Vomiting mucus in the child and adult

Vomiting is considered to be an unpleasant symptom, particularly when it appears the child. This pathological condition develops under the influence of various factors and can cause dehydration. Vomiting mucus the child and the adult is often a sign of poisoning food products or signals other dangerous pathologies that occur in the body. Parents should know what are the factors that could cause mucus in vomit, the risks posed by such a pathological condition and what treatment is needed baby?

Causes of vomiting in children

The beginning of vomiting, is usually the nausea, which is accompanied by a noticeable shortness of breath and beginning the process of active saliva. The patient complains of weakness and sweating, and his skin becomes pale. In addition, may increase or, conversely, lowering the temperature of the body. In the selectable through the mouth vomit parents may notice undigested food residues and mucus.

Experts identify some of the causes that can provoke vomiting with mucus in children:

  • poisoning with poor-quality food;
  • a number of different emotions and stress and nerve overload in combination with different emotions;
  • the progression in the child's body to various pathologies, causing brain damage;
  • penetration into the digestive system foreign object;
  • pathology of the abdominal cavity of a chronic nature, for example, appendicitis or violation of patency of the intestine;
  • viral diseases of the respiratory system;
  • acute inflammation of the mucous membrane, which occurs with prolonged intake of drugs or toxic chemical products.

When vomiting with mucus appears in infants, such a phenomenon should not be regarded as a dangerous symptom. Often cause a gag reflex able the usual overeating, and mucus penetrate to the masses of the bronchi and nasopharynx.

Parents should be able to distinguish attacks from normal posseting, which appear in the child after a meal. With regurgitation, baby adjusts no effort and no tension of the muscles of the diaphragm and abdomen. The main precipitating factor of frequent regurgitation is hit in the gut too much food or the accumulation of air.

The danger of attacks lies in the fact that the growing body is not able to protect their respiratory system from the allocated mass. Often the content that is emitted from the esophagus into the organs of respiration.

When to seek help

Vomiting with mucus, the child often becomes a dangerous signal, therefore, in its development, it is recommended to take him to a specialist. Such a condition can signal the presence of serious pathology and can result in severe dehydration. In addition, there is the danger of penetration of vomit inside the respiratory system of the child that may endanger his life.

It is crucial to seek medical help in the following situations:

  • child vomits mucus and there is development of other symptoms of pathology, i.e. body temperature rises, diarrheal, develops pain and a constant desire to sleep;
  • in the secretions, except of mucus, blood streaks appear;
  • it is suspected that the child could infiltrate a foreign object;
  • baby vomiting mucus after trauma or blow to the head;
  • before the attack of vomiting the baby ate low-quality food or taking drugs;
  • she had severe dehydration.

Waiting for the doctor as soon as possible to provide medical assistance during the development of the child vomiting with mucus. First of all, you need to calm down and provide him with bed rest.

If the child vomits mucus, it is necessary to lay him on his side, because this position will help to prevent the penetration of the allocated masses in the respiratory system. In a situation when the attack occurred in an infant, you need to hold it for some time vertically.

Parents need to determine the nature of the discharge mouth, subsequently you should tell the specialist. In addition, you need to collect a small amount of vomit for analysis.

When vomiting the child is encouraged to drink as often as you can that provide the body with sufficient amounts of liquid and avoid its dehydration. It is recommended to give any drink from a spoon or pipette, and repeat this procedure as often as possible. An effective means to stop the gag reflex is considered a solution regidrona, which helped to prevent disturbances in the body water-salt balance.

With the appearance in the vomit with mucus and even blood as soon as possible to call an ambulance. Before their arrival at the stomach area you need to put ice because the cold helps to stop the release of blood and causes constriction of blood vessels. After each attack you need to wash the face with water and rinsing her mouth. This will clean the mucous from the bile and stomach contents that can cause irritation. Before arrival of doctors and determine the cause, which provoked an attack of vomiting with mucus, is prohibitedto give the patient any medication.

The causes of pathology in adults

Vomiting mucus in an adult is usually a symptom of a fault or disease that occur in the body. The occurrence of attacks in the morning is typical of people who abuse alcohol, and those who suffer from bronchitis. The reason lies in the fact that in this disease a long-term cough provokes vomiting with mucus that has accumulated in the respiratory tract all night.

What are the types of vomiting with mucus can develop in adults?

  1. The main cause of vomiting attacks with transparent mucus is the Oncology of the gastrointestinal tract or gastritis chronic character. Such a pathological condition that requires a mandatory visit to a specialist and proper treatment.
  2. The presence of in segregated masses of mucus of a yellow color indicates a deviation in the functioning of the gallbladder. For the normalization of its work need to give up eating fatty foods and dishes.
  3. Vomiting with mucus, white in color and may appear after human consumption of rice, bread or milk. Before an attack there is a feeling of burning and fullness in the stomach, and after vomiting one feels some relief.

In that case, if vomiting occurred, the patient only once without fever, especially do not need to worry. When constantly recurring attacks, and the abundant discharge of vomitus possible dehydration, so you need to seek help from a specialist. He will conduct a thorough examination of the patient and, if necessary, pick him the necessary treatment.

Treatment of pathology

After eliminating the cause of an attack of vomiting in children and adults, can be administered drug therapy. We should not forget that self-administration of drugs prior to the arrival of the doctor is prohibited because it can lead to tragic consequences and complications. After determining the cause of vomiting with mucus can be assigned the following drugs:

  • antiemetic that can be taken both adults and children. The most effective drugs of this group is considered as metoclopramide and domperidone;
  • medications antiviral and antimicrobial actions;
  • antisecretory drugs and antispasmodics in combination of vomiting with pain in the abdomen;
  • sorbents, for example, enterosgel, POLYSORB or activated carbon.

An effective remedy for vomiting in children and adults is considered a tool such as smectite. She has an instant protective action on the intestinal lining and prevents absorption of toxins and microbes in blood. In addition, this drug inhibits peristalsis of the digestive tract and thereby reduces the urge to vomit.

In identifying the child have any neurological disorders undergoing additional testing and treatment determined by the doctor-neurologist. In that case, if the cause of vomiting with mucus became severe pathology, assigned to surgery.

After we managed to stop vomiting, to restore the functioning of the organism must adhere to the following rules:

  • follow a special diet, which implies rejection of fried, salted, smoked and spicy dishes;
  • start food recommended from the broth, herbal tea or jelly, and have to eat little and often;
  • to continue taking regidrona for 4 days, which will help replenish water and salt balance.

Vomiting mucus often signals various disorders and pathologies that occur in the body patients of any age. When constantly repeated bouts should consult with a specialist, not to self-medicate.