Vomiting in an adult without fever: causes, treatment

Often children and adults and nausea, which over time turns into vomiting. The combination of this unpleasant phenomenon with stool disorder and General weakness with no rise in temperature may indicate the development of various pathologies in the body. Vomiting in an adult without fever often begins under the influence of various factors, and it is important to know how to help the patient.

Causes of seizures

Often vomiting in adults and children develop as an independent pathology, but are often combined with diarrhea and rise in temperature. Following are the factors that can trigger the human gag attack:

  1. Pathology of the digestive system. In most cases, nausea patient combined with the advent of belching, discomfort in the abdomen and heartburn. Failures in the functioning of the intestine and the temperature often remains normal and does not rise. Induce vomiting capable of such diseases of the stomach, like gastritis, ulcers, reflux, functional dyspepsia and pancreatitis chronic in nature.
  2. Hepatitis. With this ailment the attack of vomiting the patient is combined with staining the skin yellow, but the temperature is normal. In addition, a characteristic symptom of this disease becomes too light stool and dark urine.
  3. Diseases of the brain, such as hydrocephalus or malignant tumors. In such illnesses you can observe the appearance of the patient infrequent retching, complemented headaches and high blood pressure.
  4. Pathology of the heart and vascular system. Under such conditions the patient suffers from nausea and vomiting, which is complemented by the appearance of dizziness, increased pressure or, conversely, its decline. The body too gets tired quickly and the patient begins to experience increased weakness. These typical symptoms can occur in pathologies such as hypertension, anemia and hypotension.
  5. The emergence of problems with mental and nervous system. Typically, such failures in the coordinated work of the body to cause tumors of various kinds, inflammation of the nerves and neuritis. The patient may suddenly lose the balance, complain of sudden dizziness and nausea.
  6. Rupture of cerebral vessels or the formation of a hematoma inside the skull. In these pathological States of the person starting to feel the nausea combined with headache, and possible unconsciousness.

What other reasons can cause nausea without fever?

  • Blows and falls.
  • Motion sickness when riding on vehicles.
  • Migraine.
  • Meningitis.
  • Anorexia.
  • Bulimia.

Often nausea occurs when taking anti-TB drugs and hormonal action. When working in an industrial plant possible poisoning of the body by heavy metals, and the result is vomiting in combination with pain in the abdomen. The combination of vomiting and headache without fever often occurs in women during pregnancy, and is a manifestation of this pathological condition as toxicosis.

When medical attention is required

To determine the cause of vomiting and weakness is possible in view of the fact that out of the human body. Often these attacks are symptoms of the dangerous diseases that require emergency medical care. What kind of can have vomit and when you should call an ambulance?

Yellow-green vomit indicates the presence of bile. The cause of her falling into the esophagus can become food poisoning. In that case, if the cause of the deterioration of health of an adult is gastroenteritis or food poisoning, the emetic attacks appear several times per day. If the patient vomits more than two days, then you need to seek medical help. In addition, the vomiting may be supplemented by such features as the discomfort and abdominal pain, diarrhea and rise in temperature.

Vomiting pink color may indicate bleeding in the internal organs that developed as a consequence of pathologies of the digestive system. This symptom is quite dangerous and can threaten human health, so that you see it as soon as possible to seek help from a doctor.

Staining of the allocated masses in black or brown color is considered a strong symptom of the fact that there was severe internal bleeding. It can occur due to rupture of blood vessels of the gastrointestinal tract as the result of any pathology of the peritoneal cavity. The appearance of the patient vomit black or brown to go to the doctor for the medical help you need immediately.

Warning signs of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract is the appearance of vomiting in combination with severe weakness throughout the body and fever. This clinical picture indicates a severe disorder of the stomach, the presence in the human intestinal infections or the penetration into it of the virus.

Usually this condition is not considered critical and are advised to visit a specialist, who will pick up medication. Dangerous signs of health are the following:

  • increased skin dryness;
  • quickensheartbeat;
  • vomiting continues and disturbs the patient every hour;
  • started strong and painful diarrhea;
  • tormented by intense and persistent thirst;
  • start problems with urination and defecation;
  • lowered blood pressure;
  • develops a convulsive condition.

Timely treatment with the development of this clinical picture allows you to quickly eliminate it and to prevent the development of dangerous complications.

First aid

When the combination of vomiting without fever in these dangerous symptoms should call an ambulance. Prior to her arrival, be sure to wash out the stomach of the patient, offering him to drink 1-1. 5 liters of fluid. If after drinking this amount of fluid vomiting has not occurred, it is necessary to provoke her attack.

It is necessary to lay the patient in bed, provide him peace and put next to the bed of the basin. The appearance of vomit should be immediately removed, then treat the tank with chlorine for disinfection.

When the patient complaints on severe pain syndrome in the abdomen is allowed to give pain medication:

  • Allergy;
  • nosh-bra;
  • no-Spa;
  • drotaverine.

It is important to remember that before the arrival of the doctor will not be allowed to drink any other drugs other than those listed.

Features of treatment

Doesn't matter, develops vomiting and diarrhea with increasing temperature or without. In this pathological state it is important to prevent dehydration of the patient. For this reason, should as often as possible to offer him a drink.

With the appearance of vomiting without fever in an adult due to severe intoxication given oral chelators. With their help it is possible to bind toxins present in the intestines and stomach. A good effect in eliminating such pathological States provide the following products:

  • enterogel;
  • APSCO;
  • smectite;
  • activated carbon.

Admission enterosorbents helps to naturally free the body from the accumulated harmful substances. This method of eliminating toxins can be used in the treatment of patients of any age completely. To stop vomiting, the patient is treated by such means as reglan, motilium or not.

The combination of vomiting with diarrhea and the presence in the feces drops of blood is a sign of dangerous pathology, progressing in the body. In this pathological condition it is necessary to consult a specialist as you may need medical intervention.

Usually in this state you need to restore intestinal flora, and to achieve this objective is with probiotics. Experts often recommend the patient to drink a course the following drugs:

  • Acipol;
  • dialect;
  • normoblast;
  • Linex;
  • Bifidumbacterin.

If stomach upset occurred on a completely innocuous reason, and there is no risk of developing the disease, there shall be following a special diet for a certain period of time.

Within a few days after the onset of stomach problems, avoid eating spicy, fried and spicy dishes. All your attention should be focused on cereals, which should be prepared on the water. In addition, you are allowed to eat cooked and pureed to mashed vegetables. It is recommended to abandon the consumption of bread and to prefer crackers.

The diet should be meat that must be boiled. The experts recommend to abandon the consumption of tea and coffee containing drinks, replace them with jelly compote.

Frequent and persistent vomiting and diarrhea in an adult leads to loss of valuable to the body elements and dehydration. The Foundation of the struggle with such a pathological condition is to eliminate the causes, treatment and symptomatic therapy. To correctly determine the cause of the vomiting and to find effective treatment can only be a specialist after the diagnosis, every self-treatment should be abandoned.