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Overdose of the drug Allergy in children and adults

A natural remedy is a medicinal drug with pronounced antiseptic properties. It helps to fight bacterial microflora in diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx. It is also prescribed for the treatment of angina and chronic tonsillitis. In this article, we considered a natural remedy, overdose on them, its symptoms and treatment in children and adults.

The description of the drug

The active ingredient faringosept, Amazon, refers to local antiseptics. It affects a wide range of pathogens. Also Amazon has anti-inflammatory action, helps to get rid of severe throat pain.

Produced faringosept in the form of tablets. They need not to swallow immediately, and to dissolve slowly in the mouth until dissolved. The drug moisturizes the inflamed mucosa, relieves her pain and swelling, destroys microorganisms.

In most cases, one faringosept insufficient to effectively combat bacterial inflammation. The doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment with which the patient recovers and gets rid of pathogenic bacteria.

Indications for taking the drug:

  • purulent inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (stomatitis, gingivitis);
  • angina is an acute inflammation of the tonsils;
  • exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis;
  • pharyngitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx;
  • the recovery period after tooth extraction.

Natural remedy almost no contraindications. It cannot be taken in the presence of allergic intolerance of components. Also it is not used in the treatment of a child under the age of three.

Allergy is one of the few drugs that can be used during pregnancy and feeding the baby breast milk. It has no effect on the fetus.


On the modern pharmaceutical market there are a huge number of local antiseptics, faringosept have a similar effect on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and pharynx.

The rules of admission, indications and contraindications analogues can differ from those in faringosept. Treatment is local antiseptics should be administered only by a physician.

Such action are the following drugs:

  • "Rien Lorcet";
  • "Ripcord lollipops";
  • "Lizak";
  • "Haylor".

The active ingredient of these drugs is more. If natural remedy has been assigned to you doctor, do not change their own medication, take it.

Is it possible to overdose on

According to the instructions, in the world there was not a single case of overdose faringosept. But this does not mean that you mindlessly and uncontrollably ingest.

Overdose of medicine may occur in a child, who found the tablets left by the adults in a conspicuous place. All medicines must be stored in inaccessible places for kids.

According to the instructions to drugs, when you overdose you should immediately conduct an independent gastric lavage. To do this, the patient should gulp drink 3-4 glasses of plain water at room temperature. You should then provoke vomiting. It is very simple. I can push with two fingers on the tongue root. This reflex action triggers the gag reflex.

After gastric lavage, give a poisoned person drink a drug from the group of sorbents. It can be sorbex, APSCO, activated carbon, etc. Dispensing to them is indicated on the packaging or in the instructions.

If you notice a deterioration of the patient, immediately call the ambulance.

Side effects faringosept

Use faringosept in normal dosage may cause allergic reaction. It can manifest in the form of urticaria or angioneurotic angioedema.

In the case of urticaria, the patient begins to appear red, itchy spots, eruptions that do not have cavity and exudate. They can blend together in large pockets.

Angioedema doctors call more severe urticaria. On the background of the itchy rash may appear swelling of the subcutaneous tissue, such as on the face. This condition is dangerous the possible edema of the larynx and glottis, impeding free breathing.

With the development of acute allergic reactions, you should immediately call an ambulance and give the patient an antihistamine antiallergic medication, for example, diazolin or loratadine.

Remember that if a person once upon a time was allergic to prescribed, take it he never. Any use of this drug will provoke a severe allergic response.

Allergy is a local antiseptic, used to treat sore throats, tonsillitis and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity in adults and children. He practically has no contraindications and is allowed to receive during pregnancy and lactation. To date, no known cases of overdose with this drug. It is considered that subject to the necessary dosage and admission rules it is safe for humans.