Nutrition and diet to cleanse the intestines of humans

Healthy gastrointestinal tract – the key to a strong immune system and well-coordinated work of the whole organism. Most of the current "industrial" food products occupying the shelves of supermarkets, different chemical composition and of dubious quality. Therefore, the slagging of the intestine serves not only the elderly – even children can detect the formation of fecal stones. To avoid clogging the digestive system, come to the aid of an effective and soft way diet for bowel.

Preparation for diet

Abruptly change to a different diet, as this stress to the body. Here we need a little preparation. About a week before the planned diet is required to refuse from fatty, spicy and heavy foods to include in your menu healthy diet. It is recommended to remove from the diet of coffee and black tea. Smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is also well inhibit the process of cleaning the intestine, not to mention the fact that harmful for the body in General.

The intake of any chemical drugs or BAD it is better to suspend. With the exception of funds that are necessary for normal functioning of a person with severe chronic illness.

At the time it is better to forget about such food, which lends itself to a long heat treatment: quenching and jam. Digestion it is not harmful, however it a minimum of nutrients, and during a cleansing diet a person needs to get as many antioxidants in plant foods. However, the transition should be smooth, so if some dishes are on the table often, they should be discontinued gradually, replacing more useful and less nutritious.

A week before the diet the diet must be filled with the following products:

  • vegetable: greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fresh salads;
  • animals: eggs, boiled chicken and Turkey meat, lean fish;
  • dairy: low-fat kefir and yoghurt, curd, cheese, yogurt;
  • beverages: natural juices and fresh juices, weak green and herbal tea, purified, and mineralized water.

From fatty and fried food and fast food should be abandoned, since all that is deep-fried, is a carcinogen. You can only eat all boiled, and best cooked in steam.

If such training cleansing diet for your colon will certainly give a significant effect. Better enter this menu a habit, as it will not only improve health, but will also help to deal with the extra pounds.

Different options of diets for cleansing the colon

Options cleansing diets abound. The question is, what result you must obtain. The easiest tolerated day diet for cleansing the colon. To abandon the usual products in ten days more difficult.


Quickly and easily clean up from toxins diet for one day. For one day you need to consume only juices, herbal tea or bread, vegetables and fruit.

  1. In the evening you need to prepare tea. This will require a tablespoon of dried chamomile and Linden. Herbs, pour boiling water or pour water and bring to a boil, and then cover with a lid. The next morning the drink is ready to use. If the infusion is too concentrated, it can be diluted with water.
  2. Another effective recipe – tea on black bread. You have to cut a third of the loaf in small slices, pour boiling water and leave to infuse until morning, and then drink you need to strain and you can drink.
  3. Vegetables can be steamed, fruits should be eaten in raw form and between meals to drink purified water.

Protein and fruit

One of the options of diet for cleansing digestive proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. This ten-day diet to cleanse the bowel and even effective, but quite austere and hungry:

  • the first two days allowed to eat only green apples and after dinner drink a Cup of green tea with one teaspoon of honey;
  • on the third and fourth days, you can extend menu: for Breakfast eat a bowl of oatmeal on the water and drink tea, and the rest of the day to limit apples and some citrus – orange or grapefruit;
  • in the following days the cereal can be consumed 2 times, but dinner should eat only fruit.

To withstand such a diet is difficult, so not everyone dares to go through a course of purification.


More rich and soft diet for cleansing rice, especially because the main condition is to eat small frequent meals. No wonder boiled rice is appointed in cases of poisoning, it is a natural sorbent. In addition, finishing the course will not only clean the intestines from toxins, but to lose a few pounds, that will not return, if you used to healthy food.

  1. Buy have brown rice as white milled not suitable for this purpose. It is either soaked overnight, or boiled and used during the day by 100 g every two hours.
  2. To garnish, you can add animal fats and seafood: fish, chicken, shrimp and squid.
  3. Dairy products – cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese can be entered as a snack, too, not more than 100 g at a time.
  4. During the diet you can drink tea in unlimited quantities and to drink purified water, but salt is forbidden – all food should befresh.

It is worth noting that this option cleaning the bowel has pockets. In addition, such a diet is for cleansing under the ban in diseases such as diabetes, ulcers, any serious disease of the gastrointestinal tract.


Another effective way to clean the intestines is to eat for Breakfast apples. However, people with cholecystitis or obstructed flow of bile this diet will not work.

  1. The first month of each morning you need to eat 2-3 grated apples on an empty stomach. A full meal can be arranged only in three hours after that. Diet for bowel lasts two months, and in the second half can be only one Apple for Breakfast.
  2. At first the habit nauseated, but after a few days it will pass.
  3. The rest need to stick with a balanced diet and eat only natural products.

This diet helps to clean the intestines and lose weight by about 7 kg While fasting is not necessary.


Diet for bowel is also treatment, and any treatment there are contraindications. There are some diseases and conditions in which it is forbidden to radically change your diet, including:

  • pregnancy and lactation. It is believed that a woman should eat for two, being in position, but this judgment is not entirely true. However, pregnancy involves a complete diet, as the body burden of the mother increases, so about any diets for cleansing and can be no question;
  • his advanced age. When old age comes, food is digested much worse, so starvation diets in this case is inappropriate, but the menu from natural ingredients fits perfectly;
  • diabetes. In such a serious disease the person needs constant maintaining blood sugar at a certain level, so to clean the intestines it is impossible;
  • serious diseases of the cardiovascular system. Oily and spicy to people with such ailments can't be eaten, but also a strict diet to follow, too;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. With this kind of diseases need a special diet that is prescribed by a doctor – Amateur is irrelevant here;
  • Oncology. From radiation and chemotherapy the patient is too exhausted, so he needs good nutrition;
  • a weak immune system. If the person is often sick and his body has not resisted the infection diet will have to wait until the problem will not go away;
  • liver and kidney failure. Here you will need a special menu, but not self-prescribed diet for cleansing.

In order to get rid of toxins, you don't need to starve – just go on a healthy diet to cleanse the bowel. Sport also plays a significant role, because physical activity improves peristalsis and digestion, so in sedentary work just need to visit the gym. If you follow these simple rules, the intestines will be healthy always.