Monitor bowel cleansing: what is the procedure

When the body is intoxicated by harmful substances or other medical evidence, is assigned to monitor bowel cleansing. During the procedure, a specialist with the help of a certain device washes of on the digestive tract toxins which has accumulated in it for a long time.

Hidrokolonotherapy has many contraindications to the performance, such as interference with the body can cause various complications related to health. Often this cleansing becomes a catalyst for the development of certain diseases, to which man had the predisposition, but did not even know about it. It is therefore important that the IOC conducted by a qualified technician.

Why you need to cleanse the bowel

In the intestine, for different reasons, accumulates a lot of toxins that are absorbed into the bloodstream, poisoning the body. Over time, dirt particles form growths on the mucous walls that are beginning to rot.

This can happen for various reasons. If a person does not lead a healthy lifestyle, eat harmful food, or frequently uses drugs, his digestive tract is not in the best condition.

Time colon hydrotherapy, the intestine is washed of toxins, thereby improving circulation in the vessels of the intestine, which subsequently affect the metabolism. However, to clear the body need to properly and only with the approval of the gastroenterologist.

When the digestive tract is in poor condition, from that, begin to suffer all the organs and systems of the human body. There are various diseases, subcutaneous pimples, worsening mood. That is why it is necessary to clear the intestinal lumen, but it should be done correctly.

The indications for the procedure

Monitoring bowel cleansing has a number of indication for the operation. Only in this case, the procedure will be helpful for the body. The decision on whether to conduct colon hydrotherapy individual patient, takes a gastroenterologist who is familiar with his history and "fresh" analyses.

When cleaning is helpful:

  • severe intoxication with various substances (overdose of medication, alcohol, drugs, or defective products);
  • serious diseases of the skin;
  • preoperative preparation;
  • severe allergic diseases;
  • weight.

Some doctors recommend to carry out the procedure during the chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, liver and many other organs. However, its practicality is questioned by some experts who are categorically against colon hydrotherapy.

In any case, the patient should not be to decide in favor of this or that. Moreover, you should not do a colon cleanse to cheap clinics that are disreputable.


Wishing to wash out the intestinal tract it must be remembered that the monitor bowel cleansing has a number of absolute contraindications. Failure to do so may provoke the development of diseases of some internal organs.

Under what conditions the procedure is prohibited:

  • pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  • acute inflammation of any organ of the gastrointestinal tract, and some diseases (e.g., hemorrhoids, prolapsed anus, ulcer, etc.);
  • internal bleeding;
  • menstruation on the day of the manipulation;
  • mental disorder;
  • the postoperative period;
  • high temperature;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • malignant tumors in the body, especially in the intestine.

If the disease in which the prohibited conduct colon hydrotherapy, is under long-term remission, there is a risk of relapse after treatment.

Preparation for colon hydrotherapy and conduct

Besides the fact that it is not recommended to implement the procedures with existing contraindications, a lot depends on the techniques of its implementation. It is unchanging, and if the doctor offers miss any of the stages, we can talk about lack of experience or knowledge.

Depending on the condition of the intestine, the temperature of wash water is in the range of 32-38 degrees, and its composition consists of:

  • sorbents that are dissolved in water;
  • some medications;
  • salt or soda solutions.

In the final stage, a liquid for rinsing may contain beneficial gut bacteria. Otherwise, such medication may be prescribed for ingestion.

The stages of colon hydrotherapy

Preparation for the procedure

Before colon hydrotherapy clinic client should empty the bladder. Allowed to eat no later than an hour and a half before the appointed time. The meal should consist of light products.

Specialist evaluates the condition of the patient, measures blood pressure and pulse.

A prerequisite is the observance of sterility. The doctor is obliged to work in gloves, in accordance with the rules of asepsis and antisepsis. Probe must be sterilized, to have a disposable tip.

The monitor purgation

The patient lies on an examination table or couch. Specialist to treat the areaanus, then introduces the sphincter a special probe connected to the device for the procedure. Then the gut starts to heat up water under pressure. In the first minutes, the patient feels bloating, which gradually passes.

If there are no contraindications, the pressure can be gradually increased. After filling the body with the required amount of liquid the machine starts to pump rinse water from the intestine along with feces, toxins, dirt and slime. Over time it is possible to implement neskolkikh circles. To stop the procedure at any stage.

The end of the procedure

The doctor finishes hydro introduction in the intestinal lumen medicines or drugs that contain bacteria. If necessary, the date for the next appointment.

The recommendations of experts

The implementation of monitor purgation requires compliance with certain rules of conduct. Failure to follow medical recommendations causes the development of serious complications, such as internal intestinal bleeding, damage the walls of the body and General disorders in the body.

Basic rules:

  1. Colon hydrotherapy is carried out only after a full examination and with the approval of the gastroenterologist.
  2. The procedure is performed only in a clinic that has the necessary permissions and certificates. The entire staff needs to be experienced regularly to improve their skills.
  3. Not should be cleaned, if the patient doesn't feel well. Even if there is no apparent reason.

As a rule, after the IOC, many people feel a sense of lightness in the stomach, there is a General improvement. A few days after the monitor purification should take place under the supervision of a physician.

If you carry out a lavage of the intestine only on the testimony and observe the procedure, is expected to have only a positive effect.