How to drink flax seed oil to cleanse the body and intestines

The flax seed oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory agents. But its main value for the body is the ability to clean the intestines, removing accumulated toxins. Makes this oil gently and safely, so that this cleaning method is suitable for almost anyone. Let's talk more about the beneficial properties of this natural product and will show you how to drink Flaxseed oil for cleansing the body.

Useful properties of Flaxseed oil

The value of flax seeds were found in ancient times, when traditional medicine and no one heard. During all this time mankind has leaped forward, but some of the traditions of national treatment remained unchanged. Among them cleansing the body with linen. What is the reason of such popularity?

The whole thing in a rich composition of plant product. Linseed oil contains fatty megacolony, potassium, vitamins a, b and E. together they have a positive effect on the body, enabling you to achieve various therapeutic effects. Among them:

  • reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • the stimulation of brain activity;
  • normalization of hormonal background of women and men;
  • activation of metabolism;
  • antiparasitic effects (treatment and prevention of worm infestation);
  • laxative effect;
  • antispasmodic and relaxing effect on the tissues of internal organs;
  • antipyretic effect;
  • decongestant action;
  • as an expectorant for bronchitis.

Use of Flaxseed oil during pregnancy helps to prevent constipation and edema.

It is believed that regular treatment with flax significantly reduce the risk of abnormalities in the fetus. But the feasibility of prevention should discuss with your doctor.

How to drink oil for cleansing: regimen

The easiest option to improve intestinal motility – add a spoonful of Flaxseed oil to prepare dishes. It has a very special taste, but it goes well with vegetable salads and cheese. A great cleansing effect you will achieve, but regular bowel movements several times a day you will be provided.

Do not use flax oil for frying and flavoring of hot dishes! In the heat treatment process not only does it lose its beneficial properties, but will begin to produce carcinogenic compounds.

If you are planning a thorough cleaning, one flax filling will not be enough. Consider the most popular methods.

Flax oil on an empty stomach

The first option is to drink flax oil every day immediately after waking before your first meal. Start with a dose of 1 tsp., gradually increasing the amount to 2 tbsp. To reinforce the action of flax, mix the oil with warm water. The higher the water temperature, the better will be the cleaning of the intestine. But it is not necessary to sacrifice the swallowing of boiling water. The temperature of the water should be moderately hot, not to burn the mucous.

If cleansing of the body flax seed oil was performed with the purpose of weight reduction, it is recommended to use twice a day. And if the first appointment is scheduled for the morning hours, the second time is to drink a teaspoon of oil in the evening before bedtime or one hour after the last meal. The course is two weeks.

This method of cleansing the body to allow to get rid of all the toxins accumulated in the intestine. As a result, improve the complexion, the hair, the body appears vigor and ease. And as a bonus for your efforts you will receive a minus 2 kg of excess weight.

Oil and flax seeds

Another popular way to – oil infusion. For its preparation grind in a coffee grinder 100 g of flax seeds and pour them a glass of linseed oil. The mixture is necessary to insist at room temperature for 7 days. For greater effect, place it in a dark glass container and shake regularly.

Drink Flaxseed oil for cleansing the intestines need three times a day an hour before meals. Single dose in 1 tbsp oil. The duration of this course is approximately 2 weeks. During this period you should stick to a vegetarian menu, avoid fatty food, flour and, of course, alcoholic beverages.

Additional recommendations

The result of cleansing the body with linseed oil you will be able to watch an hour after his admission. But in this case we are talking only about physiology. If you talk about achieving real effect (normalization of stool, weight loss, improving hair condition, etc.), then it will take time. The minimum course length is 2 weeks. During this period should not only make the oil, but also to comply with additional recommendations:

  1. Rethink your diet. Large amounts of fatty food and food hazards will negate all your efforts.
  2. Add to menu of eggs, cheese, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. These products perfectly enhance intestinal peristalsis, thus facilitating cleansing process.
  3. Do daily exercises. Enhanced training in this period is prohibited. But the body tilts, rotations and squats will help to accelerate process of moving of feces.


Bowel cleansing flax seed oil is forbidden in such diseases:

  • stones in the ducts bilebladder and other diseases of the biliary tract;
  • hepatitis;
  • pancreatitis and other diseases of the pancreas;
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • cystic and other uterine tumors, ovarian tumors;
  • hypertension (under constant supervision).

Cleansing the body with linen in case of cholecystitis is valid, but while taking it with food.

Flax – seed is unique with a rich and useful structure. But, as in all other cases, the use of linseed oil should be moderate.