a total of 100 grams of dry raw material per day. The grass triturated with your palms to obtain a powder, which is then sieved. Flour obtained from wormwood will be used inside, a large fraction will go to a decoction for enema, which will need to be done every evening during the cleanse.

How to prepare a decoction

In a quart of just boiled water, poured a teaspoon of the coarse fraction of the grass that was left from the sifting, and insist until the liquid has cooled to body temperature. Then the broth is filtered.

You need to remember that cleaning from worms need to perform strictly according to instructions, otherwise you may harm your health.

Manual treatment of worm infestation

For three days eat incomplete a teaspoon of powder of wormwood, drinking a small amount of water. This should be done every 2-3 hours around the clock, that is, take the drug even at night.

During the next 4 days the powder was taken 5 times a day. At this time of night the reception gone.

The entire procedure takes a week, these days is the purging hole with an enema. It is made from 900 ml of the resulting broth. The remaining 100 ml of the broth, divide in half and squirt a little rubber bulb in the anus, lying in a warm bath. Then lift the pelvis and hold liquid up to 10 minutes.

An enema should be taken only fresh broth, which is cooled to body temperature!

Throughout the procedure of cleaning the body from worms from the diet removes dairy, meat and fish products. Should not be in the diet of sugar, confectionery and eggs. In addition, during the period of treatment should avoid drinking alcohol and Smoking.

You can eat fruits, boiled vegetables, nuts, crackers, cereals and vegetable oil.

For greater effect, you can mix the powder wormwood powder from the dry tansy. This drug is not only fast to cleanse the body of parasites, but also quickly destroy bacteria, viruses and pathogenic fungi.

Preparation of a mixture of wormwood and tansy

Take a teaspoon of powder of dry sage and edible cloves, add 2 teaspoons of tansy powder and mix thoroughly. Carnation has a negative impact on larvae and eggs, and herbs powder detrimental effect on adults.

Take the powder obtained according to the same scheme that ofwormwood. The treatment lasts a week, at this time adhere to a strict diet.

Antibacterial body cleansing

Antibacterial cleansing includes internal cleansing of the body and outer, with the use of tinctures, healing teas and even oils.

Preparation of tincture

Recipe tincture is simple. In a glass of just boiling water poured two teaspoons of chopped herbs, cover and insist about half an hour, then strain.

Preparation of medicinal oil

Green wormwood ground and lay in a quart jar to the top, tamping is not necessary. After that, the capacity pour vegetable oil, the plant material was completely covered. Capacity put for 10 days in a dark and cool place. Then medication can be used to treat a variety of diseases, which include:

  • obstructive bronchitis;
  • cough of unknown origin;
  • flu;
  • respiratory diseases.

In all these diseases the person is well rubbed with butter Breasts then cover with cotton cloth.

Oil of wormwood has good demand among cosmetologists. They treat oily skin that is prone to inflammations and rashes.

For the treatment of pimples and acne it is useful to wash twice a day decoction of wormwood. This remedy destroys bacteria and removes ugly Shine.

To get rid of inflammation of the gums, dilute the tincture in half with water and several times a day to rinse your mouth.

Tincture of wormwood kills pathogenic microorganisms, due to which it eliminates unpleasant breath.

If the body has cosmetic defects in the form of warts or other growths, it is recommended to take a bath with a decoction of wormwood, then every wart oil. For the result of the procedure is carried out at least a month.

Taking bath with this healing herb, you can get rid of cellulite and improve skin condition.

Wormwood is a therapeutic herb that will help in a number of diseases. But we must remember that this plant is poisonous. Therefore, in order not to harm the health, it is important to drink a tincture of wormwood to clean the entire body. Before this treatment, mandatory doctor consultation.